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  1. Seriously, 1.1 sucks. All the servers being shown are empty and all my favorite servers vanished from the list. Is there a way to uninstall only patch 1.1 and not the whole game? Thanks in advance.
  2. How do I enable campaign mode at my server?
  3. I bought the game 2 days ago...and my question is that when I play as an Hero, any hero, his life keep decreasing. Does any knows how to make it increase again? Like, I was playing with Darth Vader yesterday and killed many people then it increased a little. Is that the solution? Thanks in advance.
  4. Sorry, I'm not such a newbie like that, it's because I want to make the right choice on buying the right game
  5. So, no fees needed for PC version?
  6. Good to know. But is the game laggy for you? I have 1mb, will it run ok for me? Also, I would like to know if I have to pay to play the game, like a monthly fee.
  7. Hello everyone. I'm thinking of buying SWBF 2 for this chrstimas and I want to know if I need SWBF 1 to play the number 2. Also, a friend of mine said the game looks "dumped", laggy in on-line mode. Is that true? Thanks in advance.
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