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  1. Cool, Thanks dude.

  2. I believe Boba Fett is better, he did killed some jedi's, better fashion style (lol), and dude! he can use a lightsaber!
  3. Damn, look's cool, can you send me the pic? ... mine is just a fanmade picture, found it on Deviant art. You can PM contact me (For the pic)

  4. Yeah and the Star Forge is not a ship, it's a Space-based factory.
  5. Nice avatar, who is he?

  6. I would like to see more scoundrels and bounty hunters, and as well some action like a battle or something like that.
  7. Well I have been waiting and waiting since I heard that George Lucas was going to make a live action tv show about SW, Can some one give me info? cause since then I have not heard nothing about it, only that George was starting to look for actors and casting for the tv show.
  8. I'm 100% with you here. A pretty stupid back story.
  9. Dude, there's no comparison, it's impossible.
  10. Well, You get what you deserve. Yeah I think burglar's have some type of protection.
  11. This is like a gift from the heavens.
  12. I don't know if UFO is considered Paranormal Investigation, but I do really like to look at the stars with friends and do camping's to look at the stars for any type of change in the sky or if anything happens.
  13. Billy must be yelling on heaven.
  14. Get out of here. Billy is dead?!?! ... Whats next?
  15. maybe some Devaronians, Kel Dors, Togrutas and Iktotchi.
  16. The best avatar I have seen yet on this forum. lol

  17. Star Forge, I will make a super armada and take down the Death Star with it.
  18. ^^ He looks like Uthar too.
  19. I wonder if Coruscant is under the command of the Sith's, Which will be the capital of the Republic? Alderaan?
  20. There is hope my friend, let's not give up just yet.
  21. Edward Norton is a great actor, He would look great as Sion.
  22. If you would to make a K1 movie who would you choose as you're main actors? I would choose: The Exile- In my personal choice I would choose Jada Pinkett Smith. Atton- Atton could be hard to find one who looks like him, who about Justin Chatwin? Bao Dur- Don't know who. Brianna- haha I was thinking of using Keira Knightley, changing her hair color and her eyes to fit a more Echani look. Canderous- Forget about it, Ron Pearlman is the one. lol Kreia- It's really dificult to find someone for her, I think I would choose Dame Margaret Natalie Smith, is the only one that can come to my mind. Mical- Hmmm meaby Patrick Wilson. Mira- Don't know who to choose. Visas- Nither. Give me some help here.
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