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  1. TheMadDoofer on Bloodscalp and Darkasnight on Bleeding Hollow
  2. I used to post here quite a bit - and might still be interested in a game some weekend.
  3. Is English your first language?
  4. Good, I don't feel so bad for being a backseat mod now.
  5. That's fine, and the map looks very good - I don't have JA working right now so I can't test it myself, but good job anyway.
  6. Not to be an ass, but this isn't quite the right forum for shameless self-promotion. Try here. (Filefront is down btw, so I can't appraise your work yet)
  7. I got it in the mail friday for computer, it looks great, and runs perfectly after a few tweaks. It's probably going to eat my life.
  8. My DS got thrown while inside a binder, cracking the screen, but it was under warranty - so new system! And yes, the customer support is really helpful, and has a minimum of "press 1 to go to blah blah blah" menus.
  9. Saw this on Something Awful and I think it was cleared up as being a fake, mostly because of the teacher's comments. Plus being high kind of destroys all typing skills in most people, far beyond his errors. Funny as hell anyway.
  10. Lol. I guess the idea is OK, but some of them seem extremely irritating.
  11. This was actually a link from the front page of CNN. Clicky I'm just wondering - who the hell would buy this?
  12. I think "Behind Blue Eyes" redone by Limp Bizkit was awful.
  13. Yeah, I'm probably going to evacuate now - I keep checking the web and every picture has the little line showing the path of the hurricane going RIGHT OVER Galveston, which is only about 18miles long. Hmmph. Luckily I live about 30 miles inland, so my house should be fine, but I'm leaving just the same.
  14. I hope that's how it turns out for me.
  15. You mean how to buy. It's still available through retail, so unless I am mistaken, D/Ling it is illegal.
  16. My town (Galveston) just announced that they might have to evacuate (voluntarily) by tomorrow for Hurricane/Tropical Whatever Rita! The storm, by the way, is still east of Florida, and won't be here until at [/i]least[/i] Friday. It's not even a real hurricane yet, it's not even in the Gulf Coast (which usually sends it spinning into somewhere like Honduras), and everyone is already packing up! Now, I know Katrina was horrible, and that not taking precautions could lead to disaster, but come on! Isn't this a bit overreactive? (No school tomorrow though - finally get to play Wow again)
  17. Papa Johns is definately my favorite, but pizza hut personal pizzas are really good (but small). My favorite type is Hawaiian - but my parents think I'm crazy. "Fruit should not be on pizza."
  18. And you used to have to buy glowy names. That sucked.
  19. Yeah, the main link doesn't work, so I googled it, expanded the results, and tried some: this one worked.
  20. It works fine with service pack two, otherwise, it didn't work for me at all.
  21. About the same for me too, plus when I rented ANH for the first time I watched it all day, about six times over. It was great.
  22. There isn't an obvious big incentive for being evil over good, but some of the styles are better - plus you usually have more money from forcing it out of people, which can buy lots of techniques.
  23. I wonder who would honestly like to play this game on a PSP, even with the added bonus - stupid marketing idea, in my mind.
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