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  1. I'd like to say yes, but GL and his crew have got other things on there mind, they seem to have 22-0 BBY on the brain no room for KotOR
  2. ^^^ Dark times, I can't say I'm that impressed yet, the Art is good, chars.. so so, but it's just not as good as KOTOR or Legacy. It's only had 4 releases though, so I'm giving it a bit more time before I bin it
  3. ^^ The comics are called Legacy, the Books are called legacy of the force. The abbreviation was bound to cause confusion. As you say it's better to read them in Graphic novel, so theres more than 2 minutes reading a month, I'd wait as well if I had an ounce of Patience lol
  4. ^^ wouldn't it be cooler if he did punch a guys head off though!
  5. I was pleasantly surprised with legacy, at first I was strictly KOTOR and Legacy was just for the sake of having something to read, but 14 books in, Legacy is far better at the moment. Dark times is a bit stop/start and not that interesting as yet.
  6. Like a lot of the other guys, I intend to complete but end up modding it to death, running up and down the upper city in my new clothes, swinging the latest vibro axe/lightstaff/tin opener I made
  7. ^^ Mandalore looks awesome, I'm happy to see some TOTJ characters at last
  8. ^^ Hopefully you can change his Head or the mask comes off, I never really liked the Orbalisk armor
  9. Revan has been deemed Male by lucus, but I suppose the cutscenes and robes are made to look non gender
  10. The subject matter is irrelevant, it's just not a nice feeling to be overlooked or disregarded
  11. I'm quite happy with what mother nature gave me, I don't feel the need to cover it up with ink and steel. Also, I'm a ~coward~ when it comes to needles lol ~Edit~: I mean Kitten
  12. Agreed, me and my mates went to a strip joint for a Stag night, and although they act interested do you really think a hot young women/Twilek finds a sweaty drunk who has to pay for pretend sexual attention attractive? I doubt it lol,
  13. There's a Caucasian one outside the opera house in ROTS too
  14. What grinds my gears is when you mention some obscure fact or person in a post and someone then posts a 1000 word biography on the subject as if to say "I knew about it first", or "Didn't anybody tell you, I'm the only one who speaks of blah blah", rendering your post worthless or less knowledgeable
  15. I know there were Zhell and Taung civilizations inhabiting coruscant about 200,000 bby, Zhell being "possible" Human ancestors and the Taungs are rumored to be the near human original Mandolorians, but this is before the Humans made there first hyperdrive's based on the Rakatan design, so maybe they did originate on multiple planets, Archaeologists have stated that due to coruscant's constant building and expansion, the lowest level is only 100,000 years old, making it impossible to find traces of the planets beginings... back to Topic... Coruscant Ziost Arkania Alderaan Byblos (Drive Yards) Cinnagar
  16. The Revan figure is alright, but the Malak figure is crap, the jaw piece is completely out of proportion to his head and he's shorter than Revan!? isn't he like 6'7"
  17. Vampires all the way! But like in Underworld not zombie style or Leslie Nielson style... cool, Fangs when needed but normal looking otherwise.
  18. I'm 6'4" and the only trouble I've had is that being a lot bigger than most of my friends, if where out drinking and someone wants some trouble they tend to single me out like "take out the big guy and the rest will run". I don't think I've had better treatment for being above average height, also, the 2006 slam dunk champ was 5'9" the runners up were 6'6", 6'9", 6'10" I bet he's lovin it
  19. One of the reason's for canon in the video game was so the character's could crossover into books or films, or be "Marketed", and apart from a one shot comic flashback, a soon to be released toy, and source book material,(a result of the canonization) neither hero has featured anywhere, so IMHO canonizing the PC is not needed, in fact it causes more arguments than anything else.
  20. I meant it in the way that K3 probably won't be made therefore no true sithing, I actually dislike the true Sith idea, and as nothing other than kreias rambling mentions them I consider them non existent, but like you say I don't think Revan should be invincible
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