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  1. It works fine with service pack two, otherwise, it didn't work for me at all.
  2. Exact same crash as me, except I couldn't play through it at all.
  3. . . .I would like to ask a question. I recently revived my old comp - 266 - no graphics, etc. to play some old games on. I can install JK perfectly, but when I try to load a level it crashes to desktop. How do I help this? (Im running Windows XP on it now-it worked fine on 95: shouldn't have upgraded)
  4. Is that pronounced like "late" or "leet"? I've always wanted to know
  5. ^Has a lower post count than me <Lurks around the forums VStays only at these forums
  6. ^ Liar! Liar! Crap on fire! < Is chewing gum, which will eventually make me crap. V Can blow a bubble with his nose.
  7. I have a T-Shirt of him! It says: "Hands off my monkey!":D
  8. ^ Correcto, well not the confuzzled part < Is easily confuzzled V Thinks confuzzled is a funny word
  9. That's very addicting, but I only got 104.
  10. ^ 'Ello < Is not King Andrei, and never liked him. V Needs to eat chopped liver
  11. Nice site design. Did you do it all yourself?
  12. ^ Icky toe cheese < Brie is a soft cheese you can spread on crackers. It is only a mildly moldy cheese V Likes Swiss Cheese
  13. ^ Is right, I like most cheeses < Likes Brie V Thinks brie is guano
  14. I only like mashed potatoes, but this is spam, and it should be closed.
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