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  1. Name: Semala Regis / The Exile Gender: Female Age: Unknown Species: Human Affiliation: Jedi Crusader/ Republic Perfered Weapon: Lightsaber Rank: Jedi General Portrait and Bio: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/The_Exile
  2. I'll be the Exile no problem, Which name we should give her? ...
  3. Here are some new screenshots from Coruscant. http://swtor.com/media/screens/coruscant
  4. Hanging out. A thousand dollars smile. Me back in the days .
  5. haha, you really got us all.

  6. haha good joke with the "Leaked info of ToR"

  7. It's always pretty difficult. But eventually if we made it you are free to take the choice you which between falling to the dark side or becoming a gray jedi. Since only The Jedi Exile was the only Jedi to return and stand trial against the council.
  8. The reality of K1 as known in the history of SW is that Revan returns to the light side, so that means the Mission won't die on the comics.
  9. Name: Arkas Degoup Gender: Male Age: 24 Species: Mirialan Affiliation: Republic Perfered Weapon: Blaster Pistol, Grenades and small vibroknife. Rank: Republic Soldier Portrait: Bio: Arkas was born on Ord Mantell, his parents owned a junk shop, Arkas has two brothers. Arkas joined the republic forces when he was 20, he has been trained especially for hand to hand combat and spy missions. Arkas has been assigned to the special forces under the command of Revan and Malak.
  10. Uh we have a member from Croatia! Welcome to the forum!

  11. I bet one of the races playable will be Mirialan, why do I come to this conclusion? Because on The Old Republic we find this important figure called Hylo Visz, and other than that one of the characters of the "The Old Republic" new comic "Threat of Peace Act" is a Mirialan as well and he plays a important role. My conclusion we will be able to play Mirialan's which are VERY cool
  12. Holy cow! Niceeee. Nothing better than pure blasters battle!
  13. Fredi


    Hmmm good, I didn't saw it. But is nice to know we can be able to have a prosthetic. Hope it can be used on all types of classes.
  14. I prefer the sequels, but I really like them both.
  15. Well they have the chance to ascend to Premier if they make a good position this season
  16. ^Cool It's my nickname, my name is Federico and they call me Fredi.
  17. Wouldn't be cool to be able to use prosthetics on the new MMO? I mean, I can't be the only one that would like to have a character with a prosthetic arm o leg. Give you're opinion.
  18. New season and New players. Ronaldo now playing for R. Madrid, Ibrahimovic on Barcelona, Valencia on Man U. How do you think will be the best team of this season? and which one is going to do the most impact.
  19. Good, I knew they where gonna put it. Let's see which planets are next and the new classes.
  20. You say it's the worst picture ever, but I think is the best ever!
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