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  1. Yavin Space Station is more like a trading center , Buy Stuff and Play Pazzak . I like Yavin Space Station ....... theres a great view of Yavin in the station , it look very cool plus you can kill a Gizka with out another one coming out :) I like Yavin Space Station ..........

  2. Hey.. I love Bandon's robes and i wander does any one has a mod where I can have his robes substituted by the dark JedI robes>>>??? if some one have a mod like this or a link or just let me know how to modify the mod to substituted with the dark jedi robes could let m know ....... thanks! :)

  3. Hey!! I am a Dobleblade lightsaber fan and Some times i see the lightsaber in k1 and theyre very ugly.......I was wandering if some one can make a lightsaber like thisthat can substitude the one in the game-heresthe pic--------------->http://www.starwars.com/meta/rd/expand/expand.html?world=databank&img=/databank/technology/sithlightsaber/img/bts_bg.jpg&width=undefined&height=undefined&import=undefined---->http://www.wizards.com/starwars/images/darksideart/Weapons.jpg


    :)--------- This will be very Special for me , so if some one can please make it , let me Know............



    Let the force serve you well

  4. :awing::slsaber:

    Hey!! Well people I will like to know who's your favorite Jedi , That appears in the movies and in the comics.


    My Favorite Jedi That doesn’t appear in the movies is- Cale Berkona.


    That appears in the movies is-Luke Skywalker...


    Come on let me know yours!!........



    Edit: Sorry for the color:)

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