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  1. It's not quite Shred Guitar, which I love! But this guy is a great guitarist, and does an awesome version of one of my favourite songs
  2. "Gimme back my Bullets" by Lynryd Skynryd, My dad gave me a load of Vinyl a while back, reminds me of my childhood...
  3. Agreed, I dont feel he is a strong enough character to be given this. I thought it may have been Ben, but hey, he may have been involved in some main character standard storylines in his time back on Tatooine?
  4. I don't mind what they stand for story-wise, and I agree with Jediphile that if there in it, they should be descendants from the Golden age of the Sith... It's just the name that gets me, its like some race from star trek or something, and it also points to all the sith we know and love as "false"....
  5. Definitely TOTJ! Redemption is my fav, golden age/fall of the Sith Empire is awesome. As already mentioned, the new KOTOR and legacy, Dark times is OK. the last 20 or so Republic series comics! Dark horse Rules
  6. The Essential Chronology has a section on Revan and Malak, but that's basically a summery of the "canon" Game Storyline and nothing we don't already know, the only other lit I've come across Has been mentioned by you guys...
  7. Hi, welcome to LF, I don't know really... I think the death of Nihilus would alter her powers if anything, Did her killing Nihilus seal the wound or have an effect on the nature of her powers, I don't know.... the Exile should definitely figure in K3 though
  8. In her war days Exile was a bad ass Veteran. Exile would beat Bastila. When we see exile, she is a wound in the force only needed for the TSL plot due to the nature of her power and the current Sith's failure to counter this power. What gifts afforded her right hand women status to Revan, were not available to her during the events of the games. although she can kill the Jedi masters with the help of the Dark side... Bastila is hot!!
  9. ^^^ Cool. Like you say DE is canon, the same way that the clone wars cartoons and the force unleashed is canon, they are official but translate the characters very differently to the movies. I'd say, EU Palpy= unstoppable movie Palpy= pretty special as Revan is only represented in the more super power fantasy based EU/gaming genre, its hard to tell. Although I am a Fan-boy so, Revan all the way
  10. ^^^ I've read them yes, does that mean I can't disagree with them, this isn't a "whoever shouts louder, or, sounds like they know what there talking about wins" Thread! But thats not the point, your mis-quoting me and putting answers where there isn't a question. I'm actually agreeing with you on a lot of things! chill...
  11. You've got to remember he is promoting his movies and such, he's not gonna say well, actually a character I didn't invent is the most powerful Sith lord, 4000 years before new hope........... (casual fan/interviewer) Who? When? Why?.... George hired a crew of people at Lucas licensing to deal with new material and its canon-ness, I very much doubt he reads any of it, to tell you the truth when you see him in interviews he seems sick of hearing about SW. Regarding ROTJ, DE and the PT, his Idea of a prophecy and the "chosen one" Idea, was not realized until 1999, DE was published in 1992 which would normally of rendered the book n-canon but it hasn't, so were stuck with a contradiction. to quote another fan: It can also be argued that Anakin indirectly killed Palpatine by fathering the Jedi twins who ultimately destroyed him. The only way you can decide who is more powerful is if GL himself made a film where Revan and sidious fought to the death, winner..er...wins!
  12. ^^^ Yea, thats far simpler than the official system (best make an on topic post or i'll get deleted again!) Revan Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Lumiya wins imo, she looks crap and she's got a crap weapon, but she's done a lot for the Sith with her witchy Manipulative ways! I'll say no more in case people haven't read the LOTF books yet
  14. Not at all, what you say is written in various sources, the only discrepancy is the home-world of the humans being coruscant, it is probable but not for certain. But for the sake of story they've been there longer than they've been anywhere that we've heard of (yet)
  15. Top 5.... 1: KOTOR 2:JK:JO 3:TSL 4:BF 5:JK:JA
  16. QFT, Even before the old Hag spews about it on Korriban, I've always believed this, whether it be real world warriors or fictional.
  17. I agree that, KOTOR must be an RPG in the sense that the first 2 were, however, I don't get the logic that better graphics or an animation overhaul would equal to it not being an RPG. obviously if the Dev turned round and said it's either animation or game play, then it's game play all the way, but, things have come on a bit since 2004. I don't see why any aspect of the game has to be sacrificed. I don't think LA understand anything, because they haven't made K3 yet!
  18. True, Luke and Obi-Wan were cast as white folk in the OT, however, George Lucas may or may not be politically correct , but he can't suddenly decide that Anakin, padme, Shmi and a young Obi-wan (PT main cast) were Black, Indian, Chinese and Samoan now can he? Instead he made the rest of the PT cast these nationalities. I think he should of made Qui-gon Native American myself though... BOT: Bastila is HOT!
  19. QFT (IMO). I completely agree, especially with this true Sith stuff, To tell you the truth I initially disregarded there existence as Kreias ramblings, (at that point I'd stopped listening to her) then I became a member of LF and realized that a majority of the fan-base had elevated this story as the central story to any possible sequel. I play TSL because I love Star Wars and RPG's, but like you say, it's not quite right.
  20. I don't know why, but I well up when Yoda lifts the x-wing out of the swamp and gives the sermon about the force in ESB, could be the music mixed with reminiscence? I suppose its the same as when people cry in church, there not sad, it just has an effect on them.
  21. Kreia sucks, and Jolee is funny as hell, my votes for the Bindo however improbable
  22. "Uh", by crew I mean anybody making games for him, I never said lucusfilm. I'm simply speculating about possible future projects based on soon to be released product. Maybe I should of said "the powers that be" or "whoever gives the green light to Star Wars merc" seem to have other era's on the mind. Sorry
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