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  1. It's been some time now since I last RP, but now that I have plenty of free time i'm ready to do it again. So here is my character. NAME: Sejo Feder AFFILIATION: Jedi Order GENDER: Male AGE: 21 SPECIES: Human (Cyborg) – Left Eye Prosthesis. WEAPONS: Yellow single blade lightsaber, small blaster pistol, Flash & Gas detonators. EQUIPMENT: Jedi Armor with Robes. (Brown Color) OCCUPATION: Jedi Guardian HISTORY: Like most Jedi, Sejo was trained in the ways of the force at an early age. But this one was special in the case that he was born with a special talent to tame beasts and animals thru the force with only the touch of his hands. At his infant age Sejo was given to Master Kadir, a Bith Jedi Watchmen from the mid-rim area of the galaxy. Sejo finished his trial to become a knight just at the pick of war, where life in the galaxy for a Jedi can be extremely hard with so many enemies wishing to destroy them. The life of a Jedi is sacrifice, Sejo understand his role as guardian of the peace and is ready to face his destiny … APPEARANCE: Dark Brown Hair, Dark Brown Eyes, Caucasian, Clean shave with a scar in the area of his prosthesis. Six feet tall with a athletic built body. A smiley face with shy attitude.
  2. There is no Pazaak? Come on' I would like to play some pazaak on the cantinas at least. Is their any plan on doing this?
  3. I'm a lvl 19 Jedi Shadow and I would like to know when do I get Jedi apprentice?
  4. Yeah, the guy from the store didn't informed me the subscription process correctly, he told me I could play with the 30 day free game time. But I bought the subscription with paypal ... and all I got to say is this game is freekyn awesome!
  5. So yesterday I got TOR. I installed the game, and proceeded with the creation of an account. All good so I Reedem the product key, I did it, and my game got the check but then when I entered my code on Reedem game time it said that the Code has already been used. ?? Is there anyone having the same problem as me?
  6. Latest info? http://geek-news.mtv.com/2011/06/15/star-wars-tv-show-on-its-wayweve-got-some-of-the-details/
  7. Hmm Darth Traya is a master in manipulation, not to mention very strong in the force and capable of using three lightsabers at the same time. But Darth Sion is fierce warrior, great swordsman and pretty much immortal. If it's a duel I would vote for Darth Sion, he would charge towards her no matter what, and he will keep standing until he kills her.
  8. Sith Marauder! The real Sith warriors
  9. Awesome. Really good! I like it! especially the last one.
  10. Thank you for creating such a wonderful universe Mr. Lucas! Happy Birthday!
  11. Manaan is my favourite, I really like the concept and look of the Planet and Ahto City. And I need to say I love the Yavin Space Station too, I really like how it looks in the inside and the view of Yavin makes it look even more cool.
  12. Hmmm easy, an Island. I bet Zombies can't swim!
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