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  1. I don't like being either, they both have serious issues, I like to be good, the powers are irrelevant.
  2. I have had plenty of glitches on 1 & 2, one time on Narshada I could see through a wall in the cantina, I could see characters talking and stuff in the Pazaak place.Weird. On kotor 1 after walking out of the jedi enclave bastila wound up on top of the building, I switched characters and as Bastila I could run around on top, but then she/I fell off on a side without a place to walk, so she was stuck, I had to reload again.
  3. Sorry this anouncement is a little late but..........Happy National Atheist's Day............"The fool said in his heart there is no God."-Psalm 53:1
  4. Malak was unique in his own little way, he was a little too similar to Vader, but Malak had his own style and it was not his "special powerz" that defined him, his personality dictated his powers.
  5. I am still playing Battlefront 1, online only, but Its ok when your one of the best.
  6. Graphics can potentially but much better on pc.
  7. Sorry, most of my computer problems I have fixed by reformating......involves less thinking!
  8. go to ultamatebootcd.com It allows you to boot up in linux and it contain a whole lot of utilities to help diagnose and maybe fix the problem. Not sure if this will help, but you know, just in case.
  9. Maybe......you could wipe everything and start from scratch, by formating your hardrive. Or try going to a computer repair store and asking them for any suggestions. I am not saying let them fix it but just ask for verbal help. With that nice system of yours, I think you may have a warranty or some kind of tech support, so contacting the manufacturer may be good.
  10. Just so you know.......the names on the caskets were extremely common during that era. For instance, the casket of Jesus does not say Jesus, it is actually Joshua. Joshua in Hebrew means and is Jesus name. Joshua in their days was the equivelent of any really common name today like Smith or Mike.
  11. BF1 still has some action going...even though Gamespy took off its server.
  12. With those specs....it should work fine
  13. Asthma is a big impedence for sports, but you have to figure out exactly what causes your asthma, for me I get it when its cold. I was able to run Cross Country because it wasn't so cold
  14. I am a nerd but not just in computers and sci-fi.....I love running and all sports, I workout and soccer is my fav. P.S. Rogue nine....fencing...sweeet
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