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  1. Any chance we can get an Rp up and running sometime soon? I'm willing to help with it.

  2. Hey :) I'm good. I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but they set up an RP section in the Star Wars Gaming Forums here. Check them out :) I might even transfer my Final Fantasy RP over there

  3. Hey, Phil. How are you?

  4. Still working on one for that Rp, bit busy

  5. Sorry, I was busy. Thats awesome :D And for the Mecha RP as well?

  6. Working up a character now.

  7. Just a heads up: I'll be joining the Old Republic RP too. Still getting use to Mass Effect. Lol

  8. Don't give up, we will post, I guarantee it! - (Remitted)

  9. Lol, ok ok, just making sure.

  10. Not unless her body is dangling low enough from the ceiling :p I reckon someone as tall as a Turian could manage it.

  11. Alright, good, just checking. Didn't want you holding off because of me or anything. Also: Fhaleen'a is dangling from the ceiling (in one of the ship corridors) with a huge piece of the ship's superstructure protruding from her torso, I don't think Qui'in can cradle her face, not without yanking her impaled body down, lol.

  12. oh no, I was going to get around to it. Like you, I lead a busy life style lol. Don't worry, I'll stay commited :)

  13. You know you can post/progress things, you don't have to wait just because I said I'd edit in Pen'Lei's intro, lol.

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