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  1. Really sorry for the late reply on this one - as far as I recall, the scale is out by a factor of 10 - I forget which way though but I want to say divide by 10 for Max coords

  2. Hey thanks, yeah pretty much just popping in and releasing all my work that wasn't finished, I do plan on finishing mine and Quanon's galaxy map projector mod since it was very nearly ready for release, just been a few years so I'm a tad rusty

  3. Ah long time, really gutted to see file front has gone down mate

  4. Was literally just writing out a reply!

  5. Ah it's nice to be quickly greeted aha! Thanks man I'll flick through, shame these old projects never got finished, they had a lot of potential just never the time

  6. Erm, yeah they'll be backed up on my HDD - there was no way I could let go of all the half finished projects I started haha

  7. Otherwise, of course, I'm always here for a chat man.

    Get in touch! - GM

  8. I believe we have some unfinished business my friend! I have recently started studying for my degree Q, but there is always time free that my student loan could take a break from being spent on cheap drinks :p Message me back man, we'll get stuff finished if you want - a few backups are on my hard drive just in case :)

  9. Long time no see! Someone bumped a thread from '09 and I got an email, so I thought I'd catch up with people =) How's everything going man?

  10. That's good to hear man =) College is alright, being there all day just sucks the life out of you but there's a club night with cheap drinks on a Thursday in town, Friday night usually follows with a heavy marijuana sesh to cure my hangover; stay out Friday and Saturday night, and find my way home Sunday morning to sleep =')

    Uni is going to fun LOL


    Just now I was flicking through all the old stuff that I'd backed up; it's all kinda depressing really, I don't think we actually finished anything =P And there's about 5 or 6 programs that I gave up on, that only really needed touching up =/

    In any case, I found all the files from Aquilaris and thought it'd be a shame for it to remain unfinished - maybe we can throw a few weekends together to get this done?

    I haven't had a good computer for a year now, but all this one really needs is a RAM upgrade. Bug me when you get the chance and maybe we can sort something out (Y) =)

  11. Just got an email from the forum because you bumped some dead thread from '09 =') Totally just realised that it's been like nearly 2 years >_< How's things hanging in Belgium?

  12. Oh right :p no worries ;) ignore the one I just sent back then xD

  13. If you really wanted you could extend the identifiers list at the top of an 'include' script, I like to make use of them ^.^ it's not a necessity, but if you feel it will help you can add constants like:


    int SUBRACE_RODIAN = 4;

    int SUBRACE_GIZKA = 5; // And how ever many more rows you add...


    It just might help to put words to numbers, otherwise I hope all that helps :)

  14. Well I don't know about globals, but I know that GetSubRace(); will return the sub race of the creature (suprisingly.) After having a flick through the NWScript, and looking at creature templates, I see no reason why adding rows to subrace.2da and using GetSubRace(); to perform checks wouldn't work.


    It seems to me that GetSubRace(); returns the row index, starting at 0 for "None". Therefore, by adding say, the 4th row and labeling it "Rodian" or something; when you call GetSubRace(oCreature);, if the subrace of the creature is set to your new "Rodian" row, it will return 4.

    And apparently you can only have 1000 characters, so the rest will be in another post :p

  15. The fast linker basically just links everything to the AuroraBase, which isn't what you want to do, you need to be a little more specific. I decided I'd might aswell get gmax since its free and the button was in the same place as 3ds max.


    Two boxes and a chain :p


    If you need an AuroraBase its easy to do, just follow:

    Create > Helpers (Same way you got to add the dummy node) > AuroraBase


    Center to 0,0,0 and give it the model name "plc_deadrevan" or something relative. Then carry on with the instructions: link walkmesh to "walk_parent" dummy and the dummy to the new AuroraBase. To export the model just click on the AuroraBase and under Modify hit "Export geometry with animations". Sanity checks usually fail, just export anyway.


    BTW the placeable looks pretty groovy ;)

  16. Well if you have the tool then all you need to do is click on the walkmesh and click-drag to the dummy and when the cursor is over the dummy just release and it should link the walkmesh to the dummy. I'll update the tut with that bit of information.

  17. Hmm, I don't know then. I'd try posting about it?

  18. Sure no problem, the screenshot didn't actually explain how to link really. It just showed the object hierarchy. I'm unsure about gmax but in max there is a button on the bar at the top which looks like two boxes and a chain; "Select and Link", next to another button with 2 boxes and a broken chain "Unlink Selection". I can't find the options in any of the menus though.

  19. Hey, SR. Drop us a note some time :) Its been months and we're a little worried. = /

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