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  1. i saw the movie, and in my opinon it was very sad how stubborn and closed-minded these people were. at the end of the film, i believe the director called into a radio show. about halfway through the converstaion the radio host was pretty much shutting her down. Heck, she even had the guts to say that the world should abandon democrocy and replace it with radical christianity. not to mention most perceptions of hell is not from the bible, it's from Dante's Inferno. Pretty much what happened was that the church liked it so much that they decided to start preaching that description. And just for the record, I never watched a movie that made feel even prouder to be jewish. (except maybe for schindler's list;).


    Edit: PS: christianity didnt appear until 100yrs after christ died.

  2. when im playing JA whenever i use a melee weapon like a sword i always get the lightsaber blade in the weapon. also the weapon doesnt rotate like it should. how can i get this to stop? PLEEEEEEASE HELP!!!

  3. In response to all the b**ching about how the pearsians were depicted: the reason why the persians were so grostiquly was because the viewpoint of a spartan soldier was that he was getting the army "pumped up" to fight the persians again, and he illustrates that by demonizing the persians so it looks like leonidas is fighting agains all the evil in the world.

  4. o... thanx any way

    if anyone out there can help me model this, since i am illiterate when it come to modeling, it would be much appreacieated. personally, i dont think it would be very hard considering the quality of modders around here, so if any of u can find a spare moment, it would be great if u could model the spartan helmet.

  5. Nationality - American


    Political party - not a big fan of politics


    religion - Jewish and damn proud of it


    major issues i believe in -

    pro-abortion, seperation of church and state (thats a big thing of mine), anti-war (just call me john lennon), pro-israel

  6. what happened to PCgamemods? for a while it was there, then it dissappeared! What happened to it?!


    The site has had problems for quite some time now. Feel free to check in the Holowan Labs and Taris Upper City Emporium as well as LucasFiles.com for mods. Thanks, Jae


    Also we aren't affiliated with that site in any way so we have no control over it being up or down. -RH

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