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  1. "What happened to her anyways? Looked like firefight at the Cantina, must assume it happened because of her. Thought there was chess tournament there - was planning on joining when done shopping - can't imagine docile game like chess could turn so brutal; what, was it run by a senile Salarian like myself?"


    Tuhrop was sitting on the bench, with a blood stained metal tray holding a bullet and tweasers laying beside him. He watched the scene take place as he applied the medigel over his wound.


    "I think the real question is..." Tuhrop begun, staring at the comatose Asari and the human with the walrus moustache. "Is who are these people and what are they doing aboard my ship? As if a geth on board wasnt enough."


    There was silence. Tom was the one who broke it. "...We have a geth on board?"


    "I think you're avoiding the question." Tuhrop enforced. "... sorry, I was chased by some Sniper-wielding lunatic throughout the markets. He killed the information broker I met, and I barely escaped with my life. Its obvious that data is more trouble than its worth: and worst of all, we know absolutely nothing about it."


    He stood up from the table, and disposed of the medical waste. "We have to get airborn ASAP, before that sniper could conjure up another crude method of execution: like planting a bomb on the hull of our ship!"

  2. "BANZAIIIIII!!!!!" Ryuu heard Akagi announce, as him and his army ran across the bridge to fight off the enemy. With his Dragon Rush technique still active, Ryuu dived from the rooftop and soared across to the bridge where the battle took place.


    The flaming blur impregnated the hoard of enemy shinobi, rushing from one opponent to the next. He managed to take out some of the enemy, not before his Dragon Rush technique was about to die out. He used the remaining seconds to leap back with the defending Samurai.


    Ryuu fought along side the Samurai, fending off the enemy.

  3. "Whatever happened between you and Lyna... I guess I want to start over. But if you don't want, I'll just leave right now and stop Sethos. That's my main mission. But I just wanted to see you. To understand something."


    Cade looked down sadly. "Its not that simple... We have been mourning her for over a year now. And now you just suddenly show up." he took a step toward her. "I'm sorry, but I would feel like I'd betray her if we started all over. You and I both know you yourself cannot replace who she is; no matter how hard you try."


    "But I can offer you this: if you are serious about taking down the Sethos Empire, then you are going to need my help. Let me offer you my services; as a way for honoring her death."

  4. Now just bare with me. Me and my brother were having a discussion the other day, about what would happen if a zombie apocalypse were to occur. Suppose if one day a pandemic illness has spread throughout the entire world, that fits the profile of "media-interpreted" undead fiends - a la mindless monsters who infect and eat people.


    Now, after considering this hypothetical scenario; picture yourself in that scenario. Presume that your government has taken the right measures; like quarantine and evacuation. And amidst this, people will presumably go about looting stores, without the hassle of security (save for the danger of being eaten alive and turned into another zombie). The military sets up refugee camps, etc etc... the things you would expect to see if an apocalypse were to occur.


    After picturing yourself in that scenario (and this is where my brother and I heavily speculated) where would you be when all this happens? What would you do and how would you go about sheltering yourself from hordes of pesky undead? How would you defend yourself? Its interesting to hear what other people think, because it basically tests them on their logic and survival instinct, if such a thing were to ever happen.

  5. "I wish to know more about Project Genesis. I was unable to hack into the files,"


    Tuhrop blinked. It knows about the Cerberus Vessel. And the only way this mobile platform Geth could know about the data, then it would have to have been onboard the vessel during or after the salvage.


    "You have nothing to fear drell. The geth that attacked the citadel now share the true geth's beliefs. The true geth do not wish to harm organics."


    "Are you saying there are two factions of geth out there?" Tuhrop pressed on. Tuhrop suddenly held onto his side, and began coughing blood. "<cough> sorry. Had a little encounter with a maniac wielding a sniper rifle. I need to get to the medbay."


    He stood by and stared at the Geth. He was not sure how to deal with it. Or, more of a case of whether to believe it. They didnt have the best reputation around the galaxy.


    "Send our "guest" to the brig... We'll deal with it later." he stopped for a minute. "Oh yeah, and we may want to get airborn as soon as the others arive. I dont want that assassin knocking on our door any time soon."




    "My apologies for being rude, but this asari comes first. You seem knowledgeable in what she's taken. You're more than welcome to assist me once we get aboard the Valkyrie,"


    "C'mon." Tom urged. "Hopefully the epinephrim will give us enough time to deliver her to the medbay for proper treatment."


    And so they left the club, with Chiron holding the Asari girl and the mysterious "information broker" following behind. Incase things did not work out with the Broker Tuhrop had visited, there was always no harm with a second opinion.


    They soon arived at the docking bay. Civilians passed by, exchanging strange glaces at them. Amongst the many starships they ran by, they soon arived at the sight of light freighter starship - with the name "Valkerie" printed on the outer shell. They arived at the airlock door - they could see it was under lockdown. Tom switched on his omni-tool and accessed the cellular network.


    He gave Thiyan a call. "Thiyan, this is Tom. We have an emergency, and we would really really love it if you could open the door for us. Uhh... please?"

  6. Tuhrop was very suprised to hear vocal speech from a geth. There had to be atleast a few people in the galaxy, aside from the Krogan, that interacted with a Geth to this much detail. Afterall, it was widely known that they only communicate through beeping and static noises.


    Tuhrop lowered his weapon. He continued gazing at the Geth.


    "Why have you come here?"




    Tom knealt down and reached for Chirons box of medical supplies. He opened it and fumbled around the mess of bandages and medigel. He pulled out a tube what was labelled "Epinephrim" - artificial adrenilin.


    "Will this work?" Tom knew very little about medicine.


    "Krogan, you must work fast...if this puncture wound is what I think it is...then she has virtually killed herself....unless we help her within the next...well...I suppose, the next few minutes."


    Tom looked abit sheepish. "Chiron, this is Frank. Frank, this is Chiron. We'll get acqainted later..."


    Tom was facing a major dillemna - they knew nothing about this girl. All they knew is that she was on the run from Eclyspe Mercenaries and Chess Tournament Organisers - strange combination. Was bringing a stranger aboard the ship a good idea.


    "Tuhrop is going to kill me..." he sighed. "We'll do what we can now, and get her to the Valkyrie's medical bay. I dont think now is the time to find a near by clinic."

  7. "I'm a clone of Lyna Honso. You see, her old friend, Lemia if you remember, asked a Kaminoan named Sig Tapps to make a clone of her deceased friend. It's been a year and... here I am."


    Cade stood off of the crate and began pacing around the area. His back faced Lyna, as he watched nearby starships fly out of the hangar. "I see..." he added. A clone of Lyna. That was all that was circling his head.


    "Then I was wrong about you after all." he turned to face her. "You may be her... but you trully are not."


    "But you wanted to speak with me. Well, here I am standing right here. During the past year, I became a form of authority for this city. The locals here called me "Reaper"... but its still just Cade to you. Rav contacted me and gave me a lead on you. I assume that was your doing?"

  8. "So what mess have you gotten me into this time?"


    Tom was glad to see Chiron arrive. The krogan approached and stared at the body of the Asari.


    "We think she has been sedated, her bodily functions being haltered as part of her comatose state." he pressed two fingers on her neck to find a pulse.


    He stared up at Chiron. "Can you give her something to revive her? Or are your supplies back at the ship?"




    The Turian watched behind the crates. Amongst the fire, the Geth stood up and held both arms in the air. He held John's rifle down. "Hold your fire!"


    Tuhrop stood up, and motioned Thiyan to do the same. He watched the Geth from across the room. Why was it surrendering? Was it surrendering? Not many people have interacted with Geth before; atleast not with bullets.


    Tuhrop limped towards it, keeping a good distance away from it. There was a long silence. Minutes have passed. Tuhrop just gased into the flashlight head of the Geth Infiltrator.


    "Can you understand us?"

  9. "Listen to me! If you'd just let me explain everything in a civilized matter, none of us will have to die tonight! Please!!"


    Reaper watched as she continued to absorb the lightning. Impressive, and to show this much resiliance against him was indeed a spectacle. He suppressed his energy, and let go. The lightning stopped.


    Reaper switched off his lightsaber. He walked towards a crate and sat on it. He stared at her. "I'm sorry... I had to be sure. During your absense, I came to realise that you do not trully know someone: until you fight them."


    He reached for his helmet and slid it off his head. A pale face with messy dark-blonde hair was revealed underneath. A scar visible was seen across his face.


    "Its always nice to see you again, Lyna." he smiled. Then looked down at his feet. "I thought you were dead... we all did."

  10. Ulrich watched as they put her down on the ground. The Salarian began sweating. "All right. I have complied with your request. Please remove your pistol from my occipital lobe."


    Ulrich lowered his gun. He motioned his weapon, to shoo off the scum. "Go on, get out of here." He glared at the Krogan Body Guards.


    He knealt down beside the lifeless Asari. If what the Salarian theorised was correct, and she was drugged, then hopefully Chiron would arive and find a means of reversing the effects. He should be arriving shortly, other wise Ulrich considered taking her to a near-by clinic and later rendevous with his crew.




    Tuhrop exited the elevator, and entered the docking bay. He began coughing up blood. Although he escaped with his life from the broker's office, the Sniper had managed to sneak in another round before the Turian Captain could reach for the elevator across the crowded area of the markets.


    Tuhrop saw his ship close by. Hopefully the Sniper didnt have the time to pursue him. He held onto his waste, where it was stained with his blood. He limped towards it - not before he could hear the sound of gunfire.


    The ship was under lockdown; as expected. He input the code to bypass it, and entered the Valkyrie. He limped to the mess hall, where he pulled out his M-6 Carnifex, and hid behind the crates. He glanced at John.


    "I take it we are in abit of a situation here?" he added.

  11. "Tom....my name's Frank, Frank Mcdowell...I'm a..." there was a slight pause in between sentences."....an information broker...business has been slow though, Omega does that sometimes. So...if you don't mind my asking, what brings you here to Omega?"


    Tom gazed at the man. An Information Broker who carries around a Rocket Launcher underneath his jacket. Quite peculiar indeed... but wasnt the proper time to speculate.


    "Well... Its kind of a long story. Quick version: we're trying to sell salvaged goods, amongst other things..." Tom referencing in within his head of the encounter with the derelict cerberus vessel. "I'll explain later. We should leave, before more mercs show up. You can probably help us with something..."


    He walked with Frank back up to the previous level where the entrance resided. Some of the commotion seemed to have calmed down abit. Some of the bouncers seemed to have kept things in order. But something caught Tom's eye: that Asari girl that bumped into him earlier, was lying on the floor up against the wall.


    After one of the Krogan Body Guards picked her up, and overhearing the conversation between them and the Salarian Tournament Organiser, he looked at Frank. Normally on Omega, Tom prefered to avoid trouble that endangered either him or his crew members. But some level of sympathy drove him to once again pull his gun out. If Tom were in a similar sitation: dead or alive, he would rather not be left in the vermin hands of Mercenary Scum Bags.


    Ulrich activated his Omni-Tool, and paged Chiron. "I need you here. Underworld Cantina, near the entrance. He switched it off, pointed the gun, and pressed the tip of the barrel to the back of the Salarians skull. He glared at the Krogan Body Guards. "Salarians live short lives. Yours is about to end in less then 5 seconds, if you dont put her down."

  12. "You look really tough. Right now I bet Akagi could use your help driving the enemy shinobi away. He and his men are buying us time in the town square."


    Ryuu nodded. After Karela created her shadow clones, and ordered one of them to find "Akagi", Ryuu followed.


    If he was to acquire the information during his supposedly labeled "recon mission", he needed to help the samurai and learn the motives behind the assault - despite his relations with his previous acquaintances.


    Soon, the clone found its way to the one titled "Akagi" - a young samurai wearing the ceremonial armor and wielding the blade. The clone informed him of the news and speculation.


    "Bring the villagers around the border and then into the mountains...we will join you in a moment....we must finish this foe..."


    Ryuu saw the enemy in front. Akagi rallied his troops, and formed a line. Ryuu hid himself away, to observe the battle from the rooftops and strike at the appropriate of moments. He twirled his blades around, almost appearing like seals.


    "Fire Release: Dragon Rush" a layer of protective flames surrounded him.

  13. "I appreciate you helping us but right now we're trying to get the villagers out of the village. If you really want to help you can help me guard the survivors as we get them out of here."


    "Very well; we will evacuate the villagers." He stood up and awaited for the girl. Suddenly, an enemy shinobi came up from behind, and impaled Ryuu with a bladed weapon. Ryuu exploded in a puff of smoke.


    The real one appeared behind the enemy and stabbed him with his enflamed katanas. He tossed aside the body, and pretended nothing happened.


    "Are they gathered and sheltered from the attack, or are they scattered throughout the village?"

  14. "Hello...it seems you and your lads got yourselves into a tight spot....not a good habit on Omega. I felt a need to help a fellow off-worlder."


    Tom watched as the Turian left the scene. He expressed an annoyance; they did save his ass afterall. "Your welcome!" he muttered sternly.


    He switched back to the myserious man. "Sorry... We thought he was our captain... He's a Turian, you see and well... its kind of hard to tell them apart in dim light." he looked all over the scene where the dead bodies of the mercenaries lay. Ulrich felt a satisfaction. Eclispe were pure scum; just like the Blood Pack - the mercenary band that attacked him and his fellow crew members on board an alliance vessel.


    "Thanks for helping us out. I didnt catch your name... I'm Tom."

  15. Thiyan knealt beside Ulrich behind the bar, where they were protected by the gunfire. "Tuhrop?


    Ulrich shrugged. "I dont think so now..." he stood up briefly to fire a few rounds at the mercs. "I thought it was... its a little hard to tell, but he kind of looks a little young to be the old geezer."


    Ulrich went to pop up again, but this time saw a majority of the Eclispe Mercenaries get blown into the air from an explosion. Only one mercenary remained, but he fled the scene of the battle. Ulrich stared across the room to see an aged man with a walrus moustache wielding what appeared to be a compact grenade launcher. Ulrich lowered his weapon, to show no hostility.


    "...hello..." he added simply.

  16. Tuhrop pulled out his own gun, in reaction to the bullets piercing through the glass of the office. The sniper was clearly playing with him. Scaring him. Giving him the sense that there was no escape. The turian wasnt ready to give in.


    He was not even sure why he claimed the data. Tuhrop supposed he wanted to be comforted by the feeling that he had something against whoever was hunting him. But right now, his biggest concern was the sniper. He began suspecting it was a Ceberus Opperative, understandably - they did salvage one of their vessels, afterall.


    He eyed the door across from where he was. The Sniper was just waiting for him to approach that door. In situations like these, there was virtually no chance of escaping the bullets of a sniper. But Tuhrop had a trick up his sleeve to improve his survival chances; he tapped into his armor, and activated his shields. The blue kinetic barrier flashed around him, and offered him temporary protection.


    Then he sprinted. It took at least two shots from the sniper to disable his shields; before Tuhrop could open the elevator door, run inside and shut it behind him. He pressed the floor button which would lead him to the Underworld nightclub...




    Ulrich was brushed passed by a running Asari, joining the group of people nearing the exit of the nightclub. The next thing he knew what appeared to be Salarians wearing yellow armor pursued the crowd, along with the designated chess players. Confused at the sitation, and unaware of whom the Eclipse Mercenaries were after, Ulrich continued down the stairs to where the Tournament was held.


    He saw two Krogans get shot by Eclispe Mercenaries, whom were now shifting their attention to a singular Turian. "Tuhrop?" his first thoughts. It was hard to tell from the dim lighting within the nightclub. As part of his reaction, Tom aimed his weapon and fired a round through one of the Salarian's head. He took cover behind the bar, and activated his tech-armor to offer him protection.

  17. Reapers Lightsaber clashed with Midnights. It was clear she was both Force Sensitive and trained within Jedi Arts, or something similar. He eyed both colors of her sabers. One was orange, and the other was red. That was not normally a good indication.


    Reaper unleashed a combo of swipes and spinning attacks against Midnight. He performed a mid-air cartwheel so as to swipe his saber down at Midnight - expectadly was repelled. She was well trained. As he landed a few meters away from her, he unleashed a current of force lightning. "What would she do in those situations?" he thought to himself, as if conducting a survey on her. He wanted to be absolutely positive in his hunch.

  18. Ryuu was fending off the attackers within the town square. These people were clearly trained professionals, as they managed to keep a good offensive level with the samurai.


    A massive opponent approached him, wielding Iron Gauntlets. Ryuu dodged his fist attacks, and repelled the gauntlets with both of his blades. He brought both of his blades together, so he could form a perfect verticle line. Two of his fingers were outstretched along the hilt.


    "Fire Release: Dragon Katana" Both his swords were blazing with fire. He performed a spinning attack against the large opponent, which was expectadly blocked by his Iron Gauntlets. The giant continued to parry the fiery strikes. Ryuu kept him busy, until one of his shadow clones came up behind the giant and stabbed him through his abdomen with both fiery blades.


    Amongst the chaos, one of Ryuu's Shadow Clones ran up to Karela. "I need a status report. I was sent here to investigate and assess the situation."

  19. “As much as I would like to go with you, I need to put away our remaining stock first. I would rather not leave it out here when the entire crew is gone.”


    "Alright, well let me help you out a bit first..." and so Ulrich began helping John carry the rest of the stuff back inside the ship. There wasnt that much left, and there was only a few boxes remaining. As soon as he finished putting his share of the cargo back inside, Ulrich dusted himself off.


    "Alright, I'm going to the Underworld Cantina. I'll see you there..." Ulrich brought his trusty M-5 Phalanx before departing. Omega was a place where you had to be on your guard. He took the elevator up from the Markets to the level where Underworld resided.


    As he got inside, he was not entirely sure whether he should be suprised or not about the sight of people fleeing from the lower levels of the cantina, with the sounds of gunfire in the background. His first thoughts were follow everybodies example. But then another thought came to mind: what if one of his crewmen were in there? He had not forgotten the last time they arrived on Omega, and the amount of trouble they wrapped themselves in during shore leave. He pulled out his Heavy Pistol.


    "Well, its not like I brought this for no apparent reason..." he thought to himself. He ventured forward to the lower levels, where advertisements of the Chess Tournament indicated...




    "Lucky for you Captain <Tsssssk> there are other, more faster alternatives to decripting this information." the Volus announced proudly. "I have ties with both Aria T'loak... and the Shadow Broker itself."


    "I have already explained before." Tuhrop repeated himself. "I'm selling you this information - because I have no need for it."


    "I'm afraid I cannot help you in that department. <Tssssk> that is not the way I work atleast. Its not as simple as just simply forking over the creds for something I have no prior knowledge about, unless given under circumstances. <Tsssssk> The fact that your giving me an unencrypted data cache, suposedly found on a Cerberus Vessel, completely undecyphered - does not present its value to me. It could be anything, from a huge conspiracy to a recipe on how to make Calamari Bolognese. <Tssssk> I am not the gambling type."


    "I suppose you raise a good point..." Tuhrop resignated.


    "<Tsssssk>If you need alternatives to decoding the data-cache faster and efficiently, than I suggest obtaining a cypher. But I'm afraid something like that is a little hard to come by;<Tsssssk> cyphers originate from the people who encrypted the data, so they can view it without going through the hassle of translating it. If this came from Cerberus,<tssssk> I'm afraid you will be facing impossible od---"


    The volus made a sudden pause. It took Tuhrop a second to realise that Farger's chest of his suit had been ruptured before him. Blood splattered all over his desk. Amongst the confusion, the two guards went down as well; with heads with massive bullet holes.


    Tuhrop leaped up and hid behind the desk. It was clear that a sniper had taken out Farger and his henchmen. And now he was after Tuhrop. But why? Did it have something to do with the data? Tuhrop retrieved the data from Farger's Computer using his Omni-Tool.

  20. Ryuu was watching from the cliff, overlooking the village and the battle that underwent. He was already too late - it had already begun.


    He received a tip from the Academy about his home village being pursued by an unknown force. They thought it would be most appropriate if they sent Ryuu to investigate, seeing as he was born there and more familiarised with it. Hesitantly, he accepted.


    He leaped from the cliff and soared through the air towards the village. With the flick of his thumbs, the hilts from both swords ejected from their protective sheaths. He gripped both his swords and landed on the soil below him. It was time to do what he did best. He performed the singular handseal.


    "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" (Shadow Clone Jutsu). Multiple copies of Ryuu appeared before him and joined the defence against the unknown force.

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