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  1. "Very well." The Grand Master replied. "Please begin transmission of the data."


    “My T3 will send you the transmission of the data in just a few seconds”- Fethe said as the droid begun to send the information “I will be on Manaan, gathering with and old friend of mine, if there is anything else you need master you can contact me, I will be returning to the academy on Coruscant shortly after I meat my friend, May the force be with us.”

  2. Fethe left Coruscant to head towards Manaan, to find an old friend of his. Fethe was an apprentice of a Twi'lek Jedi Master named Rodos Kepid, he is part of the order and is currently on a mission on Manaan. Fethe has taken his ship “Star of Iziz”, a Aurek tactical strikefighter and headed towards Manaan. Upon his arrival Fethe decides to contact the Jedi academy to inform them about the datapad he received from the smuggler.


    “T3, open up a hologram communication to the academy, I must talk to Master Brianna and the Council”- Fethe said to his utility droid.


    The droid opens up the hologram projecting Master Brianna.


    “Master Brianna I have an information given by a smuggler, he was the one who found Jolee's body. This information might be of great help to find the new cult master.”- Fethe informed.

  3. “You heard Master Brianna, prove you're self.” Fethe said as he looks at the Grand Master with a eye to eye conversation “Master Brianna, if you need any help on the training with her, let me know for I have passed thru that experience of changing paths”


    Fethe then left the room and headed towards his chamber, he has decided to go and meditate, think about what is happening.

  4. Fethe looks at the woman, he feels good intention on her, she could be fooling him but he does believe that a person can change and be brought to the light. “I would say that you should learn the ways of the Jedi, You have training on the force and in the lightsaber I suppose, you will only need training in controlling you're emotions and how to walk the path of the lightside” Fethe said “Let us help you, do you accept the chance you have?”

  5. Fethe was hearing the complete conversation, he was thinking about what both where speaking “You're planning using you Sith teachings against you're master? You will only fall more to the dark side, and for Juhani we must be careful, she could fall into her emotions if she decides to take up the task of looking this Sith lord”- Fethe said, giving an advice and hoping for them to take it. “We need more time to think about this, it is too soon, Master Brianna, gather the council and take this matter to them”

  6. Fethe was surprised to what happened to Jolee, and a experienced Jedi Master was killed by the new menace, Fethe maintained his emotions, knowing not to fall to them because it is the Jedi way not to, he had no emotion. “He is one with the force now”- Fethe said as he looks at Juhani and the body of Jolee. “Inform Master Brianna of this matter”- Fethe tells an apprentice, “Smuggler, you must know where the killers are, do you have any useful information” Fethe asks

  7. Fethe once fallowed the path of the dark side, he felt the dark side when it arrived at the temple, it was not a strong one, but he could still feel some of the strong emotions the dark side creates. Fethe had now left the quarter of Master Brianna, since he last spoke to her about the vision, leaving her alone to meditate on the proposal given by him. Fethe then fallowed the presence of thin dark force and headed towards it. He saw Juhani, the Cathar war hero with another woman.


    “Welcome to the temple”- Fethe said to both

  8. "I belive you are correct...I just recieved news that the ruins of the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine were destroyed. I fear that this is related to what you have seen in your vision. You are correct, we must be alert."

    “Well Master Brianna, we need to inform the council and gather a group of Jedi's to investigate this new menace.”- Fethe said. “I am willing to be part of this group of Jedi's master”.

  9. Fethe sits in front of Master Brianna and begins to explain his vision “I sense a new menace Master Brianna, I have seen a group of people or some sort of followers which will bring destruction and instabilities to the galaxy, I cannot tell if they are members of some sort of dark side cult or something, but I do believe they will threaten our order, we must be alert master”- Fethe said eye to eye towards Master Brianna

  10. Fethe has now been hours meditating on his chamber, channeling the force and practicing his abilities. During the meditation Fethe has seen a vision of the future, he sees a new menace coming to the galaxy, and unknown new threat, it is not clear how it will come but he senses it. “A new threat to the galaxy, I must inform Master Brianna of my vision, she need to know it.”- Fethe says as he leaves the chambers and heads towards the Brianna's private sanctum. “Sorry for the interruption master, but there is something you need to know.”

  11. Fethe looks directly at Jolee's face and smiles “I would Jolee, but I believe it is you're duty friend” Fethe leaves the room and heads towards the meditation chamber, looking for some rest and awaiting for any mission or duty to attend. Fethe has been having deep toughs of taking a apprentice, he believe it is time, but he will wait until he finds the correct person to train.

  12. Name: Fethe Ernhan

    Gender: Male

    Age: 32

    Species: Human

    Occupation: Jedi Knight

    Attracted To: Heterosexual

    Force Talent: Force sight

    Bio: Fethe was Born on Onderon, when he was a baby he was taken to Dantooine for Jedi training. He completed his training as Padawan and became a Jedi Knight, he was tempted to join the mandalorian wars but he stood with the Order and decided to not participate on war with Revan. At the Jedi Civil war Fethe during battle fell to the Dark Side and joined the Korriban Academy, but was able to return to the light side when on a mission for the Empire his master convinced him to return. During the Second Jedi Civil war Fethe decided to exile him self on Kashyyyk, away from the civilization, living on the forest. After the defeat of the triumvirate and Darth Traya Fethe returned to the order helping on the rebuilt.



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