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  1. Ok, I would like to join, but a few questions:

    1) Rank of the Imperial Knights, what are the choices? There is not enough info of them yet in the comics. Simply put, we have less than half a dozen named Imperial Knightsin the series, and they are not the most typical knights either.


    2) Species: Is there a limit on this? Seeing that the "late" Galactic Empire is much much more friendly to non-humans, there might be a reasonable amount of non-humans?


    There is no Rank as you can see with the information I have gave from Wookiepedia the only rank is Imperial Knight Master and is held by Antares Draco...... We are Only Imperial Knights.


    I have still not seen an Imperial Knight Alien so, I would recommend to make you're character Human, But of course if you want you can make him as you wish.


    And Welcome to the Rp

  2. "Think what ever you want Anya, I have my reasons , I have seen what is going to happen when all of this ends, I am here to protect this world because is the first call of us into battle it is not my home world but I will defend it like it is my home world. All of you can sense if I am lying or not?, so why are you so hard to believe in what I think when you can sense what I really want. My mane reason as I said is to free my people of ORD mandell but it dose not mean I will not help any other people. I am a Jedi and I said that we where Gray Jedi’s well I am incorrect , We are all Jedi’s , but this feelings many of you are feeling is not the way, I am like my master, I have a brusque manner, a stern demeanor, a cautious disposition, and with a suspicious nature but I will do the correct thing."-I said Calmly and controlled


    “Truth I wish to speak with you in private if it is possible”-I said to Truth

  3. "You are right Lux, I am Jedi we all are and our duty is to protect dose in need, I have been a fool and for this I ask for forgiveness, I am sorry Pallas I did not meant to offend you and now one in this room. I am a Jedi and I will stand fight , protect and defend any world any one as my duty it is. " – I said I then stretch my hand towards Lux and say "I am sorry Lux , I hope we can be good friends as the same for you Pallas”

  4. "ha-ha"-I Smiled as I look Pallas "sorry Pallas , you and I are not even Jedi's anymore , we are people that use the force and a lightsaber , oops sorry better told gray Jedi’s, I am sorry but nether of all of us are part of the order any more, by joining this war we have abandoned the order."- I said

  5. "Pallas I am here to free my people only, I did not came to kill mandalorians , I do not seek revenge, and I am risking my training with Master Vrook with this, I will go to Corellia fight and as soon as this battle ends I will take an army and re conquer my planet." I said "And sorry Pallas but I need to remind you that you are not a Jedi Knight, you are a Padawan and you are walking a path I will not walk."

  6. Well I was thinking of the Generals of the old republic when the mandalorian wars and I remembered of the vision of the exile.... and here is the info of dose original general's I just tough that maybe this could be useful --------------------->>>


    Nisotsa -> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Nisotsa


    Talvon Esan -> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Talvon_Esan


    Cariga Sin -> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Cariga_Sin


    Xaset Terep -> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Xaset_Terep

  7. As I finished my job by fighting Mandalorians , I then knowing of the meeting returned to the ship.


    "Let's see what awaits us"- I said


    Then I arrived at the ship, left my ship at the hangar bridge and when directly to the "Jedi Room" where all the Jedi’s will meet


    I entered the room and inside I saw Tegan and Kastul from "The Defiant"


    "Greeting's fellow Jedi’s"- I said as I entered the room and seated at my seat.

  8. OK I’ve had a few thoughts on the matter and if the general consensus is to finish with climatic battles hence are the objectives and people who will do them I’ve come up with.


    Castov Jesp and Lake Kiel- Being the two Jedi deepest in the battle they have to board a ship that is in control of the Orbital weapons platforms and shut them down. This will cease almost 30% of the Mandalorians current strength.


    UNIT ONE-ZERO-NINE, Mignola Sapien, Frederick Mejía and Tegan Marr. Being in star ships of fighters need to take down the Mandalorian Flagship to send the remnant of the Mandalorian force into disarray.


    Caelux Vanas, Pallasyndra, Anya Bethesda and Kastul Tyneka. The ship they are on is close to a special Mandalorian ship containing ‘the weapon of last resort.’ If the weapon is activated it will cause a shockwave capable of destroying every ship still in the battle area, reguardless of who it’s fighting for. They must board and disable the weapon or all that has been done will have been for nothing.


    As you can tell who has what mission is based solely on your characters current situation. so I hope I’m being fair in these assignments.


    I'm ok with it

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