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  1. These are my suggestions and they have been suggested before. Anyway I suggest:


    Maps - The maps from Battlefront I (Like Rhen Var), should be brought back into Battlefront III. Also, the maps should be able to be playable for each era. If the Clone Wars is avaliable on the Death Star, then surely every era should be avaliable on every map.


    Factions - There should be more of these. Maybe some KOTOR or NJO factions. All factions should each have a strength and weakness and keep their unique units, like Destroyer Droids.


    Heroes/Villians - They should be less powered down, but still playable and more heroes should be put in. Lando, maybe even Revan.

    Revan ? what are you talking about, BF is based on the real Star Wars stories...they wouldn't put KOTOR characters in it, even though it would rock.

  2. ^ Not always, great games like Dead Rising and GoW havn't yet and i doubt they will. Also can anyone answear why Halo 2 will be released on PC sometime this year, and it was back in 2004 that it came out on Xbox, i mean thats i long time to wait even though i don't play PC games...its still a long time.

  3. SilentScope is so right...why waste so much time and cash on memory and graphic cards and whatnot.


    ~snipped off-topic spam~

    Carlo, I and several other mods have deleted a _lot_ of off-topic spam of yours recently. This discussion of xbox vs. PC has absolutely nothing to do with the topic of SW '07.

    Membership here is a privilege, not a right. Review the Forum rules again and follow them. This is a warning. --Jae

  4. Hmmm, Oblivion and Half Life 2 seem to still have heavy modding going on.


    I've recently been catching up on all the modding that's been done for Jedi Knight in the past few years. Crazy awesome stuff has been pushed out of that engine.

    What kind of Oblivion modding ? you don;t really need it becasue on the 360 version i know how to get infinite money...not sure if its the same for PC though. I bet it is.

  5. Anything Zoom Rabbit has ever posted. Especially ones where he's talking to Wally the Space Dolphin.


    Absolutely legendary.

    Alas, somthing even more legendary is a quote from Rogue15.

    Example: So many to choose from......my favorites as of right now are Empire at War, Star Wars Galaxies, and Knights of the Old Republic Series. - Rogue15

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