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  1. "I will take one..... let's see how I can help" - I said


    I then when to the hangar and asked one of the pilots for a ship


    "Soldier"-I said


    "Sire , yes sire"-He responded


    "I need a Republic assault fighter , Now" - I commanded


    "Yes , sire , here we have one fallow me" - he said


    he pointed the ship and said


    "There sire"-He said


    "Good..... I’ll take it"- I said


    "Wait sire, take this T3 unit, many have died in that ship, this T3 can help you"-He said


    "A Jedi dose not know fear, but I will accept you're gift soldier, My the force be with you"- I said


    "Thank you, my it be with you too sire"


    I then entered the fighter and the T3 unit was positioned in the ship too


    "Let's see what the force has for me"- I said as I leave "The Defiant".

  2. Like EagerWeasel said, I prefer songs to types of music, But I'd say I'm into Rock/Metal mainly, although I have been known to listen to Motown and Funk... OW!


    The Moody Blues -

    The Rolling Stones -

    The Who -

    AC/DC -

    Black Sabbath -

    Blue Öyster Cult -

    David Bowie -

    Cream -

    Deep Purple -

    Eagles -

    Genesis -

    Heart -

    Jimi Hendrix -

    Lynyrd Skynyrd -

    Led Zeppelin -

    Rush -

    Danzig -

    Echo & the Bunnymen

    Guns N' Roses -

    !!! Iron Maiden - !!!

    Judas Priest -

    Megadeth -

    Metallica -

    Mötley Crüe-


    Queensrÿche -

    Yngwie J. Malmsteen!!!

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - (Pre 90's)

    Van Halen - DLR

    Whitesnake -



    Well Same here ... Rock/Metal!!

  3. Well we all that have TSL know that in the tomb of Lupo Kressh there is a dead body of a Jedi Knight called Nebelish , gone mad and killed the other Jedi’s. Well he is dead in tsl but hmm can Revan meet him in k1?...... and as I know here in LF are great modelers , well I wander If we can make a mod where I can meet Nebelish in k1.


    Meet him in the jedi enclave and maybe join him as party member..... It's a pretty cool idea....



    Here is Neblish Info ------> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Nebelish


    I hope someone can make it ... If you need any help I can do the scrypt to add him as party member ....... Thanks’

  4. Taris was the Coruscant of the outer Rim, I loved Taris ... until Malak destroyed :( , I think It should be restored. But I don’t think that it will happen because already in the history of StarWars Taris in 1BBY is still in ruins , So I think that Taris will not appear in Kotor III. Sadly but true :(

  5. I then reported to the bridge of "The Defiant" and greeted Tegan Marr , I actually remember her when I was training in Coruscant , I was a kid and she was teen then I was send to Dantooine where my new master was awaiting me, she lost her master too, It has been long since I don’t see or talk to her I hope she haven’t forgotten me.


    “Greetings, Tegan thank you for the help and for rescuing me and my soldiers, we owe you our lives. 2 mandalorian heavy bomber ships destroyed our flag ship "The Shield IV”, I have some important information a good strategic that I and my officers managed to study" Then I inserted a datapad into a computer " 2 heavy mandalorian bombers, weak shields but strong cannons and lasers, they are a rock that cant be broken, they saw us when we escaped, I'm afraid they are coming this way. If there is something I can do to help you let me know, I prefer to do something that stand here and look at the fight and mist the action , So if you have a Republic assault fighter I’ll be more than happy"- I said

  6. In that moment I then realise that General and felow jedi Tegan Marr had her ship close to our's.


    "Redirect our trayectory,take us to Generals Marr ship"- I Ordered


    "Yes,Sir"- He replied


    "Send a massager and Inform them we are on our way to the ship"- I commanded


    "Sir,Yes Sir"-a soldier said

  7. "Sir, 2 heavy bombers are In our back too" - The officer informed


    "What? .... Damn, unlock the escape pod's now, we have No other choice they will destroy us, prepare the soldiers too, down there in Corellia there will be a battle field"-I commanded


    "Yes Sir"- He then did as commanded and unlocked the space pods


    "Ok , we will have time to have a nice little battle here with the ship in front , but as soon as dose In our back reach we are done , So prepare cannons and guns"- I commanded a soldier


    "Yes Sir” He said and then by comlink he said "Soldiers, prepare for fight, prepare cannons, lasers and guns... activate the torrents" - He commanded


    In that moment every soldier in my ship where at they’re position and ready for naval fight , then the mandalorian ship past right beside us .......


    "SHOOT!!!!"-I ordered


    Then gun shoots lasers and cannons started the fight, as soon that it reached the enemy ship they started shooting back .


    "Sir, Our shields at 60% and lowering"-The Officer said


    "Hold on!!"-I commanded


    Then a great bomb hit us


    "Damn, what was that!!!?...... Sir our shields lowered at 30%, the causes?, that bomb"- the Officer informed


    "Damn, what was that?" - I asked


    "Sir, the 2 heavy mandalorian ships, shooted us one of the bomb over shoot us, If it managed to hit us that one, we would already be dead "-A soldier said


    "I will not take more chances, Inform all the republic ships at the battle field our failure, tell them we are escaping to the planet and we will await them there"-I ordered


    "Yes , Sir" Then he opened the communication and informed "Captains and Generals of the republic , our ship "The Shield IV" have failed , we have been heavily damaged by enemies and we will escape to the planet of Corellia , we will await you there , In the battle field"-He then send’s the message


    I then take the comlink and inform to the howl ship ,"Soldiers , abandon the ship , take with you blaster and get ready for combat as soon as we reach the planet , I want every body to be accompanied and ready in that escape pod , now leave"- I ordered


    Then all of my man leaved the bridge and reached the escape pods, I then waited to every soldier to escape and I entered the last pod with 7 soldiers and 1 official.


    "Guy’s, get ready down there aint gonna be easy, I hope each one of you are prepare "-Then a hit the escape button and as soon as we where shoot out of the ship in less than 7 seconds the ship exploited.........


    "Let's see what await us...” I said

  8. I'l like to be a Gray jedi ..... Can I??..... If soo well heres my character ...


    Name: Iosif Rotok

    Nickname: None



    Eye Colour:Brown

    Hair Colour:Black

    Homeworld: unknow planet in the outer rim

    Favourite Weapon(s): Light Saber

    Favourite Ship(s): "The Sunbird"

    * Lightsaber Colour(s): Silver

    * Favourite Force Power(s): Force Push

    Master(s): Mur Lekith(Dead)

    Apprentice(s): none

    Political Affiliation:none

    Occupation: Gray Jedi

    Allies: none

    Enemies: none

    Bio: An ex-jedi that by coincidence he meet's Ben Flameshadow in a time for him of loneliness, he try's to help him and show him to use the force and control and to focus.

  9. "Sir General Jesp Is in combat with the ship"- my officer informed me


    "Yes, I can see , he can take control of that , let's help other ship's on our need"-I replied


    "Sir , we have 1 mandalorian ship coming this way"- a soldier said


    "hmm , all power , let's move and give some nice race to that ship, prepare for battle"-I said


    "As you command sir , our shield are at 100% sir , we have a nice chance here"-the officer informed


    "Good , everybody prepare for combat!!!"- I informed

  10. Ok ,We are in 130 ABY(Legacy Era) and we have been send by the Emperor In numerous mission's for the protection of the empire , our first mission is in Coruscant to protect and ensure the family of the emperor.(This mission are made by me Not from the actual comic , but please let's have imagination).


    There is a maximum of 10 Imperial Knights.

    No super god, only Imperial Knights force abilities (Force push, Force Pull... and all the Jedi’s force powers)

    You can insult another’s person character, but not the real person.


    I will make the paper of various persons just to keep give more action and excitement.


    And you are able to have up to 3 characters.


    Here is more info for you!!---> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Imperial_Knight








    Organization :


    Appearance: (put some picture if you can)

    Weapons: Silver Single Blade lightsaber (Every Imperial knight have this weapon)






    Name: Frederick Hernán

    Age: unknown

    Gender: Male(Sartinaynian/Bastion)

    Species: Human

    Organization: Galactic Empire (Imperial Knight)

    Rank: Imperial Knight



    Weapons: Silver Single Blade lightsaber

    Bio:Born in Bastion(Sartinaynian) a planet in the outer rim and it was the capital of the Imperial Remnant.Son of a imperial officer and a Admiral was a skilled kid with multiple talents.Trained as young in the ways of the force by his mentor fellow Imperial Knight Tero Prim and at the age of 18 swear loyalty to the emperor Roan Fel.

  11. "Ha-ha Cj always there"- I acclimated


    "Full power, let’s move soldiers!! Take does Cannons and shoot at the engine, Lasers at the bridge, Let’s take them down!"- I said trying to encourage my soldiers.


    "Sir, the engineers are trying to stable the force of the shields"-my officer said.


    "Good, lock does escape pods , we wont be leaving this ship"- I ordered.


    "Yes, Sir"-The officer did as commanded and locked the escape pods in the main computer.


    “Sir, Shields 50% and upraising”-The Officer said.


    “Good , take some utility droids to help there, I’ll send my personal utility droid to help , T3-H8 help assist the engineers”-I commanded.


    “Poow, Doow”-T3-H8 responded.


    “Good, now go help”-I said as he was leaving to help the engineers.


    "Sir, our cannons have managed to destroy their communications"-A soldier informed me


    “Good, how much time until they’re engines is destroyed?”-I asked


    “They are damaged at 68%, In 2 or 3 minutes more they will explode”-The Officer responded.


    “They’re shields are down sir , and our shields are at 74%”-The bridge engineer specialist said.


    “T3 keep it up”-I said by comlink.


    “Deew”-T3-H8 responded.


    “Sir, the mandalorian ship is now immobile”-The officer said


    "Good, now let's move to help other ship’s, General Jesp can take care of the rest" - I responded

  12. On Board of my flag ship “The Shield IV” In a critical moment we where been heavily fired by 2 Mandalorian ships




    "Sir, our shields are in 30%, we can’t hold on for much longer, all our fighters are destroyed"-An experience officer said to me


    "Hmmm, there is help on the way, General Jesp Is on the way, I can sense it"- I said


    "Sir, We managed to destroy the other mandalorian Ship , We still have One heavy fire in us"-Another Officer said


    I studied all in the battle map And saw a week stop on the life support system , but our lasers cant hit there for it is under the ship , only a squadron can do that and since our squadron was destroyed I will be very difficult ,I said ......


    "Ok, all heavy fire to the ships bridge!!!, send a message to General Jesp for assistance and backup , If he has a Squadron send him the info of the week spot of the enemy ship" - I ordered


    "Yes Sir” The Experience officer replied


    "You young officer stay with me"-I ordered


    "Yes sir?"-He replied


    "Unlock the escape Pods, We don’t know if General Jesp will make it in time, we might not make it."- I said


    "Yes Sir, I will do as commanded"-He then run to the main computer and unlocked the Pods , but gave the command to everybody to stay on their positions.


    "CJ, you have always been there when I need you , Please make it"-I said

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