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  1. Atton Rand gets annoying, he died too many times for me..l choose Mandalore because hes cool and dosn't get himself killed as much as the other party members.
  2. That would be a good idea indeed, but in KOTOR & TSL you can always upgrade your blasters aswell as other weapons on the workbench.
  3. huh...Xenomorphs got nothing to do with Star Wars being on Wookiepedia. But i like it the fantasy.
  4. In my opinion, TSL was not that good, im all for KOTOR on this one.
  5. Sorry i put this thread in the wrong forum accidently...and yes i added (possible spoilers) for some people that may not have passed KOTOR yet, even though im sure most of us have.
  6. Out of the choices you have, id say KOTOR...if you havn't got that already...get it...you must.
  7. Happy Birthday Gadon! if your still alive after the bombardment of Taris that is...
  8. How many of you have had so much frustration when you fight Malak for the first time in KOTOR aboard the Leviathan! all the times iv passed KOTOR, right in that fight when im about to kill Malak, stupid Bastila ruins everything...lol one time i had about 7 meds left and Malak had an inch of health left...if it's not for how the cutscene occurs and Bastila "helping you" Revan would have killed Malak on the spot.
  9. There are as many noobs on PC as PS2, actualy i recon even more.
  10. I like the Terminator series (I & II) but as i stated in the second thread, T3 was in my opinion a huge mistake, it had afew cool action scenes but nothing great...it's alot like the Alien franchise, first 3 were good but then are ruined by Alien Resurrection and AVP. EDIT: T4 shouldn't be made, but seeing as it is it would be ok with a new storyline within the resistance.
  11. I hope this won't be considered spam and locked, but so many forums have three or five word stories. The aim of the game is to make a story and each post must consist of only three words with relevance to the previous post...making a story! i will start - A long time
  12. Yeah but i get owned so easily! im so good at BF lol but if im in the middle of a shot i get owned by Gungans even!
  13. I still sugest you return thr game and try a new copy.
  14. KOTOR is ALOT better than Jedi Knight but remember they are two different genres.
  15. Yeah your probably right, they usually get multiplatform games but maybe not BF III
  16. ^ I ban you because this thread is really becoming spam lol, not long until it will be sadly locked
  17. ah so so i see, i forgot about the books and comics.
  18. I forgot to ask, is it on a console or PC ? and yeah if you cant get it to work, take Aida's advice and go to a game shop like EB Games or simply have your receit and return it to the store you bought it and get a new copy if they let you...and see if it was just the game.
  19. guys im confused :s could sombody tell me exactly what Star Wars you talking about ? i thought somthing KOTOR but then Darth Saruman mentioned Han and Leia ?
  20. go away.......1...........2..........3 - Calo Nord, KOTOR
  21. Hose A and Hose B ? i didnt look at the spoiler....lol
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