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  1. Wow... you live in Hong Kong?

  2. Depending, let's see you're story background and then I will choose.

  3. Hey dude, whats up?

  4. I can see you are a pretty big fan of mandalorians :p

  5. haha well I do support women's :p

  6. haha No, I am a men and I'm not gay nether :p

  7. Hey, Happy new year, I wish you a great new a year. Hope you're Ok, take care -The Pad

  8. lol, Freddie Mercury ... I'm Fredi ... From Federico. :p

  9. Hey, happy new year! take care!- The Pad

  10. Yo! Happy new year! take care! - The pad

  11. Happy New Year Yuthura, I wish you a great year ;) Take care- The Pad

  12. Fredi

    Yo! Happy New Year! - The Pad

  13. Man is great ... It has been some time since I RP.

  14. Not so hard once you see the groups you're member and all you're avatars.

  15. Sub- 18 here in my country. It's a small country and our main sport is Basketball and Baseball so not to many people play football(Soccer) around here. haha I play cause my mother is Colombian and I have that passion inside me lol.

  16. Nice avatar, who is he?

  17. haha, Hello Friend :p hmm Playing FIFA 09, You play soccer as you americans call it?

  18. Hey, How have you been? I went out of LF for some month and when I returned I saw that you got banned, I really don't know what was it since I wasn't visiting the site, but is good to know you're back. ;)

  19. Happy New Year ;) - The Pad

  20. Sup Pie ... Nah just chillin around ... bored haha ... hope you're ok ... take care ...

  21. If I could give a trophy to someone for the best avatars, I would give it to you! ... damn you always get some cool pics.

  22. Uh we have a member from Croatia! Welcome to the forum!

  23. The best avatar I have seen yet on this forum. lol

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