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  1. An excuse to end up with you're girlfriend Making her believe there is another one haha
  2. It's funny to think: People from the past are going to come to the future.
  3. I knew about the theory, so I'm not surprised. But I do believed it should not be called "Time Travel", it should be named differently so that it doesn't cause confusion.
  4. The Jedi Exile has finished her training as a Jedi and the training of her students. She has decided to follow Revan to the unknown regions, leaving her students to rebuild the Jedi Order to it's glory once again. Mical achieved the rank of knight while on training with the Jedi Exiled, after her departure he became the head of the order for some time until the return of a Human Jedi Master named Jite Revin which was given the title of Grand Master .While Brianna has become a Jedi Historian gathering as much information of the order as possible and member of the council. Attond Rand has become a Jedi Investigator and member of the order as well. Some Jedi's that went into exile during the war have returned to the order to help too. The other companions of the exile have continued with their life respectively, Visas Marr, Mira and Canderous Ordo have taken their way. The Jedi Enclave on Dantooine has been reconstructed and the Academy on Coruscant has been reopened. The Republic has the need of the Jedi's again to bring peace to the galaxy when a new threat has appeared. An ex-sith admiral named Kavos Dirren has gathered and formed and army to attack outer rim planets and conquer them, Kavos Dirren has made an alliance as well with a Sith faction that once served Darth Malak and the Triumvirate, this faction is under the command of a Sith Lord named Darth Taral. The Jedi order must now fight this new threat and bring peace to the galaxy. Rules: 1.No god character. 2.Maximum of 5 characters. 2.No insults. (You can play as Atton,Brianna or Mical) The Jedi Order's Council: Grand Master: Master Jite Revin Members of the Order: Jedi Knight Mical, Jedi Historian Brianna and Jedi Knight Rand Character Sheet Name: Age: Gender: Species: Appearance: Homeworld: Occupation: Weapon(s): Bio: My characters: Name: Jite Revin Age: 53 Gender: Male Species: Human Appearance: Homeworld: Coruscant Occupation: Jedi Master Weapon(s): Lightsaber (Blue) Bio: Jite was born on Coruscant, trained in the ways of the Jedi since a small kid. Jite became a good student and Jedi Knight, he accomplished many mission for the order and he even fought on the Jedi civil war, the Jedi Civil War brought many destruction including many lost of his friends, some to death others to the dark side, when Revan returned to light and decided to return to the unknown regions Jite stood with the order and continued serving it, after what happened on Katarr Jite took the decision to exile on the planet of Tatooine, he felt it was the best decision until the order returned. When the order was reconstruct with the students of the Exile, Jite decided to come out of exile and return to the order, helping others complete the Jedi training and becoming an important figure on the reconstruction of the order. He then was assigned the title of Grand Master. Name: Freik Deap Age: 33 Gender: Male Species: Human Appearance: Homeworld: Manaan Occupation: Jedi Weapon(s): Lightsaber (Orange) Bio: Fethe was born on Manaan, he was taken to Dantooine for Jedi training when he was a baby. Fethe fought on the Jedi Civil War against the Sith. When the order was disband for the unknown attacks towards the Jedi, Fethe decided to exile himself on Manaan, working with the Republic on the docks but with a secret identity to protect himself. When the Jedi's returned he went back to Coruscant, where he returned to the service of the order. Name: Kavos Dirren Age: 46 Gender: Male Species: Human Appearance: Homeworld: Telos IV Occupation: Admiral Weapon(s): Blaster Pistol, Stun Granade. Bio: Kavos Dirren was born on Telos, he became his life as a soldier with the Republic, serving on the Mandalorian Wars. When Revan betrayed the Republic Kavos fallowed, becoming a Sith and obtaining the rank of Admiral, he won many battles and was known for being a intelligent strategist. At the battle of Lehon, Kavos managed to scape the destruction and escaped with a small fleet. Kavos reunited some ex-sith soldiers and war veterans. After the battle Kavos was tracked by a Sith Lord named Darth Taral, they managed an agreement to start a campaign to conquer some outer-rim planets with the end of gathering enough power to destroy the Republic. Name: Rida Keval (Darth Taral) Age:28 Gender: Female Species: Near- Human Appearance: Homeworld: Unknown Occupation: Sith Lord Weapon(s): Lightsaber (Red) Bio: Born Rida Keval she was brought to the Jedi academy as a baby newborn, she was trained on the force by the Jedi's. Rida's master was one of the few Jedi that fallowed Revan to the Mandalorian Wars, Rida was tempted to join him and Revan but she stood with the council and did not entered the conflict. When the war ended and Revan and Malak returned as Sith's she was send to a mission on a mid rim planet where she encountered with her old master, now a Sith Lord, he persuaded her to join him and fallow the path of the Dark Side which proved to be more stronger and better, she fell to the dark side and joined the academy on Malachor V. She became obsessed with Sith holocrons, she learned many sith illusions and powerful powers. When Darth Malak was killed by Revan and the Sith Triumvirate took the power Rida was then given the title of Sith Lord by Darth Traya just before her exile. Darth Taral decided to leave Malachor V looking for more to learn, she went to Yavin 4 and Korriban, at her return she found the destruction of Malachor V. Darth Taral then decided to look for remnants of the Sith and found the fleet of Admiral Dirren, and easy target to manipulate and a chance to have revenge.
  5. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  6. I'm reading Oedipus King for a class and watching a video of The Doors (Riders on the Storm)
  7. My team is out (Barca), but I do believe Bayern can beat Inter, I just hope so cause I can't stand Mourinho.
  8. I agree. ESB is the best sequel out of those in the list, at least for me.
  9. I do believe too of a peaceful civilization, of an advance social civilization, something different from the humans.
  10. I was reading this on the news today and I said ... hmm I totally agree with Stephen Hawking, If there is alien life out there we should be very careful. What are you're thoughts. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/space/7631252/Stephen-Hawking-alien-life-is-out-there-scientist-warns.html
  11. exactly as I was thinking ... I would live underground I don't care!
  12. Soon enough other comics will present gay couples cause they need to present the reality of life ... there are straight couples and gay couples on this world so, it's really something not so shocking for me.
  13. I have a question, Why do they look like that? ... I mean we look at the movies and we see that the only change they have are their eyes, turning yellow. So why dose the Dark Side transition on K1 and TSL is different?
  14. I would provably choose Human like I normally do, but it would be cool to play as a Twi'lek or Cerean (Ki Adi Mundi style). and I would provably be a Sith Warrior.
  15. I do think that Lyon can give a surprise to Bayern.
  16. That's going to be the final, I do think it will be Barca v Bayern.
  17. Barca- Inter Milan and Bayern Munch - Olympique Lyon
  18. So far I have only watched and liked Alice in Wonderland. Now I am anticipating Clash of the Titans, Tron:Legacy , Prince of Persia and Iron Man 2.
  19. I could be a better captain america than this guy!
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