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  1. he-he every body is jedi so I think i'l be a Stormtrooper officer.


    Name:Fede Hejia

    Aka:"White Lion"




    Organization : Galactic Empire

    Rank:Stormtrooper officer

    Ship: TIE/ln starfighter

    Appearance: http://s148.photobucket.com/albums/s35/Stiletto1991/?action=view&current=Storm.jpg

    Weapons:E-11 blaster rifle and SE-14R light repeating blaster

    Bio:Born in Alderaan son of Captain Jeno Hejia , great soldier and leader of "304th Stormtrooper Division". Always in the service of the Empire

  2. Hey! you’re not even on the top 10 best players of Jedi Knight because no one is the beast ,kid , every winner falls , I beet you don’t even know the name of the ship where jaden crashes when he arrives to Yavin . don’t be arrogant , learn to live like a normal person... and :lock:

  3. Ok , well guy's I tried to find this mod and I couldn’t , I know I saw it somewhere but I cant find it , well here it goes , I would like to make the PMHC04 head look more older I mean with white-grey hear and White-grey beard , I think it looks more like I jedi master and I would like to know if someone can make it or if someone know a link or another one who have already done it let me know , thanks!!... :)

  4. Hello , I wander dose anyone have the mod where the long hair Hispanic changed in to old , white hear and white bears I believe , Thanks


    Edit: (Below post) No , the mod is for k1 , i'l try to get a pic if I can , It is the long hair face in k1 that is turned his hair and a extra beard to white ..... I think I saw ones i Pcgamemods


    Edit 2: Here is a pic where it shows the mod , the pic is not exacly of the mod butit proves that it exist.............http://gallery97455.fotopic.net/p9257186.html


    Edit 3: I know , But I saw a Similar In Pcgamemods ,But well Pcgamemods is down :( , WHY!?!?!?!?!?! when I moust need them!!


    Edit 4: I belive the Mod is in Holowman plugin , But it cant be extracted from there :(

  5. Hello , Well guys I thought tat it would be cool If the main character of K1 could have a Prosthetic arm like Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker , I know that someone did a prosthetic arm mod for Kreya I wonder can someone make one for Revan in K1? Let me know and here are some pics of Prosthetics hand if you need some guide -----------> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Image:CyberneticLimbs.JPG -------->http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Image:Cay_qel_droma.jpg........PM me for more info

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