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  1. Depending, let's see you're story background and then I will choose.

  2. Most likely a star wars one. I was thinking it might be an Alternate Universe type of Rp. :)

  3. Well, depending on what the RP will be.

  4. Would you be interested in joining a new RP when I get it up? :)

  5. You're not gonna let your RP die.............are ya?

  6. alrite mate? how r ya

  7. lol, Freddie Mercury ... I'm Fredi ... From Federico. :p

  8. Haha... alright, alright. I believe you. :xp:

  9. haha No, I am a men and I'm not gay nether :p

  10. Haha... I see, but I thought that meant you were a woman. :p

  11. haha well I do support women's :p

  12. Well, you are in the Women of Star Wars group... so I just figured. >.<

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