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  1. Well, id ask the people in A Galaxy Divided but apparently the mod died and nobody is viewing the forums anymore, and I dont think CIS mod has a website/forum
  2. I Need help, when I try to start CISv4 through modpath I get an exception error on the first screen without fail, these are the only 2 mods I have installed, can someone help me out?
  3. I use it to show enemy traffic, its great for surprise attacks if you watch where the arrows go along the hyperspace routes and move in on the planet they just left from, you can set up great pincers that way, if theres two planets moving back and forth attack the one that just sent something along and then you have the second one cornered, its basically to give you an idea of enemy traffic.
  4. Well, Ive only encountered a fllet with 7 X-wings, 7 Y-wings, 7 A-wings, 1 Assault Frigate, 6 Nebulon-B's, 4 Marauder's, Ackbar, and Luke, I destroyed their station and a bunch of their frigates and they retreated, But I use scouts to my advantage, I tend to see the enemy fleets before I attack and make sure I create one larger, oh they also had 5 Correllian Corvettes, and 5 Gunboats, and the Sundered Heart, but like I said I went for the station then took out as many of their frigates as I could before they ran.
  5. I need help, every few times I attempt to play the game in Galactic Conquest it will freeze up and an hourglass will show, not the games, the classic Windows 98 Hourglass, and ill have to minimize the game and there will be a window saying "An exception has occurred. see _logfile.txt and _except.txt for details.", its extremely frustrating, could someone help?
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