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  1. Skib


    Sound works (used -eadlib). I have only one question. There is a black line that runs verticaly from the top of the screen to the bottom. It sits about 4/5 to 5/6 of the way to the right of the screen. Just thought i'd inquire about it without using a question-mark. No seriously, is it a bug? Perhaps this only happens to me...
  2. Ignore that last post. Bravenet was blocked in my hosts file. UPDATE: Where's the map? it's just a picture that says "View my Guest Map"
  3. The link doesn't work for me. Whats the deal?
  4. Skib


    Did you know that Adam Carolla is doing Burger King commercials in America?
  5. I very much dislike Craig David. And the BBC is a monopoly!
  6. Skib


    Whew. Thanks guys. I got everythang sorted out nice'n purty now. Except for the age-old problem with music in Sam & Max. If somebody could post their scummvm.ini file so I could take a look at how they got music to work, that would be helpful.
  7. Skib


    The trial won't work with XP, which I have. Do you know of any other products like this?
  8. Skib


    Well, I'm not sure what to do at all! I downloaded and installed the latest build of SCUMMVM, but then put DOTT in my CD-ROM drive and windows won't read the CD! (Maybe I should have mentioned I have the CD version?) Is there any hope for me? Also, the documentation on how to 'rescumm' is a little lacking. I appreciate the help BTW.
  9. Skib


    I just recieved LucasArts Archives Vol. 1 in the mail from an eBay seller. Yes! No...it's for mac, and I have a PC. What do I do? I could try and get my money back, but i'd still have to pay shipping. OR, if theres any mac file to PC file converter, mac emulator, etc. I could keep the games. I'm only bringing this up because I heard that before the iPod could be bought for Windows, several sites popped up with 'unoficial' software that would allow the mac iPod to be used on windows.
  10. Skib

    Humongous games?

    I used to own Freddie Fish... too bad I threw it out after I "grew up"
  11. Hey, can somebody tell me what this style of gif people are called (ignore the coconut monkey): Where can I get more? Is avatar the right word for them? Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Well! I sure am glad that we're all cool with each other again. I really despise grudges and that sort of thing...
  13. Sometimes I don't take my medz!!! BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! HA!! FUNNY!!
  14. [grumble] *mrrmphghrmphmrm* stupid starwars... [/grumble]
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