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  1. Hmmm right, forgot about mission ... Summer Glau looks better for the job than Hayden.
  2. If Runspace doesn't count then, this will be my first MMO.
  3. I was thinking of Patrick Wilson as well for Carth. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patrick_Wilson_(actor)
  4. Nope, Puerto Rico, But my family is colombian.

  5. Hey, How have you been? I went out of LF for some month and when I returned I saw that you got banned, I really don't know what was it since I wasn't visiting the site, but is good to know you're back. ;)

  6. niceee, If I buy it I would like to join.
  7. haha, Hello Friend :p hmm Playing FIFA 09, You play soccer as you americans call it?

  8. haha Megan is my #2, Kate is my #1.
  9. Way too much work Google it. lol
  10. If you would to make a K1 movie who would you choose as you're main actors? I would choose: Revan- Hard one, It would be between Chris Bale and Gerard Butler for me. Chris Bale Gerard Burtler Bastila- I think Jessica Biel can fit well on the paper here. Candeorus- I think I would choose Ron Perlman for the job. Carth Onasi- Hmm hard, I wouldn't like to chose someone that looks young so I would provably choose Benicio Del Toro. Juhani- Damn very hard, I really don't know who to pick ... Rebecca Romijn? Don't know. Jolee- haha Morgan Freeman could be cool to see, but I don't know. Darth Malak- Timothy Olyphant looks good for the job. Edit: There you go Jesus.
  11. I really don't know, I would go an see it but I am not expecting something wow.
  12. Oh yeah, Reggae for the soul. Jammin- Bob Marley Murderah- Gomba Jahbari Bigger than Bigger- Gomba Jahbari Pigs- Pink Floyd The Doors- Waiting for the Sun For the Wolves- Gabriel Rios
  13. Oh hell yeah, I think I have found my class
  14. ohh yes, I think I have seen this game on a few arcades, Cool.
  15. What the hell is "The King of Fighters"?
  16. As I said my vote was for Kreia, but that crazy witch wanted to destroy the force, I think she is stronger than Palpi, but provably I would support him on battle if I where a Sith
  17. I live in the middle of the caribbean, I don't think about nuclear war lol. I would provably chill at the beach.
  18. I would prefer a RPG over an MMO, but I still think that I will buy the MMO anyway, It would be great if in the future Lucas arts could make a RPG about the old republic.
  19. If it is, It would have happen
  20. Anakin is the chosen one, George Lucas created him like that, and it is known that he is the ultimate Jedi or Sith. So I really can't see someone stronger than him. Obi-Wan won the battle because it was destiny for Vader to lose. Still he is the greatest force user ever to live.
  21. I think on a battle between both of them Kreia would win.
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