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  1. I will only get it on Xbox 360 too, as it's my only console atm but im possitive it will be released on the PS3 and PC...probably Wii too.
  2. BFIII should be more realistic, not just the turrets but normal weapons you sometimes gotta shoot so many times at an enemy so they die.
  3. Yeah, id rather play Guitar Hero II, i hear its coming to Xbox 360...but im terrible at music, even air guitar! so i doubt i would buy it.
  4. KOTOR & BFI & II - i had somthing to say about Jedi Outcast, i played it when i used to have it on Xbox but then traded it in because it made me really dizzy...somthing about the camera angles and moving gave me a headache, did anybody else have this weird effect ?
  5. I can see you like Eragon indeed, but how can you consider yourself addicted...it is only one movie so far, unlike Star Wars which has countless games, books, comics ect...
  6. why are you posting that here ? its not a great model being blue anyway...and people can find the thread themself.
  7. Wow, Bob Lion thats awsome! thank you so much! so how do i put it on my sig now ?
  8. Meh, id just have then following me and tagging along on my adventures...and geting mad when they manage to casually walk over a land mine, AKA - Dxun, TSL !!!
  9. Despite being an Xbox 360 owner, your right...Mass Effect does deserve to be put on PC, after all its a computer that makes these games anyway.
  10. What does it say, or is there no yes or no option at all ?
  11. That is an excellent model...but as Bob Lion said, why is it blue? it would be perfect if it was orange or brown.
  12. Iv seen them all but im not really much of a fan at all, i liked Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day but in 2003 i think it was, when Terminator 3 came out i thought it was really bad...no wonder they waited 11 years to make a prequel with a useless story.
  13. Hi is it possible if i could please get a sig with Tony Montana (Scarface) on it holding a red lightsaber ? or if not a lightsaber, the gun he uses at the end like in my avatar it's an M60 i think...also if my name writen as ~ CARLO EL SANCHEZ ~ down the bottom somewere that would be great thanks...i dont really mind the size at all...the size of Bob Lion's mayb a bit wider would be cool.
  14. You know your addicted to Star Wars when: 1: you start walking like C3-PO 2: you pretend your a Jedi using a baseball bat as a lightsaber 3: you have fantasies over Leia or Bastila Shan 4: you start embaressing yourself by puting your hand out, expecting something to move 5: you begin dreaming about Star Wars and can't get it out of your head! (ahhh)
  15. I was recently playing BFI at my friends house on Xbox and i discovered a glitch which iv eard nobody has thad the problem before...on the high level walk overs in Cloud City i threw a grenade at my friend right near the edge...he jumped out of the way and was no were near the explosion but he died, to make sure we tried it 2 times more and the same thing happens. When your away from the grenade in that curtain area right near the plastoid looking window, you die and get blown away even when your not near the impact. It dosn't affect the CPU's but the other player...is this a glitch that you have experienced or is it my friends xbox ?
  16. KOTOR III should have the Exile and Revan, that would be cool...if Revan's still alive.
  17. I would like another legendary veteran bounty hunter like Calo Nord...i think it would be cool to see not necessarily a bounty hunter but a character with a dark past and a well known veteran of the galaxy...it would fit into the story perhaps beter if it was an enemy not with the sith.
  18. Ahhh, i dont think that would work too well...the Exile was good and was able to fit into the TSL story well, but a new character!? again!? if they do that then Revan and the Exile will be mentioned as history.
  19. ok, this will be my last 'non searious' post on this topic, but wouldn't it be cool if you could use kung fu moves ? imagine C3-PO going Bruce Lee on Jaba the Hutt.
  20. Yeah, poor little Seymour, i cried too...thats one of the sadest episodes in a cartoon.
  21. What a truely beautiful piece of writing there Poopdogjr.
  22. ^ Blue Nihilius @ Pottsie: what do you mean horrible? you were never mean to me at all, and i just came back today, i have been banned for a week. @Sabretooth: Yeah it has bastard insted of enemy...but seeing of my ban i got scared and thought i might get banned longer or push my luck from having the word "bastard"
  23. ^ Avatar looks nearly exactly! like my dad, mostache and all.
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