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  1. Happy New Year ;) - The Pad

  2. Sub- 18 here in my country. It's a small country and our main sport is Basketball and Baseball so not to many people play football(Soccer) around here. haha I play cause my mother is Colombian and I have that passion inside me lol.

  3. Fredi

    Yo! Happy New Year! - The Pad

  4. Happy New Year Yuthura, I wish you a great year ;) Take care- The Pad

  5. Yo! Happy new year! take care! - The pad

  6. Hey, happy new year! take care!- The Pad

  7. Hey, Happy new year, I wish you a great new a year. Hope you're Ok, take care -The Pad

  8. Not much, just checking things out. You?

  9. Wow... you live in Hong Kong?

  10. Sup Pie ... Nah just chillin around ... bored haha ... hope you're ok ... take care ...

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