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  1. Well i have been out of the forum for a time now but I have returned and well i like this Idea haha ..... here it is /....


    Name: Frederick Mejía

    Nickname: Fred

    Species: Human(from ORD mandell)

    Sex: Male

    Age: 18


    Appearance: >>> http://s148.photobucket.com/albums/s35/Stiletto1991/?action=view&current=FrederickMeja.jpg >>>> http://s148.photobucket.com/albums/s35/Stiletto1991/?action=view&current=FrederickMejaII.jpg >>>> http://s148.photobucket.com/albums/s35/Stiletto1991/?action=view&current=FrederickMejaIII.jpg

    Lightsabre: Green Single Blade

    Weapons/Equipment: 3 termal Granades and his lightsaber

    Bio: Like most of the Jedi’s separated from his parent when he was a baby and trained in the ways of the force, he is a padawan and a great pilot. He's planet has fallen to the mandalorians giving him the decision to join Revan and the other Jedi’s to fight the mandalorians.

  2. Name: Ferco Mejía

    Age: 19

    Race: Human

    Gender: Male


    Class before Jedi: Scoundrel

    Jedi Class: Jedi Guardian

    Chosen Form: Form I: Shii-Cho


    Personality: Head Strong, great Lightsaber dueler and strong in the force


    Physical Description: Black hair; drown eyes, 6’0 and skinny


    History: Was a sith student in Korriban but was redeem to the light side by a Jedi knight that he meted after leaving the academy, He still have problems controlling his emotion but he is mastering it slowly.

  3. Star Wars: The Students


    This story takes places 2 years after the arrive of the redeem Revan to the Academy of Korriban , 4 students are fighting to become sith's... Some have been send on mission to investigate the tomb's others have been placed on command of battalions and fleets to fight the republic in the outer rim........


    They’re fait will be decided by you ......



    Ok , I’ll need 4 students and 2 more that will be the head of the academy Uthar Wynn and Yuthura ban.











    Ship: (if it has one)

    Appearance: (put some picture)




    And Remember I will need some one that could be Uther Wynn and or Yuthura Ban (If you wich , you can create a character that can be a Jedi ,Sithtrooper ,Bounty hunter, etc)......




    Here is my character....


    Name: Fredric Herndez


    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Organization: Sith

    Rank: Student

    Ship: The Mejía (Flag ship given as commander)



    Weapons: Red Lightsaber

    Bio: Son of a Sith Lieutenant and a Czerka head executive, He was born and lived all of his live in Korriban, seen and looking the sith torturing and killing people became something normal for him now at the age of 19 he have decided to join the academy and has been accepted for teaching becoming one of the top choices out of 6 more students.

  4. I don’t know but I think that maybe the next Darth Traya could be Brianna (The Handmaiden).... She was betrayed by Atris , she is part of the New raising order and she cant control her emotion very well So she is my number 1 option....




    if is not her then


    2) Bastila


    Or if is not her for last I think It will be Dustil


    He thought that he’s father betrayed him but then he "Forgave him” but then remember he did not decided to walk the path of a Jedi , he just leaved , where? We don’t know and remember he was a Sith and trained in the ways of the dark side... so he is my 3 and final option ....

  5. Well the mod is this, Start the game and being able to use a lightsaber with out been a Jedi, the lightsaber could be found in the footlocker at the beginning of the game...... Can it be done??? ..... It will be cool ohh and please ehh make the lightsaber Green please:slsaber: , or add crystals in the footlocker, Thanks! :):D

  6. Well It is possible that Darth Andeddu have something to do with the Rakata. I dont think that Revan was the first to have "Darth" , what if it is something that he leaned in the Traya Academy when he discovered the Academy in Malachor V? ..... hmmm this is a good subget , nice tread

  7. We have been fallowing a strange human woman that arrived at the planet not long ago, she have been acting mysteriously, I have been send undercover to investigate, If is it a Jedi, it will be difficult for her to reed my thoughts, I have been train in a old way of playing pazaak on my head to prevent been mind reed.


    "This woman is very strange, I will send a message to the office to lead a team and try to capture this woman" I thought wile I was thinking in pazaak play so she couldn’t reed my mind.



    "R5 , Take this message:


    This is captain Hejia , Send a squadron of 12 soldiers , I believe we have a suspect that is planning something against the empire.


    Meet me at point 667 section 00092.


    End of message."-I told R5


    Let's see what this woman is planning……

  8. I was thinking today when I was eating , Is Brejik Indian or Pakistani? and Is Mekel Puerto Rican? Well guy's how about Uthar Wynn , he looks German , yeah Nazi style....... C'mon people let me know from where u think that k1 characters are from....I mean Earth from..... ha-ha.


    (Please do not put anything racial that my offend someone, just where do you think the character is...)

  9. Well , I look a little bit like Shaardan so , I was wondering if some one was able of make a mod where I can use his head , and without eliminating his head when I meet him in korriban , If some one can make it please let me know ...... It's for k1 and it dose not need a dark side transition.

  10. Felucia , It’s a strange world , well at least for me. I was born in Alderaan and trained in the Empire Academy in Carida and nether of the planets it’s close to the habitat of Feluca… I hope we don’t stay too much time there , I hate strange places.


    I have been send by the empire to go to Feluca as the leader of the 304th Stormtrooper Division and go and secure our people, search and kill any enemy of the empire, They did not said directly to go hunt for a Jedi but well , they always send us to hunt them , that means that this will be No.22 , yeap 22 killed Jedi’s.


    I then entered the meeting room where my soldiers are and said …..



    “Soldiers, get ready. We have been send to the Feluca System, Or mission search, Protect the citizens and Kill any enemy of the empire. Are we clear?”


    “Sir,Yes,Sir” - They Responded


    “Well , Let’s teach ‘em “- I replied


    “YEAH!!!” they answer


    We then departed from the flagship “The Turner” and entered our ships. I did have a strange feeling of something nasty was going to happen, but I have always been lucky to live and ready to keep living no matter what.


    We then entered the planets surface and we where received by the designated division here on the planet , It’s good to see some friends back from the academy , but then It’s hard to see them fall at battle , I hope for the best……

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