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  1. Depending, let's see you're story background and then I will choose.

  2. Well, depending on what the RP will be.

  3. lol, Freddie Mercury ... I'm Fredi ... From Federico. :p

  4. haha No, I am a men and I'm not gay nether :p

  5. haha well I do support women's :p

  6. haha, you really got us all.

  7. haha good joke with the "Leaked info of ToR"

  8. Uh we have a member from Croatia! Welcome to the forum!

  9. Not so hard once you see the groups you're member and all you're avatars.

  10. I can see you are a pretty big fan of mandalorians :p

  11. If I could give a trophy to someone for the best avatars, I would give it to you! ... damn you always get some cool pics.

  12. Hey! Since the creator has been banned I am now in charge of the group. Welcome to the chamber people, you can discuss any topic and feel free to talk.
  13. Cool, Thanks dude.

  14. Damn, look's cool, can you send me the pic? ... mine is just a fanmade picture, found it on Deviant art. You can PM contact me (For the pic)

  15. Nice avatar, who is he?

  16. The best avatar I have seen yet on this forum. lol

  17. Nope, Puerto Rico, But my family is colombian.

  18. Hey, How have you been? I went out of LF for some month and when I returned I saw that you got banned, I really don't know what was it since I wasn't visiting the site, but is good to know you're back. ;)

  19. haha, Hello Friend :p hmm Playing FIFA 09, You play soccer as you americans call it?

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