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  1. You're good, I actually got it figured out. I just got 3 coordinates from around a map in different areas and kept changing the scale until those 3 coordinates lined up with the models. Thanks though.

  2. Really sorry for the late reply on this one - as far as I recall, the scale is out by a factor of 10 - I forget which way though but I want to say divide by 10 for Max coords

  3. "A method I used when I modded with areas involved decompiling all of the binary models for the module and importing them into 3dsmax, then use the module's room positioning data with the room base nodes to build the entire module, which gives you much more control at designing the module."




    I'm trying to do the same thing and I'm having trouble. I imported all the areas of the Trayus Academy entrance and in the process of setting it up I discovered that my scale is kind of off. According to a set of coordinates I took from the game the center of the second room that takes you to the core of the temple sits in the center of the t intersection of the main entrance. What do you change the scale to? I set mine to meters and it's close but still not right.

  4. Need any help, let me know! In 2 weeks i'll have a lot of time. Q and I are working on another project together.

  5. Hey thanks, yeah pretty much just popping in and releasing all my work that wasn't finished, I do plan on finishing mine and Quanon's galaxy map projector mod since it was very nearly ready for release, just been a few years so I'm a tad rusty

  6. Welcome back GM! Any plans for future modding or just poppin in?

  7. Ah long time, really gutted to see file front has gone down mate

  8. Was literally just writing out a reply!

  9. So you interested about my PM?

  10. Ah it's nice to be quickly greeted aha! Thanks man I'll flick through, shame these old projects never got finished, they had a lot of potential just never the time

  11. Erm, yeah they'll be backed up on my HDD - there was no way I could let go of all the half finished projects I started haha

  12. If you want to see where Scrapyard Games was recently being discussed, go here: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=200556&page=16

    (Start at post 620)

  13. Otherwise, of course, I'm always here for a chat man.

    Get in touch! - GM

  14. I believe we have some unfinished business my friend! I have recently started studying for my degree Q, but there is always time free that my student loan could take a break from being spent on cheap drinks :p Message me back man, we'll get stuff finished if you want - a few backups are on my hard drive just in case :)

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