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  1. Fered was close to impress Master Uthar with all the prestige he has gained, he has discovered numeros sitings, killed 3 rebel students that where against the wishes of Master Uthar and he managed to find a rare sith holocron on a tomb. Fered was very close to winning the prestige contest of this year and the price of becoming a real Sith. "You have summond me master Uthar, What is you're wish?"- Fered asked as he bowed to the master. "There is a rebel student called Miria on the Shyrack Cave, look for her and kill her, she is very strong, meaby as powerfull as a master, if you finish this task you will have enought prestige to impress me. Go now you have not impress me enought to declare you the winner."- Uthar said "Yes master"- Fered replied. Fered right after beeing ordered he directed his way straight to the cave, he was ready, he did not carried any other weapond exept for his lightsaber and two concussion granades that he usually carries. At the entrance he can feel the tremendous power this cave has, the dark side energy that it carries. "The power of the dark side is strong in here"- Fered said as he turns on his red lightsaber to see in the dark. With Fered's all senses on,he walks thru the cave until he could see a small fire, like a camp fire, just when he saw it a woman jumps over him. "You will never take me alive sith!!"- She screamed "Wait!!, you're Miria right?, look I have just seen what the monstrosities of the sith really are, I wish to change!"- Fered said as if he really meant it. "Liar!, I can feel you are too deep on the dark side to turn"- Miria said as he points her lightsaber towards Fered "haha!, well Master Uthar said you where a strong oponent, let's see that"- Fered said as he used his lightsaber to break Miria's offense towards him Fered jumped and stud in a ataru positioning, Miria looked to be more on a Niman form, Fered made the first strike right at her as she managed to stop it, she tryied to counter attack while blocking the first swing of his blade but he was fast enought to defend him-self, she then used the force to push him away, he fell to the ground throwing his lightsaber away, she jumps and tryies to end this kick but as she jumps towards him Fered uses force lightning at her and makes her fall, this gives fered time to take his lightsaber from the ground, she studs up and swings her lightsaber to Fered's way, he dodges the attack and staves Miria on the side waist,she lets her lightsaber fall from his face and looks at Fereds eyes wish are yellow now. "You where not that powerfull"- Fered says as he takes out his saber from the body of the rebel sith. With his mission done, he decides to leave the cave and takes direction towards the academy.
  2. I saw Watchmen yesterday, Great movie. I really liked it, What are you're opinions on the movie?
  3. Music relax me ... well depending the type of music , Classic,Jazz and a little bit of soft rock.
  4. Which Soccer team is you're favorite? I like many teams. But if there's a team that I support 100% dose are the Puerto Rico Islanders. Now if we talk about european clubs I would have to say Inter Milan.
  5. "Sir,our resistance is giving up on the west side of the city, What do we need to do?"- A soldier asks Kriduu as he watches the holomap on the table "See that open on their flanks soldier? Take a small battalion of 25 men there and start shooting like if the where demons looking to kill you, this will get their attencion, as you do that the men's on front will take less pressure, I will take 10 men and we will hit the other side of the flank, this will feak them enought to retreat for a few days"-Kriduu answered the young and unexpirience human soldier "Yes sir, You heard him soldiers, move!"- the soldier ordered as they prepared for the attack. The men's on front of the blockade where getting heavy fire but as Kriduu said his plan worked and the Sith battalion reatreated, Who knowns for how much, but atleast is another day to live.
  6. Edit: I edited the picture for Fered Oci. Name: Kriduu Nitgel Gender: Male Species: Rodian Affiliation: Independent (Republic Remnant) Occupation: Mercenary Force Sensitive:No Starting World: Onderon Weaponry and Equipment: 2 Blaster Pistols, Fragment Granades,Concussion grenades and a custom Blaster Rifle. Appearance: Background: Kriduu was born on Alderaan, his childhood is unknown as well as if he has any family. The only thing knonwn about him is that he was once a soldier for the Republic, when the republic won the Mandalorian wars Kriduu decided to retire as a soldier for the Republic, years later he became a mercenary when he felt alone and with the need of action, his services where needed and the republic hire him to fight on their side.
  7. Fered was known around the academy as a skillful sith and a wise one as well, he has spend a lot of time on the training room fighting captive slaves and doing research as an archaeologist on the tombs. “The force shall free me.”-Fered said as he finished his meditation on his room, He was set to have a meeting with Master Uthar later on the day so he was getting ready for a new mission, what ever if it was to investigate a tomb or any type of mission for the academy.
  8. Feri sense the danger around, he went running to his ship to get his lightsaber and went straight to the field, he kept his lightsaber inside his cloth where it could not be seen and he took his blaster out. He saw at the distant two persons, he kept his distance as he saw the people. “hmm there’s something wrong here” Feri thought “ I will keep my eye on dose two.” He saw as they went to a near house and entered.
  9. Name:Fered Oci Gender: Male Species: Human Affiliation: Sith Empire Occupation: Sith Marauder Force Sensitive: Yes Starting World: Korriban Weaponry and Equipment: Sith Student equipment and Red lightsaber. Appearance: Background: Fered was born on Manaan, Fared's mother died on childbirth, his father once a Mandalorian wars veteran for the republic that joined the Sith when the mandalorian wars ended, then forward he became a notable man on the armed forces, his father was killed on battle when Fared was 6, the sith felt his conection to the force and decided to train him under the teachings of the Sith. Fered at his 20 is known as a good warrior with a great knolaged of the force and a great potencial.
  10. If I am part of the "Sith Empire" do I have a Darth title? (I mean Revans Empire)
  11. Man is great ... It has been some time since I RP.

  12. Hey dude, whats up?

  13. Feri arrived Dantooine approximately half and hour, he was working on his ship with his R3 unit when he saw this ship arrive, he sensed something akward. "Hmmm, I sense something strange heading this way."- Feri thought saying it loud. Feri knew that Dantooine can be a pretty bad place for a Jedi, since they are not suppost to be on Republic space so he decided to hide his lightsaber on his ship, The Akareos, "R3 here,take my lightsaber and place it on the secret compartment."- Feri ordered the robot as he answered with beeping sounds. "Let us hope nothing bad happens"-Feri said.
  14. haha I am just trying to keep up to you guy's ... you guy's go way fast, so i'm trying to do my best
  15. Night Walkers: The dead of an elder has created a underground war between vampire clans, almoust all the clans are in war with one anothers and not only they have problems with in them but with Vampire hunters and Lycans (Were-wolf). The Garc's warriors have been send to hunt down a Cesc vampire who is belive it might have some information that could help the clan. Most of Cesc vampire's which are mercenarys are working with the Arkan's finding their elder's killer. The night was cold and the moon was full, a very nice night for lycans, Federigo and another vampire warrior called Viktor have been send to Romania, there they will look for a Cesc vampire called William that is belive that might have some information about the dead of the Arkan elder and other type's of info. Meanwhile some Cesc vampire's have been called to Germany where they are gathered for orders by the new elder of the Arkan Clan. The Kenish clan's movement is unknown but we must be alert, they are well known for beeing violent and doing their missions at any cost. Federigo and Viktor have arrive a small villege, not much to see only a few houses and some farms notable to the eye. "Hmm where are we suppost to find this William?" Viktor said looking at Federigo. "acording to the information he should be in the village, I dont expect to see him cross the street so we should separate, I will try to find some information on that nearby bar, you should take a walk around and see if you find anything, be carefull, we dont wish to cause anyproblem around here"- Federigo answered "yes lord"-Viktor said As Federigo walked towards the door of the bar he said "Hmm this is going to be a busy night"
  16. Feri was on the cantina when he heard the news on the holo vids. He was interested on what it was been said, but he did felt that they got what they deserve for doing what they did to the jedi's. Feri finished watching the news and went back to his ship, Feri has been dedicating to live from a nice farm he has on Dantooine, it has been some time since he has not visited the farm and after a few months he has decided to return and check how everything is going on. "Ahh, Dantooine, calm place and nice wather, perfect place for a jedi"- Feri said as he entered his ship.
  17. No Jedi's? ... haha still i'm going to watch it lol.
  18. ^^ haha. Congratulations to all the women's in the world, especially to my mom and that special girl I love aswell hehe. Congrats!
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