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  1. ^ lol, Thinks he is a Titan holding the earth.
  2. I bet Sith Warrior is the only force user for dark siders.
  3. Not so hard once you see the groups you're member and all you're avatars.

  4. I can see you are a pretty big fan of mandalorians :p

  5. Cool, I bet there are many people that would like to be spies. Hope they make this Imp Agent.
  6. ^ Nice, I live here but I was born elsewhere. Still San German has ALOT of history.
  7. I really wonder what the hell this kids have in their mind? ... damn, dose it sound fun killing people? Good that they caught them.
  8. ^ It already passed 2 seconds and still nothing.
  9. If I could give a trophy to someone for the best avatars, I would give it to you! ... damn you always get some cool pics.

  10. As long as she gives me a good grade I'm ok.
  11. ^ do you even understand what it says there?
  12. Meaby they are getting us ready for something?
  13. I have always been intrigue by UFO's and other cases including alien abduction and encounters, since I can remember I have seen pretty strange stuff around my neighborhood but I have learn to live with it and ignore it. Now I see this new trailer of this movie and looks pretty creepy and cool. Check it out. http://www.apple.com/trailers/universal/thefourthkind/
  14. I'm planning on being a Twi'lek, but not a stipper
  15. Name: Fedri Joan Gender: Male Age: 18 Species: Twi'Lek Affiliation: Jedi Crusader/ Republic. Perfered Weapon: Lightsaber Rank: Jedi General/ Padawan. Portrait: Bio: Fedri was born on Onderon, Fedri was discovered by the Jedi watchmen of the area when he was a year old, he became a good student, his master was very proud of his progress and skills. Fedri learned of the actions of the mandalorians in the outer rim, Fedri couldn't understand why the order was not helping this people, he decided to join Revan and Malak, he felt it was his duty as a jedi to help dose in need.
  16. hehe Not all warriors need lightsaber
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