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  1. I think it should be a new character that has no affliation with Jedi or Sith at all,untill a little bit later like after 1 or 2 planets then the character decides.
  2. Hell yeah buddy,Metal Forever!!
  3. This random thought came into my head,should Taris have its own restoration project similar to Telos In KOTOR 3,and if so what should it be like?I think it should but I got no ideas of what it would look like.
  4. 1.Telos 2.Taris Ruins/Possible Restoration Project 3.Any Planets in the Unknown Regions.(I dont know much about them so yeah lol.)
  5. So what kinda music do you guys like?Im mostly into Thrash Metal,Death Metal,Metalcore,Heavy Metal,and a bunch of other kinds of Metal,and Goth music.
  6. *Walks around the academy looking for other students* I need someone to spar with.
  7. Ok this thread is basically where we all go to the Sith Academy on Korriban.COme to learn the darkside of the force,earn prestige and kill jedi.Just remember that everyone is a student. Please submit the following: info: Name: Homeplanet: Saber style: Species: Backround Info: STart after you put in the info. Name:Darth Zaith Homeplanet:Tatooine Saber Style:Double sided saber Species:Human Backround info: Was a slave to a droid parts seller in Mos Eisly.Eventually the store was visited by 1 of the trainers at the sith academy who had come to the shop for parts to repair his ship.Zaith ended up killing his master in his sleep and the sith trainer found him worthy to be in the academy. *standing in the center room*
  8. Isnt it obvious who teh true sith are?On planets Korriban and Ziost there was a sith race.I think that the True sith are the sith race. Heres a picture and biography about them http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Sith_%28species%29
  9. I never said taht people can choose to be strogn i nthe force.What im saying is that maybe people dont use the force if they dont want to.
  10. Ok in my kotor 3 storyline this is how it goes. The player is a bounty hunter on a mission that for Dorgma the Hutt.He is sent on a mission to find and capture Bastila Shan alive.So the player and his/her partner Vorn Tonio go aboard your small freighter.The player decides to go to Corusant to look.While on Corusant you meet a person who used to serve with teh republic during the jedi civil war.He asks why the player is looking for Bastila and the player tells him. The man sais that he knows Bastilas current location and will give it to the player if the player does a job for him. He asks you to kill a skiilled assasin named Zebon Claid who used to be a sith assasin that served under Darth Sion.The player checks an abandoned hotel and finds bodies everywhere.One of the rooms there ahs the assasin.After the player kills him he reports back to the Xed republic soldier nad the person tells the player thats Bastila is inside a corasant apartment complex in room b3.The player and Vorn go to the apartment and find Bastila and attempt to knock her out 4 capture.But a few republic troops arrive at the scene and arrest the player and Vorn.Bastila,the player, and vorn go to the court and put a death sentence on the player.But Bastila tells the judge to stop and that she makes a deal with the player.The player must go to Telos and find Brianna on planet Telos and learn the ways of the jedi.After that the player has to go into the unknown regions and find Revan.Bastila sais goodbye to the player and Vorn and they leave in there small freighter. After they land on citadel station teh yare greeted by Leutenet Grenn and the TSF.The player asks about the jedi academy on the restoration zone.Grenn informs the player that the only way to get to the academy is if you have special clearance from one of the jedi trainers at the academy to land there.He makes a suggestion of finding Bao Dur who is somewhere on Citadel.The player eventualy finds Bao Dur at the ithorian embassy fixing soem of there droids.The player infroms Bao Dur that he/she has to get to the jedi academy on Telos immediately and was sent by Bastila.Before the player,Vorn,and Bao Dur can get to your freighter iit explodes due to sabotage.The TSF in the mean time begin to investigate it.Bao Dur takes the player and Vorn in his shuttle instead. After they land at the academy Bao Dur takes the player to Brianna and tells her whatever the player told Bao Dur.Instead of picking Jedi gaurdian,sentinal,or consular you pick one of the prestige classes used in kotor 2.After the player learns to use the force and builds a lightsaber Brianna sais that the player is ready to leave the academy and go to the unknown regions.Of course the player informs her that he/she's ship was destroyed.Brianna tells Atton another jedi master there to come to the main chambers where her and the player are.Atton still has the Ebon Hawk considering that he was the pilot.He sais he wil lgive the player the Hawk if the player searches for the Exile as well.Brianna sends a jedi knight named Ganick Zenda to accompany the player on his/hers journey.Bao Dur also gives the player HK47 and T3M4.So after ward the player,HK,T3,Vorn,and Ganick leave Telos and start there way into the Unknown Regions.On the way there they stop at the Yavin Station for some supplys and some extra weapons.While your there you run into a man named Threk Pindos is in desperate needed a way off the sattion without questions asked.After that you leave and go into the unknown regions. At some point during the player's journy he/she find out that Threk Pindos is realy a sith that wants to help destroy teh true sith so that he can start his sith empire.Ganick Zenda eventualy finds out.The player either chooses to help Ganick Zenda kill Threk and remain on the light or help threk kill Ganick and join the dark side.After the fierce duel tht happened in teh ebon hawk the player continues his journy to fidn revan and the exile and kill the true sith.(This is only half of it and i ldidnt include the planets that the player goes to because i cant think of any + the story isnt done cause i couldent think of what happens after that)
  11. Guys isnt it obviosu who teh true sith are?Its the original sith species.They are most liekly the real sith.Heress what tehy look like. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Sith_%28species%29
  12. he didnt say anything about it...yet.But its possible that lucas might change his mind and make the kotor series into films.You never know it could happen perhaps the royal blood lien of onder doesent want to use the force because of fear of becoming just as bad as Freedon Nadd
  13. maybe talia didnt learn about the force or try to use it ever think of that?and maybe since shimi was a slave sh couldent get jedi training.Revan and Anikan both went to teh dark side and went back to the light as well.+ they are spoken about alot.
  14. Hey guys if you ever happen to find the Sd server plz come by.SD stands for Sith Duelists so its obvious that we our map is mos eisly assault.All you have to do is pick a sith name from any star wars movie,book,video game,etc. and tryout.Please speak to (SD)Darth Revan (SD)Darth Malak me and malak are leaders of teh clan
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