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  1. JK is the best by far. Specially because of it's gameplay.
  2. Well, what determines if you're going light or dark is where you assign your stars. If you assign them to dark powers, you'll eventually end up corrupted by the dark side. If you assign your stars to light powers, you'll end up being true to the light side. You get starts by finishing the levels, and by finding all the secret areas on each level you're awarded with extra stars. By the way, you should play the game both ways. It's pretty different if you go light or dark, the story and the levels are different and you get to see different cut scenes. Good luck!
  3. Yeah, I'm playing patched. Thanks for the heads up, I didn't know about that bug. Thanks a lot, guys
  4. Hey, I'm in the Mission 14 - "Tantive IV: Recovering the Plans"... you know, the one where Vader captures Leia at the begining of Ep IV, and I get through most of it with no problem, but when the time comes to find Leia I go to the scape pods room, where she's supposed to be, but she's not there! I go everywhere around the ship, and I still can't find her! Could anybody please give me a hand with this? 'cause I'm stuck and I'm officially out of ideas... Do you have any ideas to throw at me? Thanks in advance
  5. Hmmm... weird... Let me see if I understood you right? Why do you have both X and Y axis set to up/down? If you want to use the mouse to aim your weapon (and where you go when you move) you have to set your X axis to Turn Left/Right and your Y axis to Look Up/Down Let me know if it works (or if I misunderstood you, of course...)
  6. Check this out (under No-CD JK) http://www.jkhub.net/library/index.php/Tutorials:How_To_Cog_-_Chapter_1.6_-_Resources
  7. Sure, I just hope to catch you online sometime so we can have a game. Just in case I let you know where you can find JK/MotS players: http://www.jkdf2.net IGZ: http://www.igzones.com (not too many ppl go there these days, but it's worth the shot) irc.gamesurge.net #jk (you can use mIRC or some other IRC client to go to that chat room) Cya
  8. Yup, if you don't assign your stars when you get them you can use them later (and it's a good idea to save a few to assign to the powers you'll want later) Cyne, I don't remember about fallen city, but some lvls just give you 1 star if you find all the secrets (and none if you don't), some other lvls give you 2/3 stars.
  9. Weird prob you've got there... to tell you the truth, i have no idea how to fix it, because i don't use a joystick for JK (or any other 1st or 3rd person game). I just use a convination of keyboard (for moving back and forward, strafe, force powers and stuff) and mouse (to look around and up and down). Maybe try that? If you get used to it, you might find it better than the way you used to play it with a joystick... I find it much faster and more efective.
  10. Hey! Well, they didn't lie to you at all. JK (as we usually call it) is amazing fun to play MP, there are lots of amazing user made maps and even excelent mods you could try (i recommend SBX, my personal fav). And yes, even now after 10 years since it was released, you can find a decent number of ppl to play with!! The best way to find people to play with these days would be going to Internet Gaming Zones (IGZ), you just need to go to http://www.igzones.com, download the client, go to the Nar Shaddaa room, and you're good to go. You should also check http://www.jkdf2.net (the best place for JK gaming), and http://www.jkhub.net (the best place for JK editing and resources) If you have any probs, just let us know and we'll try to give you a hand. Oh, just a little heads up... don't take the guys you'll find at Nar Shadda or jkdf2.net too seriously, ok? The JK community is pretty special, and some idiots over there might bug you a bit just because they don't know you... There's also a bunch of cool ppl around, so ignore the others, and with time you should find the humor in them, hehe Hope to see you at IGZ and have a few games real soon! And may the force be with you
  11. I know many people using Vista had problems tu run JK on it. I've been asking around, and finally ShadowX has come to the rescue of all those who use Vista and couldn't figure it out. Here it is: Thanks a lot, Shadow!
  12. JK is the best to me, far. Then XvT and XWA, KotOR...
  13. Do you have JK's 3D Acceleration option on? (under options > display)
  14. The program you nered for this is Conman. It allows you to open and edit JK gob files (like SBX) http://www.jkhub.net/library/index.php/Tools:Container_Manager_%28ConMan%29_v0.91z Then, you have to look for the command line and erase it. Hope you can make it. If you need anything else, just ask
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