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  1. :lsduel:Hello!! , Friends well I must say that when I am playing kotor 1 and 2 when I am passing it with Dark side I always use guardian…and for light side I use consular and Guardian………I will like know, whit what type of class you like to play in dark side and Lightside!!!!.:lechuck:

  2. :dsaber:

    Yup.....Pale skin,yellow eyes......it would be cool if we can put a Sith Robe too....



    Please only use VB code tags if you're posting scripts or such. It makes the post unnecessarily hard to read. Not a good thing if you're needing a request to be filled ;) ~ Cz


    Edit: Well , I relive this request since Anakin Skywalker coudent make the mod , so if someone can make it please let me know!!!!


    Edit 2: Ok I got the scrip ..... can some one make the apparence for Trask? and put some red lightsabers?


    If someone can let me know to send the files


    Edit 3: Well I am reviving this request since Anakin never showed up :(.... Any one willing to help?


    Mod Edit: The Padawan, I'm sorry but this is your third 'bump' attempt in this thread, we do not allow 'bumps' here in the Requests forum. As such I have to close this thread, please refrain from duplicating this request again in a new thread as that will simply be deleted. If someone is interested in making this for you they can respond via PM to you. Sorry. -RH

  3. don’t worry my skywalker friend , i might not be a mod creator but I think I could learn something. To make the new Lord Traks



    I need somebody who can help me to make Trask evil face!!!


    Please try not to double-post. You can use the 'edit this' function to the lower right of the post if you need to add anything (assuming your post is the last in the thread) :) ~ Cz

  4. :holosid:Hello!!! well I am here requesting to anybody out there who can help me to create a Mod just like achilles padawan mod---- I think that it will be cool if someone couth do the same mod with the difference to be a sith instead of a Jedi!! I already talk to anchilles and gave me the authorization to use his mod as base of the project!! Whit the condition to give him credit for the creation, So please any body out there willing to start this let me now!!! and I can be sure that we can work out this very well. :sprobe:
  5. Can someone tell me how to convert all my party in to jedis or sith's??? , i already now how to convert The Handmaid and Bao dur


    Edit: I just need to now too in kotor2, mmm is theres a more faster way to kill Sion? i hate to wait like 10 minutes to kill him

  6. :holosid:I am a big Sith fan:dev10: , I personally always use a guardian when I am going to be a Sith:sithm: , they are better fighting and the force jump gives me more emotions , I recommend more the guardian , but it is your choice. Sentinel are more like to be a Sith assassins , the stealth an the special skill’s.:saberr:

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