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  1. Sorry but I would prefer the Jedi stay either gone for a while or the Jedi begin again leading up to the movies etc. I think this is far off the KOTOR storyline and wouldn't it be a search for Revan and the Exile? Where they went too? What was "waiting" for them after the Mandalorian wars? Why did Revan leave the things he/she had worked so hard for? (Light side, her/his companions, the republic. Darkside, her/his rule over the galaxy) Did the Exile find Revan or is he/she lost too? These questions have yet to be answered and should be put into the storyline. Maybe T3 finally finds the person he needs to rescue him. Maybe you play a student of Handmaiden/Disciple, Mira, Bao Dur, or Atton after they had become Jedi. I mean wouldn't they too want to find Revan and the Exile? In any case, its missing so many things. Far to many gaps left unsaid...Kreia had also said the sith (such as Malak and Revan) weren't the true sith. They were followers of an idea. What happened to the actual race of the sith?
  2. Henz! No more talking about gay/lesbian relationships. You made your point that you want it in. Thank you. Now add some other commentary or please leave. It is my thread, so please respect it. Edit: Do not make this offensive please. I do not want this to be a removed thread. I'd appreciate some serious posts not just jokes. No more talking about gay/lesbian relationships as well. No more. Its getting inappropriate. Thank you. For the romance let the developers decide. Now talk about what should be added except gay-lesbian relationships. Thank you.
  3. Its just...I don't think that woman is that pretty and I honestly think she is cross eyed and...insane. Bastila is far from it until she goes darkside. So if you use it as a darkside transition I think that would work out.
  4. Exactly...It needs to be Subtle or just hidden in the game so the Modders can find it. I mean really...
  5. Thank you Jae Onasi, "The Momerator". (Love that Avatar. Perfect for a mom lol) Anyway, I believe if there were gay or Lesbian romances in it it would be subtle. A lot of people wouldn't like the game to much for that. In short, to keep people from having problems with "offensive" content there really shouldn't be one in my mind. People can make mods for that like "Female Revan and Bastila...The untold love story." Its not like I am trying to be rude or racist in any way but really I think its too much for the game.
  6. I have no real problem with gays or lesbians unless they try to force it on me for I am tri. Which means I will try anything once *Laugh* Anyway, in any case it would be alright but some parents (its a PG-13 game, keeps this in mind) would not let their children buy it. Most of the games are bought at the ages between 12-20. So really, people might not want it because of it. Most people think it is bad and the United States, I know, has been trying to outlaw it. I know a number of people who believe Star Wars is all about bringing the good from people (despite the dark side versions.) If they found Lesbians + Gays were in the game they would most likely not buy it...
  7. Teens play the game to Henz. Stop being vulgar! Its not all about adults!
  8. I wish I could have gotten my character to kiss Carth...^^ With the edit I gave him with Younger Carth he's really cute. <.< >.>
  9. Ah, sorry about that. Is she going to be alright? Best wishes to her. ^^
  10. Well I never played LSM Exile...I don't like playing male cause I am such a softy at heart. I mean I am a girl after all. (LOL) I just don't like feeling...I am playing an ugly character. Lol I mean I use my Save Game Editer to edit my look and voice in KOTOR I and II. Man...I am such a sucker for looks. LOL
  11. We are just talking. What the heck is wrong with you? You're being a bit ridiculous. We're just talking about WHAT IFS. So hush...You don't really know if they will continue the game.
  12. Oh my goodness... People I did not want this to be offensive! Henz...please stop not all people are like that. Anyway, yes Romance needs to be part of it. Plus, its optional in the game. ^^ I am such a softy for it.
  13. Request: [Edit] http://www.pcgamemods.com/mod/8308.html Bastila's Revelation Robes by ChAiNz.2da & svösh Well its an awsome mod (link above) for I love the robes. However, I play a Female Character and I'd like for my character to be able to wear the robe as well. I love the Teal version of it. Is there a possible way to make it so my character can wear them? If you could edit it so the female PC can wear them I'd love that. Just give me a private message for my e-mail. I don't have any skill with modding and I just admire them. So please, if you could help me out I'd appriciate it. - All Credit for Bastila's Revelation Robes goes to ChAiNz.2da & svösh. This is not my mod. I am not posting this anywhere. I just want the PC Female to ware them as well. ----------------------------- http://www.pcgamemods.com/mod/8308.html Bastila's Revelation Robes Well its an awsome mod (link above) for I love the robes. However, I play a Female Character and I'd like for my character to be able to wear the robe as well. I love the Teal version of it. Is there a possible way to make it so my character can wear them? Also, if you wouldn't mind if you have some spare time could you do it for me? I have no experience with modding and I don't want to reinstall my game (or mods) if I mess up. I'd appriciate it forever!
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