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  1. It's been some time now since I last RP, but now that I have plenty of free time i'm ready to do it again. So here is my character. NAME: Sejo Feder AFFILIATION: Jedi Order GENDER: Male AGE: 21 SPECIES: Human (Cyborg) – Left Eye Prosthesis. WEAPONS: Yellow single blade lightsaber, small blaster pistol, Flash & Gas detonators. EQUIPMENT: Jedi Armor with Robes. (Brown Color) OCCUPATION: Jedi Guardian HISTORY: Like most Jedi, Sejo was trained in the ways of the force at an early age. But this one was special in the case that he was born with a special talent to tame beasts and animals thru the force with only the touch of his hands. At his infant age Sejo was given to Master Kadir, a Bith Jedi Watchmen from the mid-rim area of the galaxy. Sejo finished his trial to become a knight just at the pick of war, where life in the galaxy for a Jedi can be extremely hard with so many enemies wishing to destroy them. The life of a Jedi is sacrifice, Sejo understand his role as guardian of the peace and is ready to face his destiny … APPEARANCE: Dark Brown Hair, Dark Brown Eyes, Caucasian, Clean shave with a scar in the area of his prosthesis. Six feet tall with a athletic built body. A smiley face with shy attitude.
  2. There is no Pazaak? Come on' I would like to play some pazaak on the cantinas at least. Is their any plan on doing this?
  3. I'm a lvl 19 Jedi Shadow and I would like to know when do I get Jedi apprentice?
  4. Yeah, the guy from the store didn't informed me the subscription process correctly, he told me I could play with the 30 day free game time. But I bought the subscription with paypal ... and all I got to say is this game is freekyn awesome!
  5. So yesterday I got TOR. I installed the game, and proceeded with the creation of an account. All good so I Reedem the product key, I did it, and my game got the check but then when I entered my code on Reedem game time it said that the Code has already been used. ?? Is there anyone having the same problem as me?
  6. Latest info? http://geek-news.mtv.com/2011/06/15/star-wars-tv-show-on-its-wayweve-got-some-of-the-details/
  7. Hmm Darth Traya is a master in manipulation, not to mention very strong in the force and capable of using three lightsabers at the same time. But Darth Sion is fierce warrior, great swordsman and pretty much immortal. If it's a duel I would vote for Darth Sion, he would charge towards her no matter what, and he will keep standing until he kills her.
  8. Sith Marauder! The real Sith warriors
  9. Awesome. Really good! I like it! especially the last one.
  10. Thank you for creating such a wonderful universe Mr. Lucas! Happy Birthday!
  11. Manaan is my favourite, I really like the concept and look of the Planet and Ahto City. And I need to say I love the Yavin Space Station too, I really like how it looks in the inside and the view of Yavin makes it look even more cool.
  12. Hmmm easy, an Island. I bet Zombies can't swim!
  13. Funny story. I wonder if this happens often.
  14. It's been some time since I don't Rp. So here I am doing provably my last RP. So here it comes. Star Wars: Ruin's Empire The Fourth Great Schism has begun. Lord Ruin an Umbarian Sith lord, has begun a war against the Republic. Ruin has turned with him 50 Jedi Knights, all trained force users, who have now become Sith's. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Fourth_Great_Schism Plot: Darth Ruin is gathering a group of Sith's on Planet Roon, the capital of the empire, this group will be informed about a special mission they must complete in Republic Space. The meeting is a top secret gathering only the most skilful siths the empire has, this meeting will take place on Darth Ruin's Castle. Rules: The RP will be based on a war battle between Ruin's Empire and the Republic. So any type of character is free to use. (Bounty hunters, Jedi's, Sith's, Soldiers, Pilots ect.) 1)No god character 2)No killing without permission 3)The character will be judge by me to see if it's approved. 3)and follow the simple rules of Lucasforums. Character Sheet: Name: Planet: Occupation: Age: Species: Gender: Bio Name: Darth Ruin. Born Name: Phanius. Planet: Umbara Occupation: Sith Lord. Dark Lord of the Sith (Ruin's Empire) Age: 36 Species: Umbaran Gender: Male Bio: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Phanius Name:Reik Dubarn Planet: Coruscant Occupation: Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. Age: 62 Species: Human Gender: Male Bio: Reik Dubarn was a man born under politics, son of a senator, Reik since a young age became interested in the job of his father. Reik studied politics on Coruscant, he gain power and status among the people of Coruscant and won the position his father use to carry, Senator of Coruscant. Years later he won as well the elections for becoming the Supreme Chancellor. He has now need to face the new menace of an empire ruled by Sith's, each time gaining more power and forcing the Republic into war. More work in progress. Name: Hern Anhn / Darth Taral Planet: Dantooine Occupation: Sith Lord Age: 28 Species: Human Gender: Male Bio: Hern like any other Jedi he was brought to the academy and trained at a early age. Hern became a Jedi Knight and he had a special interest on history and archeology, this interest opened to him the doors towards the dark side, while investigating secretly the tombs of the Dark Lords on Korriban he met the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Ruin. Ruin tempted Hern to the Dark side and managed to convince him to join him. Hern became the first of the fifty Jedi Knights to join the Sith Empire. Hern as well became Ruin's apprentice, becoming Darth Taral. Hern was a very skillful Jedi Knight, he was trained by Jedi Master Kreid, a Jedi Historian and member of the council on Coruscant, this is provably the main cause why Hern feels so passionate towards learning the history of the Jedi's and the Sith's. Serving as Darth Ruin's apprentice Darth Taral strength grew very strong, Tara; was a skilled lightsaber dueler as well as a great general on the battle field, much learned thanks to his Jedi training with Master Kreid. Although he is Darth Ruin's apprentice, Ruin only sees him as a tool, and a weapon to rule the galaxy, more of a puppet than a real student.
  15. Blood of the Empire. I like the main character of the story, plus it gives the focus to the bad guy and the good one
  16. Fethe returned from the trip he had on Manaan, he returned to the Jedi Academy on Coruscant. Upon his arrival he manages to see the smuggler that gave him the datapad. “You have returned to the academy, I have just arrived from Manaan, any news on the new threat?”- Fethe asks to the smuggler.
  17. Name: Fethe Ernhan Gender: Male Age: 32 Species: Human Occupation: Jedi Knight Attracted To: Heterosexual Force Talent: Force sight Bio: Fethe was Born on Onderon, when he was a baby he was taken to Dantooine for Jedi training. He completed his training as Padawan and became a Jedi Knight, he was tempted to join the mandalorian wars but he stood with the Order and decided to not participate on war with Revan. At the Jedi Civil war Fethe during battle fell to the Dark Side and joined the Korriban Academy, but was able to return to the light side when on a mission for the Empire his master convinced him to return. During the Second Jedi Civil war Fethe decided to exile him self on Kashyyyk, away from the civilization, living on the forest. After the defeat of the triumvirate and Darth Traya Fethe returned to the order helping on the rebuilt.
  18. I sure would like to have someone, like a partner to make some missions!
  19. Fethe reached Manaan and headed towards the city, he was to meet with master Rodos on the Cantina of Atho City. Fethe entered the cantina and there he was, Rodos Kepid, Rodos was the Jedi who thought Fethe everything, he was his master and the one that saved him too when he fell to the dark side. “Greeting master, good to see you again”- Fethe said to the Twi'lek Jedi master “Good to see you too Fethe, it's been some time now, it's good to see you again. Here come seat, this is my new apprentice, Judid Ethos.”- Rodos presented his new apprentice, a Human female, blond with blue eyes. “Greetings to you too young one.”- Fethe said to the girl “Master I have come to talk to you about certain things happening.” “Go on then Fethe, tell me”- Rodos said. “I am having visions master, of the future, and they are happening, I need you guidance master”- Fethe said “It's a new menace, a some sort of cult that is hunting us down.” “Hmm Dark Jedi's? I have been sent here to investigate a rare case of a Dark Jedi”- the master replied. “I'm not sure master, I don't think so, but I do know they're still some Sith remnant scattered around the galaxy”- Fethe said “Well Fethe, the force has been giving you the sings, you must act then, you must help the order to control this menace”- the master said “You are one of the best students I have trained, the force is with you, go and confront this new menace, like a Jedi should” “I will master, thanks for you're advice. I do have another favor to ask master, a Sith came to the academy the other day, how are we suppost to know she isn't a spy or a trick to destroy us, she claims she wishes to turn to the light.”- Fethe asked “Fethe, that is something you must see from deep inside of you, when you fell I knew you could still return, I felt it and that's how I knew you could still change. Hear you're inner voice Fethe, then you will now the truth”- Rodos answered “Thank you master, I will return to the academy, may the force be with you both”- Fethe said as he stood up and headed towards his ship back, so he could return to Coruscant.
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