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  1. I'll go for Barcelona! Messi, Puyol, Eto'o and Henry are my heroes.
  2. I think is a pretty random loot. haha it's pretty fun killing her on Korriban, me and my evil ways. lol
  3. sorry dude, but I do like Facebook and myspace.
  4. Fredi


    lol. The MLS is a league which is still growing, give it time. The MLS already has some good names like Guillermo Schelotto,Cuauhtemoc Blanco,Fredrik Ljungberg,David Beckham and Kasey Keller. Yes you might say they are old guy's but they where very good players at their time and they can still play Soccer (Football,Futbol).
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    Lol, I edited that.
  6. Any Major league Soccer fans around? Which is you're favorite team?
  7. Almost everyone on the ship knew that Lord Fered and the Czerka representative had something, it's not normal that two people sleep in the same room. No body dare to question or ask anything about their relation, but it was obvious, he is a man and she is woman plus they sleep in the same room. After the incident Fered returned to the room, at the door he asked the guards. "She inside right?"- Fered asked "Yes sir"- One of the guards answered Fered entered the room and saw that she was already sleeping on the bed, he took a few minutes to admire her beauty, her hair and heir mouth. He really loved her, a pretty strange emotion for a sith o even a Jedi but that's what he really felt. He took his clothe off and change to get to bed. For tomorrow it was expected that they will arrive to Onderon.
  8. Oh please ... Revan would kill that revan which would destroy the other revan faster than I can blink.
  9. Can someone explain me what the hell is this?
  10. Grieg reached the hangar and did all the checking to the ship, he waited a few minutes for his master but Master Zhar did not came. "Hmm master Zhar is taking way too much time, I'm going to get something to eat, T1 stay here"- Grieg said to the droid. Grieg went then to the commissary to get some food and maybe some fruits for the way to Nar Shaada, there he saw some familiar faces around the table, Master Dorak's apprentice was there, he decided to pass and ask them if they have seen Master Zhar. "Greetings fellow friends, by any coincidence, have you seen Master Zhar? I can't seem to find him any where." The devaronian padawan asked.
  11. Master Zhar and Grieg where meditating on their quarters, after a long meditation Zhar turned to Grieg. "Grieg, Go to the hangar and prepare our ship, I will need to go to the council to tell them of out next mission"- Zhar ordered the padawan "Yes master"- Grieg told Zhar, then he looked at his T1-H6 unit "Come T1, we need to check the ship" Master Zhar headed his way to the Council chamber while Grieg and T1 headed to the hangar bay of the academy, Grieg knew that his master and him where send to Nar Shaada where they where they are suppose to investigate a Bounty Hunter called Trike Colen, it is believe that he might have some information valuable for the jedi's.
  12. I have a question, The Jedi Academy/Temple of Dantooine is destroyed, so where are we at right now then? Coruscant?
  13. I really depends on wish Enterprise and which type of Star Destroyer, but I believe a Star Destroyer would win.
  14. Some undefined superpower that's not God/A God/Gods. That's what I believe dude.
  15. Jedi Council Member: Master Zhar Lestin "Jedi X" Character: Grieg Cuerno Race: Devaronian Appearance: Equipment: Green Lightsaber Age:18 History: Grieg was born on Onderon, he was taken as a baby by the Jedi Council for training. He has been a good student, well trained in the force and skilled with the lightsaber, Grieg was trained by a Ithorian named Maros but Maros died on combat against the Sith and therefore Grieg has been trained by master Zhar. Soon Grieg will be facing his last test to become a Jedi Knight.
  16. "Sithspit!" it's my favorite.
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    Of course we should, Being a Jedi or a Sith without being able to force jump would suck.
  18. Hmmm I think I will have to choose between Sith or Bounty Hunter, being a bounty hunter rocks.
  19. there's a bunch of games where you can pick which gender you wish to be.
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