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  1. Eh, its fine. I'm used to it. Our dads would make great buddies I reckon, if they ever met :lol:


    Anyway, yeah you can reopen ur old RP. The same happened with that Obake Blade rp. But still (don't take this the wrong way) but you never know if the other players will return. Sure I might, but some people are just... different. You could always somehow add it to ur new RP. Most people are taking a break from the RPs cus of Xmas most likely...which btw, have a merry christmas for tommorow... (I forget how ur Nocturnal thing goes up where you live :p )

  2. yeh, the same with my dad. well, sort of... he baby-booms my big brother who has left. You know... like him paying for car insurance, when really my brother should do that himself as one of life's lessons. My dad can be a bit of an arrogant bastard aswell, cus one time I fainted from a car trip and collasped in the parking lot. He just told me "Get up, you're being ridiculous." I hate dads :lol:

  3. lol at least u can play around with his computer whenever he ain't there. Change the screensaver, that was enough to work my dad up. Its funny getting dads grumpy, cus you can treat them like a baby.


    My dad works in Tasmania (that large island at the bottom of Australia :p ), so I only see him like every weekend or so. He's an alrite guy, just hard to get along with... most of the time. And a short temper too :lol: . I keep telling him to eat a cookie every once in a while.

  4. In ur dad's office?!? wow, that must be boring lol. I would normally bring a gameboy in those situations, but mine is obsolete...


    It sometimes snows down here, but only in the mountains. You americans are lucky tho :ugh: oh well...

  5. pfft. you got it lucky down there. Its freakin hot down here, while you guys get to play in the snow >: ( mah well... btw, Happy Hanukkah for yesterday (I'm not jewish)

  6. lol no prob. I've sort of lost touch with the world, due to Christmas. I've finished all me exams now :p

  7. Oh, for all the love that god has to offer: NO!!!! :lol:

  8. well, thats out of a small unlikely hood I'll make it big lol. But I wish you luck


    Yay, last day for YR 12's Xp well, not for me anyway (dang it!)

  9. Really?? Sweet! And that be an awsome job to have: Comic Book artist


    I might be doing Animation at this TAFE Course of mine. I wanna do stuff like drawing Manga and Anime.

  10. Nice. What sort of art course are you taking? lol is there a choice for subjects?

  11. lol yeah thats what I thought at first. But its for a benefit. Plus some of my friends are doing it, so that makes me somewhat happy. After that, I'M LIVING LIFE... while going to TAFE (a somewhat easy-arsed alternative to Univertisy :p)

  12. Yeah same here. Though I'm only doing like 4 subjects this year, because I'm splitting Yr12 over two years :p

  13. lol yeah i've only just recently discovered this. Been busy with studying for my friggin' exams. Wen do you start them?

  14. Yes... I feel... noobish now :lol:

  15. Woah WTF? I didn't know this thing existed...

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