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  1. Yeah, Xbox 360 had much better graphics.
  2. I guess that makes sense. Personally I found the PS2 version much easier.
  3. Do you have any idea why that is?
  4. Hey there...remember me?


    Thought not.

  5. Before I got my Xbox 360, I had The Force Unleashed on my PS2, before I traded it in at EB Games and got it for 360. Anyways, (and correct me if I'm wrong) I noticed some differences between the two versions. The levels (even though I've only played the first few on 360) are completely different, and that even starts at the Prologue. Anybody else noted this?
  6. You care for the human species but get annoyed if someone's in your way. She was in a foul mood to start with, anyways.
  7. I have 2 weeks free, so come to me soon and I'll let you know how I went. I did the Campaign on PS2, but the X360 is way different.
  8. Anato wa dosetaino to gariben to shokidenai desu! Do you like pickles?
  9. Raiders of the Lost Ark. What's said is that it's the only Indiana Jones movie I've seen.
  10. I'm no expert, so forgive me if my advice is useless. Your disc could have a scratch or a crack in it, so you should try standing by the window, holding the disc horizontally and at eye level - that's a good way to see damage. If not that, your computer may be reading the disc an odd way.
  11. If I actually played the game, I could have at least 800. I have something like 120 though...
  12. I haven't played KOTOR2 in ages, so my facts and planet names will be way off. At the start of the game when you wake up on that planety space station, you get to the point where you get to the caves. I can barely remember when this happens, but at one point (on the Xbox game) it would freeze completely and stop you from going any further. I managed to solve the problem by getting a new disc, though. What I'm wondering is...has anyone else encountered this issue before?
  13. Name: Tead Keyson (tay-ad kay-sen) Age: 21 Gender: Male. Species: Human. Occupation: Rogue Jedi Knight. Appearance: Tead has short brown hair and light blue eyes. He is the average height for a 21 year old, but his limbs are a little bit too long. He usually wears long brown jedi robes accompanied with knee-height black boots. Weapons: Lightsaber, the force. Color of Lightsaber: Silver. Personality: Tead is ruthless, to say the least. If someone disturbs him, he can get angry very quickly. That said, Tead has only ever killed two men in his life. He is actually a nice guy on the inside, but comes off as generally mean and uncaring. Bio: Tead was born to two farmers on Dantooine. When a fire engulfed Tead's house, killing his parents, he was brought to the Dantooine Jedi Temple. There he trained until the age of seventeen, when he was sent out on his first mission. The mission went horribly wrong, and Tead ended up accidently killing his master and another apprentice. The news was brought back to the temple, and Tead was meant to be exiled. Instead, he escaped, taking his lightsaber with him. Tead still lives on Dantooine, but he's remained undetected by the Jedi for a whole four years. He grows fruit for a living, but still keeps a strong connection with the force. He has heard rumours of the Necromancers, but is still in no affiliation with either side of the force. You could call him neutral - he stands for only himself.
  14. I have the PS2 version, which probably limits what I can get. I now hate everyone... I didn't find a black crystal. At all. I had red, orange, purple, green and I assumed the fifth was blue. I probably favoured lightning and force push, and didn't change costumes at all during the game.
  15. I would have preffered it if the game was longer. I actually didn't mind how much damage the lightsabers took off - it offered a challenge. I used the force to defeat most of my enemies. Cloud City was fairly easy...just push them out of a window or off a ledge. I liked the variety of force powers, and the option to start the game again with your previous force powers.
  16. Well, I give away credits. Depends if you have enough. Nobody really seems to ask for over 200 credits. Like on Nar Shadaar, some guy comes up and asks you for 5 credits. 5! I mean, if I run out, I just sell all the stuff I don't want. It's up to you.
  17. I would consider somebody who butchers people up for fun to be evil.
  18. I actually prefer Handmaiden. She actually has some interesting stories, and I like training her in the ways on the force. And I like seeing Atris go nuts. And Visas never shuts up about Darth Nihlus and Katarr, but I don't care. She's a blind oaf who couldn't hit a Rancor if it was standing right in front of her. I think my reasons are clear why I choose Handmaiden.
  19. I prefer Mira. I can't stand that big oaf Hanharr's moaning and groaning. When you talk to him he never stops about what 'strength' is. He sounds like he needs soothers or something. Enough with his voice, but apart from that he's pretty good. He can put up a pretty mean fight, but he's a bit (A LOT) slow. Add it all up, Mira wins by a tad.
  20. Good idea. Just be careful you don't trip.
  21. The Sith don't believe themselves to be evil.
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