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  1. TheMadDoofer on Bloodscalp and Darkasnight on Bleeding Hollow
  2. I used to post here quite a bit - and might still be interested in a game some weekend.
  3. Is English your first language?
  4. Good, I don't feel so bad for being a backseat mod now.
  5. That's fine, and the map looks very good - I don't have JA working right now so I can't test it myself, but good job anyway.
  6. Not to be an ass, but this isn't quite the right forum for shameless self-promotion. Try here. (Filefront is down btw, so I can't appraise your work yet)
  7. I got it in the mail friday for computer, it looks great, and runs perfectly after a few tweaks. It's probably going to eat my life.
  8. My DS got thrown while inside a binder, cracking the screen, but it was under warranty - so new system! And yes, the customer support is really helpful, and has a minimum of "press 1 to go to blah blah blah" menus.
  9. Saw this on Something Awful and I think it was cleared up as being a fake, mostly because of the teacher's comments. Plus being high kind of destroys all typing skills in most people, far beyond his errors. Funny as hell anyway.
  10. Lol. I guess the idea is OK, but some of them seem extremely irritating.
  11. This was actually a link from the front page of CNN. Clicky I'm just wondering - who the hell would buy this?
  12. I think "Behind Blue Eyes" redone by Limp Bizkit was awful.
  13. Yeah, I'm probably going to evacuate now - I keep checking the web and every picture has the little line showing the path of the hurricane going RIGHT OVER Galveston, which is only about 18miles long. Hmmph. Luckily I live about 30 miles inland, so my house should be fine, but I'm leaving just the same.
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