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  1. Oh...woops. I thought this was in the JKO modding section. Ah well, never mind me.
  2. I could be mistaken, but almost like a Splinter Cell?
  3. I'm not entirely sure, JK2files.com may have it. They are, currently, the biggest mod archive alive at the moment. Also, you could try asking on their forums.
  4. Oh, ok, thanks for clearing that up. So, if the Wii has power equal to an Xbox, how come the Nintendo Wii doesn't have any FPS game that I've heard of, besides Farcry. (someone told me MoH was on Wii...true?)
  5. And look how much the Wii Farcry sucked. It's clear that Farcry should stay on Xbox or PC.
  6. Actually, this has happened to me once or twice. I played through JK2 five or so times. 'Twas a fun game. Too bad JKA sucked.
  7. I've been meaning to buy Quake 4 soon. I swear I saw ti on original Xbox somewhere, but it must have been nothing. I'll just have to live with the PC version, if I can snatch that. On the 'another JK game' note, you all know what I think. Another JK game would be horrible, in my opinion.
  8. I loved being a Rodian (an alien) and hearing a human scream.
  9. I personally do not want to see another JK game. They stuffed up with JKA. They mostly stuffed up with JKO, but gave it a medium story line that fixed all that wrong-ness. Why the heck they decided to use the Quake 3 engine on those game is beyond me. I would not have used the IDTECH3 engine, if I were creating a game unless I was planning on releasing that game free. Say no to the IDTech3 engine!
  10. I cannot believe it was banned from Australia for violence. That is honestly the silliest thing I have ever heard. There is no point in buying it if you take out the gore. Silliest. Thing. EVER!
  11. Hmm...there is a Star Wars BattleFront section on LucasForums, try asking there. (Wow...anyone else noticed LF is almost dead?)
  12. It would have to be an AT-ST or a Swoop bike.
  13. With some Photoshop skills, you can create practicly anything.
  14. Interested? I'm developing one. With a team, of course. Star Wars: the Great Escape! Hmm...seems he is not uploading any comments.
  15. When he wakes up, I can see what new excuse. Or, he may not even have one. Just another release date. I know my message isn't there. He must have tracked my email adress from the other comments I put up about the illegal-ness of it all, and didn't put it up. Edit: Then again, no other comments have been out up. He must be asleep.
  16. It is supposed to come out on the 5th of November...it's the 6th here in Australia. It must be the 5th for you Americans, so lets see it 'come out'. I will admit, he has made it look VERY believe-able on his website. If you see a comment from ACRAZYJAWA saying something like: 'i love ur mod relese soon mevsdarthmaul wuld rok a cnt wait relese pls relese pls', It is from me. Just a test.
  17. That's better than what it would look like on my rig. Isn't Vista free for 60 days or something though?
  18. I'm too lazy (and I hate the music) to go on his site. What's the new excuse?
  19. Hmm...my processor is the same, and my graphic card is a Radeon 9600, but I've only got 512MB RAM. Does it use RAM for loading textures/2dgraphics?
  20. Here, take a look at this: http://forums.filefront.com/sw-jk3-rants-raves/297249-kotf.html Read the whole thing. Every page. Wish we could get him to read it somehow. Though it wouldn't do anything. :/
  21. Wish this game would work on my PC. When I upgrade, this will be the first game to test. Looks awsome! Those trees must be over 50 thousand polies in one model...wow. That + my PC = Edit: Ughh, on one of those pics there are over 100 trees...what FPS did you get there?
  22. Ok, I'll bet my 300 or so whiny posts that his next one will be: I lose, ask a mod to change my post count to 1 and give you 300 extra. Not much, but you wanted to bet.
  23. Not coming out for 360? I'm sure I saw an advertisement of it on Filefront... Ahh, it is coming out for 360, just not a direct port. http://digg.com/gaming_news/Crysis_Confirmed_For_Xbox_360 Then, someone commented with this: http://www.crysis-online.com/?id=177 I'm getting very confused.
  24. Today is November 1st, to me in Australia at least, and it's not out. Strike 10!
  25. Oh noes. Let's start from the start: OS = Fine. Processor = Not fine. Memory = Not fine. Video Card = :| Hard Drive = Fine, though I'll have to free some space. Sound card = Fine-ish. This will never run on my Gecube 9600 ATi Radeon, will it? 512 Ram, anyone? How about 1.7 GHz? I need to upgrade.
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