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  1. lol I've completely lost touch with the world. I didnt even know it was Valentines the other day. I blame Uni Life :p well, happy regards back.


    Anyway, theres nothing to feel real bad about. I'll make some posts tonight, and catch up on whats going on.

  2. Yeh, I might join just for the heck of it ^-^ be warned though, I know very little about Bleach - I only understand the main concept about Soul Reapers killing undead monsters :p


    I'll do a little more research using the wikia, but in the meantime I'll dream up a little character.

  3. Huh, are you waiting for another player to make his/her post? :s

  4. lol well, the way I see it, theres nothing wrong with the idea. Is she going to join the SS, or what?

  5. Sounds interesting ^-^


    BTW, I hope you dont mind, but I was thinking about having Rawk suffering from cancer -explaining why he is coughing alot. Do you think that is too deep?

  6. Thats not a bad idea. I might join, but I'll have to do a little bit of research into it before I do anything

  7. no, but I've heard alot about it. Why do you ask?

  8. Sweet! I'll add you as a friend.


    My username is DrNice :)

  9. Also just to let you know, when you submit an artwork you will be sent to another page where it involves you selecting sizing of your images with a pricing tag beside them. To get out of this page, just go up the top of the page and select "View Artwork".


    I hope I answered your question. Deviant Art is free; it just depends on the options you select. Its just a simple process of avoiding those options where you have to pay something. If you have anymore questions, please dont hesitate to ask :)

  10. lol yes I am sure. I've been through that process when I joined - its just a way of finding your way out of all that "payment" crap.


    I assume you filled out your registration form (Username, Password, Email, etc...)


    If I remember correctly, after you complete the form, you will come across two choices; Either a Free Membership or a Choice Membership. The difference between the two is that if you click on Free Membership, you will be given the basic benefits of allowing you to upload and view artworks at no cost what-so-ever. A choice membership however gives you more exclusive benefits; like larger thumbnails images, more artworks to look at and advanced journal options with an annual fee.


    Be sure to select Free Membership.

  11. Not to worry. Thanks for informing me

  12. Pretty much, yeh. After you create your account, be sure to give me your user name so I can add you as a friend ^-^

  13. Actually, DeviantArt is free. Its only the Premium Membership, if you choose to select, that you have to pay a fee.

  14. If you have a Deviantart account, yes :) Otherwise, make a new thread in the Coruscant Entertainment Centre

  15. Alright, sounds fair. We have an accord ^-^

  16. About our match between Kaneda and Yoroi. There is always going to be the problem of the fight dragging on than it should be. So I think its best we declare the winner right now, seeing as we're nearing the end of the Training Arc. There are three options:


    1. We could come into an agreement that one of us will walk out as the winner.

    2. We could use a Poll and let the others decide the outcome.

    3. We decide the fight will be a draw between the two characters.

  17. Not a problem. I look forward to the battle between Kaneda and Yoroi ^-^

  18. Totally fine. You seem to have some good talent with the pencil... Ever thought of moving onto ink? Its abit difficult at first, with Caligraphy nibs especially, but you eventually get used to it and becomes alot of fun.

  19. Pffft... you worry too much, SR :p There's nothing to worry about. I just dismissed it as meer girl fandom... like those annoying Twilight obsessive peeps lol. But yeah, nothing wrong with what I saw. I probably shuld have replied earlier, sorry about that. I've been busy with exams and attending my grandfathers funeral, is all.. :(

  20. Yeah, I've been meaning to post. But I was actually waiting for Cyborg to write something. I havent given up on it, dont worry

  21. Not my character. Its Takeda - Cyborgs character. And yeh, as Chev already explained earlier, its the name of his alter-ego. Not your sword ^-^


    Yeah, your still in the rp. I was actually wondering what was going on with you and the absence.

  22. If by the end of the arc, you mean the final arc, then thats your call ;)


    We're nearly getting close to finishing this RP. No point in backing out now ^-^

  23. eh, I'll give Bantha a shot, if thats ok.


    BTW, when Cade said your character is his girlfriend - I thought you wanted them together at the time. Or am I severely confused :(

  24. Sure. Its your RP, you progress the story how you like it ^-^

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