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  1. You are. You were invited by Takeda if you wanted to come along for the mission, remember? I think it was in the Hokage's office at the time.

  2. Lol. I was like that too, man. Dont worry. I once said this: you may one day meet someone who is right for you. And the next thing you know you two start hitting it off. The trick is to not think about it too much.

  3. Aww. Dont worry, I'm sure you'll find someone who is right for you and next thing you may know you two are starting to hit it off ;) It happens unexpectedly.

  4. Yeh, it has actually lol. Sorry, my life is being dominated by a girl right now... I gave her a Teddy Bear for V day =D oh wait, I forgot... Happy Valentines Day for yesterday btw.

  5. Mmmm, depends what u mean by 9000. As in Power Level? Chuck Norris could kill a man just by looking at him... if he wanted to -_-

  6. eh nothing. The situation has been at last handled, hopefully :) Me happy!

  7. lol yeah, its cute. But hopefully she'll start to clean up her act abit... otherwise, she's off.

  8. If anything, I wouldnt even worry about it. LadyRevan is the one who is playing unfairly, so you have nothing to be sorry about o_Q

  9. yeh... alrite, I'll allow this fire to happen: I wont be a spoil sport. But if this kind of unnecarary destruction becomes constant, it WILL just spoil the RP. Anyway, its always good to have a villain.

  10. mmmm LadyRevan... I realise she is new, but I kinda disaproved of the idea of burning the ramen building down. It seemed too soon and NOOBISH :p

  11. Really? I always thought it was a girl... Maybe it was his avatar that told me he was a chic....

  12. lol Mods ARE scary to talk to, aren't they?

  13. lol yeah I know. I just needed to handle the situation before it gets out of hand. I did think the battle was a bit innapropriate at this time though...


    BTW, you can ask Rogue Nine if she can join if you want. But isn't she a mod? I'm not even sure they'll have the time to RP...

  14. lol sorry to disapoint you, man.


    I've been watching Shippudden, and I've read some of the manga. But I mainly go here for some reference. You can read about Sasuke from there...


    But to summarise what has happened to him so far: he has finally killed his brother Itachi, finds out the truth about why Itachi eliminated the Uchiha clan, and joins the Akatsuki in hopes to destroy Konoha.

  15. mmmm, sorry but I'm not really keen on bringing Orochimaru into this RP. I already have a main villain in mind, and its kind of a suprise. Its probably best to "let him be in peace" for now ;)

  16. mmm, I guess that'll do for now. I'll add a new character to the casting call, and we can get this thing started. Hopefully new recruits will come along the way. Just give us some time to think of a character, k :)

  17. Hmm, I don't mind any amount really. But perhaps somewhere around less or above 10 people.

  18. Don't wear yourself out with them "headaches with pictures" ;)


    And dude, I hate Sakura just as much as you do. So I say: "why the hell not?". Just nothing too cruel, we gotta give her some sense of dignity ;)

  19. I was sorta thinking Hinata.


    BTW, I was looking at your selected options. I like the mission idea, personally. It just seems more fitting.

  20. Ok, but just so you know: this RP is based IN the Naruto universe. You're playing as one ninja pretty much. Dont worry, Im sure we'll see much of NaruHina ;)


    I also was sorta thinking: You know how a Hokage gets to have an assistant? Like how Tsunade got Shizune? Well, I think you get the picture of what I'm intending ;)

  21. lol your welcome.


    Anyway, throw your ideas at me. I'm all open

  22. yeh, well... i won't go into full detail. Bad Karma... Lets just talk about something else... something manly. Like Beer, or Nachos....

  23. lol its actually my best friends' friend from TAFE. Poor guy had to watch us do "things" ;) he's a bit shy tho...

  24. we all like it tho, strangely... but apart from that, yeh my break from school has been good. I go back in about two weeks:cry6:

  25. eh, not too bad... My girlfriend is keeping me busy tho. Thats wat happens man: they run your life :lol:

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