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  1. Admittedly I have not been to your website in some time, but I appreciate the offer you wished to extend. (Not sure I even remember my password at this point!)


    I've had a bit of SWTOR time now, though my situation is complicated. Plus I haven't been on here or other places online as much as I used to. Health concerns, living sitch in transition and all that.


    PM me sometime I guess. later

  2. I think I'm related to Lincoln...

  3. Candidates for my gunslinger you can expect...

    Male: AlexMurphy (robocop), VinceVolaju (Cowboy Bebop), Varrick (based on Charlie Varrick played by Wlater Mattheau), and the afforementioned mr Falcon based on his attitude about being "worlds biggest" and how he doesn't put down everyone else but encourages them and doesn't care if there were anyone bigger--unlike certain pornstars who have something to prove but never want to honestly measure up to back up their claims.


    Female: Revvy (Revy from black Lagoon), Motoko (ghost in the Shell), Yoruichi (bleach), Eigh'Te-een (Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z, though I watch the abridged version on YT), Mercedes (Mercy Thompson)

  4. Oh I thought it was that other purple lockbox.


    On guild's locker, I try to put something (valuable) in if I take something else out.


    The biochem is useful because if you RE some of the higher end stims and medpacks you can get schematics to make the reusable ones. Higher end. Else cybertech is where things are at for general usefulness.


    Artifice and Synthweave is meant for force sensitives and painfully obvious.


    The problem is that the system is unbalanced and unrefined if people hope for a beneficial payoff consistently as they level up. So unless you have tons of money you'll run into this problem and several other players have noticed so it isn't just me..

  5. I sent you something--I think it was a plans/schematic/mission for Treasure Hunting or Underworld Trading. I was in a hurry to logout and realize I could have sent the wrong item though...Not a big deal if it's used/bound to you already.


    Well...even so it can't be any worse than some of the flash games I played, or more gruelingly repetitive than Dragon Warrior/Quest. Yes, Chrysopaz is an exotic and Marilite is a blue category. Definitely not cheap.


    BTW Andreakos is the competent healer guy who recruited me into the guild. He likes to PvP a lot too.


    I'd like to offload some of this valuable stuff to the guild but they're *horrible* about hoarding (IMO) plebian stuff in their vault. Mostly the stuff I have is either for making cybertech augs, or synthweaving armors. Synth has augs too, right? I have a fair bit. I suppose it'll go nicely on GTN but some of it from Arch. goes for synth so if it'll help you, then I can drop it in the mail.

  6. He was asking about that, yes. He's a very competent DPS.

  7. *oy* Back to grinding for cash.Though redundant gray missions aren't band in a pinch for planetary comms if one need a little extra something to buy enhancement parts. Just takes a bit of planning for what area you're going to.


    I know. It's just, the only way to level artifice up is to craft with it and currently it's underlevel and of marginal if any benefit. Most my numbers are now in the gray though soon I'll have to gather to finish up this tier. Reverse engineering gives about a 1/3 to 1/5 items return ratio (33-20% respectively). It saves mats but only marginally--Gives about a 20-33% return on materials, and not the good ones unfortunately.


    I'm stuck with being unable to move on it. If you get hold of Chrysopaz and Marilite, I can make some secondary dye modules. They'd be a total loss trying to sell them when one considers the prices just to buy those mats so...Levelup for me, vanity, goodies and whatnot otherwise. I see where you make off big. "Ya pirate"--Lando

  8. U posted in your own profile again. :lol:


    Unfortunately in order to have 3 professions you need 1 craft. :(

    However, it's painfully obvious to me, the professions were cobbled together in 5 minutes. Not balanced enough so a reasonably intelligent person with common sense could benefit or profit.


    Having broken my bank AGAIN in the game, keeping up on it (so that it benefits you at your level) either requires an inordinate amount of time to not go broke (saving money and gathering materials), or going broke doing it. I even avoid making the items that won't help me specifically. Also if you run out of materials either you have to hunt down where you last found them if you weren't paying attention or you're S.O.L. if you're broke.


    I'm starting to think you're onto something if you can simply just make so much money in game that buying what you need at level is minor. I'm too far in, now, to start over though.

  9. Actually, she is the main character Mercy Thompson of a series of books (Mercy Thompson series) by Patricia Briggs. Yes she is part native american. She is also a "walker" (someone who morphs into a coyote).


    I picked up the latest (7th) title Frost Burned earlier this year. Liked the story though I don't always know what is going on or being referenced. It's a modern take on the Werewolves, Vampires, witches and halflings fantasy. There is now also a comics series based on the story.

  10. That's fine. :) We never really did get too acquainted. IIRC SD Nihil introduced us.


    I don't want to be unnecessarily intrusive nor lay a bunch of $*** on you. I may not be sure if I want to continue up with my studies of Shaolin Kung Fu but I am getting to know their philosophy from a book published by one of few Americans to gain the title of grandmaster. It helped me so I figure help others the way he helped me. I'll help you as best I can since you seem to be having a similar trouble now that I once had. It will be challenging for me, but I want to do this.

  11. I've looked into your professions...you have two options which would work well with your toon for crafting:


    Artifice for Treasure Hunting

    Synthweaving for Underworld Trading


    Good news: Archaeology items can help in either case!!!


    I can give you a boost to start with for materials. Unfortunately those crafting professions are only of limited use to a smuggler since they predominantly cater to jedi and sith. But you aren't any stranger to to gaming the GTN.

  12. You're an expert at money on that game I tell ya what. :xp:

  13. Probably going on TOR tomorrow (sunday).

  14. Are you still free 2 play?

  15. Just perusing the forums and seeing if I want to reply to some. I just got recruited into a guild on SWTOR.

  16. Did you change your name? (Sorry, I am afraid I don't come here too terribly much anymore)

  17. So, are you on SWTOR?

  18. In case you ever wondered where I came up with those awesome lines.

  19. Unable to even test ATM b/c I don't have a PSU or ram yet. And as it is I'm gonna be relatively broke until at least mid november. I have $$$ saved up right now but when work drops off in mid-late sept. I have to make it last and put in the $$$ to finish the minor stuff from the major 90-100K mile car maintenance I had done last year. That cost me shy of $1500. It would have been $1900-2000 if I didn't cut corners. Now that extra migh have creeped up to $500-600.

  20. Just got my video card today in the mail. GTX 580 Galaxy nvidia. You?

  21. So, how's things? In case you don't recognize me, I've changed my username. :D

  22. Are you on SWTOR? I'm kinda mooching off roommate friend for som play but I am on bergeren server.

  23. Just look for his most recent interview at ebony mag. I understand his history and he is not the worst guy ever, but his position has nevertheless wavered my support for him on a personal level.

  24. Care to reference?

  25. Yea, but still. Might have been interesting. Ballsy guy for sure. Buuuuuut I'm not about to go there since I've dealt with crackheads and tweakers before. Some of it was funny too, but I have at least 2 bad or creepy experiences for every 1 good, funny experience.

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