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  1. Damn this one is hard, I really like them both but I think I would go with T3, he's more of a nerdy robot
  2. Yup, this will be my playable class.
  3. I'm a bad boy (lol), so Sith Warrior.
  4. Del Toro is one of my favorite actors, so yeah I'm gonna watch it
  5. Nope, you can't once you finished it.
  6. I'm not american but I did knew of his struggle with his condition. RIP.
  7. Canderous is my favorite, he is a bad@ss and funny guy at the same time.
  8. Standard single blade lightsaber, nothing fancy.
  9. Hey! Since the creator has been banned I am now in charge of the group. Welcome to the chamber people, you can discuss any topic and feel free to talk.
  10. ok, thanks. Just checking. Some friend of mine came crazy about it and gave me the link, but I doubt it since I have not seen nothing on tv.
  11. Dose anybody know if this information is correct? http://www.angelfire.com/ny5/yahoonews000/
  12. I really don't like it, Neither on light side or dark side.
  13. Apparently MJ's ghost is around the house (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  14. Very creative names. Xbox 180 and Xbox 780.
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