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  1. At last, a bantha. Been waiting. Cool.
  2. I would say make it for JA but include an extra .glm in the file for JO, if you can be bothered, if not........just JA. looks cool.
  3. Yo. Is this model still happening here?
  4. Wow cool, another council member, so he's the dude who got blasted by jango eh! cool.
  5. I hope they change the sabers in JK3 so it looks more like the KOTOR sabers, they just look cooler IMO. More realistic.
  6. looks Kick A$$ man, the textures look cool. yeah thats a good idea too.
  7. wicked quality model & skin man, when you watch the hooded version fight using light stance, i swear it looks like alec guiness(sp) in "a new hope" when he dueled vader.
  8. Yeah robes, Alriiiight! I followed the links & read about this dude, it says his padawan was aayla secura, I thought she was luminara or someone elses apprentice. oh well. crazy horse was an american indian warrior with a lightning bolt from his forehead to his chin, I think he fought at the battle of little big horn against general custer 150 years ago in USA but i'm not sure, brains fuzzy, need sleep.
  9. Looks cool man, he looks a bit like Crazy Horse, the indian. Another model to add to the collection, cool. did you say he would have robes?
  10. Looks cool man, cant wait for release. his pupils are a bit too dark too tho you probably already know that. I would love to see a photo-realistic DARTH MAUL skin too man. That would be wicked, hehehe, just giving you some ideas. other ideas: photo-realistic Darth Vader photo-realistic Luke Skywalker photo-realistic Obi-wan photo-realistic Qui gon etc, etc, etc Did I mention photo-realistic Darth Maul................Oh yeah I did hehehe, ok thats enough. I cant wait to see if anyone can get Yoda's hair shader working, that would rock. Good luck with that.
  11. cool, I been waiting for this one, one of my favourite jedi, did'nt know his name tho. holy cr@p, the back his head looks like an a$$. that was shocking. clothing: i think he should have robes. all jedi have robes anyway & they look much cooler imo. geez man, that dress they gave him.................blaaaaaaaaaaagh. robes could also cover that. they gave him a cool looking face & then ruined it by giving him an a$$ on his head & a dress to wear in the movie........ maybe it was laundry day, he had no clothes, so he had to wear his wifes dress into battle. hmmmmm. anyway cant wait till its released.
  12. Cool model, when I saw the screenshots I thought "sh!t man, he looks real!" Does anyone know what sabermod was used in the screenshot, that saber's cool, I want it.
  13. I have that same problem, except all the text in multiplayer is unreadable. Once upon a time someone posted a driver fix in this forum(I reformatted and lost it) but the search is disabled and although there are over 3.5 thousand threads in this HELP/TECH forum, we can only access 2 pages - 78 threads. So unless someone remembers the fix...........we're screwed.
  14. I cant find the drivers that the voodoo3 card needs to show text in MP. I once found the drivers from a link in the tech-help forum here, but now its only got 2 pages. Why is the search function disabled? Then I probably would'nt have to make this post. If anyone knows what drivers I'm talking about can you post a link. They might have been a free version of the wickedGL drivers or something. please reply.
  15. Where do you get the mp3 from? I searched that site but I cant find Jack anywhere about a mp3. I went to the downloads section, not there, checked out the news page, no trace. All I found was the 2 new characters(Luke & Mon Mothma), NRI reports. Its still the morning so I'm probably still half asleep & it could be right in front of me. Could someone post a link to the mp3? Or to the page with it.
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