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  1. Any chance we can get an Rp up and running sometime soon? I'm willing to help with it.

  2. Hey :) I'm good. I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but they set up an RP section in the Star Wars Gaming Forums here. Check them out :) I might even transfer my Final Fantasy RP over there

  3. Hey, Phil. How are you?

  4. Still working on one for that Rp, bit busy

  5. Sorry, I was busy. Thats awesome :D And for the Mecha RP as well?

  6. Working up a character now.

  7. I'll be posting a second character sheet up very soon. In the meantime, I'd say we need 2 more players to get started
  8. Name: Godric Age: 24 Gender: Male Appearance: Location of Birth: Mars Mech: Lazengann Mech Appearance: Primary Weapon: Energy Blades Secondary Weapon: Energy Projectiles Additions to Mech: Energy Shield Generator (Lazengann can create protective barriers in different shapes - whether to cover its exterior body or an area to protect allys from enemy attacks) Biography: Godric was born on the colony of Mars, and enlisted in the military when he reached legal adult age. After a few years of service, he applied for the Earth Battlesuit Program. And though a raw recruit, he proved himself a cunning warrior. After losing his home to the invaders during the "The Last Stand" and retreated - he made a sworn oath he would reclaim his home. Painting his Battlesuit Red, symbolic to Mars' surface, he will stop at nothing with fierce determination and indestructible confidence.
  9. Name: Wedge Age: 24 Gender: Male Race: Human Appearance: Occupation: Excavator Allegiance: Sovereign Weapons: Drill Arm, Nanobots Abilities: Quake, Blitz, Drill, Matra Missile, Assault Twister, Stop Twister, Nano Shield (Wedge can use his nanobots to create protective shields) Limit Break: - Giga Drill (using Wedge's nanobots, he can increase the size of his Drill Arm and perform a launching attack to the enemy) - Surprise! (Wedge releases his nanobots, which burrow into the ground, digging towards the enemy. Once underneath the target, the nanobots can strike from underneath the enemy. - Drill Missile (Wedge can aim his Drill Arm at the enemy, and fire a rocket propelled drill at the enemy) Biography: Wedge was born in a small village near Ulroq Canyon, within the Sovereign Continents, where he became fascinated digging holes and uncovering relics. He later studied Geology and Archeology, and developed his nanobots to help him with his excavations. Constantly being plunged into harsh environments, he learned to adapt and survive with the use of his Drill Arm and Nano Bots. Because of this, the Sovereign took a great interest in his skills for covert excavation operations. Aside from the fact that Wedge gets dirty on a near daily basis to the point where he is used to it (though doesn't mean to say he lacks the common sense for hygiene), Wedge is; smart, cunning and determined.
  10. STORY Terra. A planet that has been ravaged by the horrors of war, thousands of years recovering from the devastation of WEAPON. But after generations had passed, the planet recovered into a new golden age. But peace had come to a halt - the planet has been split into two political powers, on the brink of a world war. A seemingly endless cycle. The Eastern Hemisphere governed by the Sovereign, a political power who primarily harnesses the power of technology. And the Western Hemisphere being governed by the Sanctum, a theocracy who harnesses the power of magic. The conflict between the two governments is not revolved around their different practices, but rather the struggle between ownership of land and resources. Most especially over the precious Helidium: the most valuable resource on the planet, which is used for both the crafting of magic and development of augmentations. There is an ongoing debate over who struck first, but among the discussion came a prediction: that WEAPON will once again awaken and cleanse Terra of the chaos and destruction... including the inhabitants. _________________________________________________________________ Your character will be part of an airship crew on a multilateral mission for an upcoming peace conference between the Sanctum and the Sovereign. We will be excavating an artifact that was thought to be part of WEAPON: a super structure that was built on the moon thousands of years ago by the "Ancients", that severely crippled the planet's population which took thousands of years to recover from. The setting will take place on the planet Terra, which is experiencing a mix between Steampunk and a Cyberpunk age. You can play as any sentient race (or original, if you're feeling the creative juices) in the Final Fantasy series, starting with any magic or ability at its basic level (except for Holy, Ultima, Flare and pretty much any of the Ultimate Spells... at least until later in the RP). Throughout the RP, your character's abilities will upgrade after each story arc. Your character's allegiance can either be Sanctum or Sovereign. Sanctum: spell based (Also known as Magic. Pretty explanatory) Sovereign: ability based (also known as Augmentations. Refer to here to understand what I mean. You can be as creative as you want) There will be a total of four story arcs (mind you; one of them will be a short one for training your character), to give some structure to the RP. I used the same process for the Naruto RP I made a long time ago, and was one of the reasons which I believe made it all the way till the end. If it comes down to it, I might make separate threads per story arc to keep the RP alive and determine who still wants to participate. Basic RP Rules apply, no godmodding or overpowering characters. Again, you can play as any Final Fantasy race, but you CANNOT play as any of the characters from the series (though references are acceptable). But more importantly, have fun BASIC CHARACTER SHEET: Name: Age: Gender: Race: Appearance: Occupation: Allegiance: Weapons: Magic/Abilities: Limit Break: (you can have a total of four) Biography:
  11. Just a heads up: I'll be joining the Old Republic RP too. Still getting use to Mass Effect. Lol

  12. NAME: Korbin AFFILIATION: GenoHaradan GENDER: Male AGE: 36 SPECIES: Miraluka APPEARANCE: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/fe/3f/4f/fe3f4f36a16f86e63b9dd1a89ee8c550.jpg (except for the creed logo) WEAPONS: Wrist Sabers and Standard Issue GenoHaradan Blaster EQUIPMENT: Custom GenoHaradan Armor and Power Gauntlets, Stealth Field Generator. OCCUPATION: Force Sensitive Assassin HISTORY: A member of the GenoHaradan guild, not much is known about Korbin. Speculation suggests he was previously part of a Force Sensitive Organisation, due to his Miralukan heritage to "see" using the Force. His ability is what made him a valuable asset to the guild; Korbin is a deadly assassin, with no remorse or mercy.
  13. "Captain Tuhrop," The Geth unit approached Tuhrop, Mahla and the rest of the squad. "I can assist you with setting up the beacon." "We could use your tech skills here, Chiron." Tuhrop concurred. "Come on, lets get a move on." Tuhrop lifted one handle of the crate, while Mahla grabbed the other from her side. They both lifted the crate, and marched away from the beach. "Chiron, I need you and the rest to cover us." The Turian wanted to set this beacon up before nightfall. He wanted to get off this planet. They had food and supplies to last for months, but if they didn't receive any help soon - they would need to resort to eating the local food. Assuming its not toxic, he didn't want a repeat of the MSV Hugo Gernsback incident. "What do you supposed happened?" said Mahla, after a long silence. "How did we end up on this planet? Even after the Reaper encounter, our systems were still functional... until that energy fluctuation hit us..." Tuhrop had wondered about that all day. "Maybe the Reapers caught up to us? Disabled our systems, and left us stranded here..." "Its been hours... you'd think Reaper forces would have arrived by now to slaughter us!" The squad continued with hauling the beacon away from the beach, towards the cliffs. Tuhrop wanted to set up there, so the beacon would have a stronger signal. Mahla's biotics could come in handy for lifting the crate up there.
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