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  1. It was constructed to house the tombs of the fallen (dead not dark) Jedi after the seventh battle of Ruusan, 3000 years after KOTOR, but it's not like this mod will be made canon, if it can be made it could be awesome anyway
  2. Interesting.... I suppose it would take until the 2nd generation were adults to get a true reading of the effects of a single gender population, as the original islanders were naturally raised, so even if they lied to there "children" about the existence of another chromosome the lessons taught and learned would still be from a male/female POV. Regarding homosexuality, I'm sure it would be opposite to past beliefs, that "this is what you desire whether you like it or not" (but without the opposite sex to become attracted to), very confusing. Gender roles.... Hard to say, would they have to provide for themselves or cloth themselves? This is a good thread I'll have to think more about it.
  3. That wouldn't be aloud, just let everyone else be proud then we won't get in trouble! Happy ID4 America!
  4. I want it to come out, therefore I hope it does, But if it doesn't, it's not gonna ruin my life, just make me sad for a bit.
  5. You can smoke in your own home, but if you have a plumber or salesman or whatever come to your home, they have the right to make you stop as it is now there place of work.
  6. apart from the obvious differances, Darth sion= Lord of pain Uthar Wynn= Drill instructer
  7. I personally don't smoke weed anymore or drink for that matter, but the only thing weed ever did to me was make me lazy, booze on the other hand has been a catalyst to some of the worst decisions I've ever made, so maybe legalizing dope it isn't such a bad thing, maybe less people would use alcohol as an escape if weed was available? I'd rather walk down the street and see a bar full of laid back Friends listening to reggae, than some out of control thugs vomiting and smashing glasses.
  8. Check out this Fan film, It's Italian but they are planning to do an English dub, the visuals speak louder than words though... http://www.starwarsnews.net/dark_resurrection/ For saying it is non profit, I think it's awesome. EDIT: Thanks for the Thread stopper Astro, I'm sure people could find that out for themselves .\.
  9. TEA: all day long, I'm a Bricklayer so I have about 12 cups a day, 3 sugars. COFFEE: no SOFT DRINK: Coke sometimes. ENERGY DRINK: Used to have Red Bull with Vodka when I was about 18, thats bout it.
  10. Ive always been an americaphile, I grew up watching US TV, films, sports, I guess they draw a more exiting picture than what I saw out of my bedroom window. Ive never managed to get there yet, maybe one day. I have a problem with the whole British thing, because we can't celebrate it, as that would be distasteful to our immigrant communities. Besides, it's England who seem to fly the union Jack, but northern Ireland, wales and Scotland hate us, it's so fake.
  11. I don't know about who's the more powerfull, but the general public seem to prefer Nihilus.... http://buzz.yahoo.com/buzzlog/72552/a-darth-by-any-other-name
  12. I always preach like I'm a Jedi, but I'm a sucker for Seduction, I'd be called Darth Wrathchild! I'm comin to get you.... Oooh yeah e yeah!
  13. K1: I use the generic white guy with the facial scar and soul patch TSL: I use the KSE 3.3.3 to get Berun Modral's head as he resembles me (although when you see him in Khoonda he's headless)
  14. Megadeth: Peace Sells.... But who's Buyin? Full of thrash anthems!!!
  15. I bought an XBOX to play SW games, my Friend picked up a gaming mag and pointed out this old republic RPG was coming out, having loved the EU and especially the Tales of the Jedi comics, I Pre-ordered it, got it the Day it came out and I haven't really stopped playing it, I got it on the PC too for modding reasons. I happened to have a Friend in the states the weekend TSL came out so I gave him some money to get it for me and had my XBOX chipped so I could play NTSC games, I got TSL for PC also.
  16. Talking of gettin drunk, and stupid things, I used to spend about £150 on booze a week. But although I know it's a bad idea, people need to experience things and learn from there own mistakes, you'd be a pretty linear person if you never did anything because someone told you it was bad, Ive had fights, done drugs, had unprotected sex, been a general *******. people tell you the fire's hot, but you don't really know till you get burned.
  17. I opened the newspaper this morning and that thing jumped off the page!
  18. ^^^ Agreed, I've often had this conversation with people regarding originality, and that's what I haven't been able to put into words
  19. Do you mean Illum? Could be, because it was a safe haven for Jedi after the Purge, especially one's that rode Rancors
  20. where in that post would you detect I don't Know that KOTOR vaguely resembles the OT? In fact, that's one of the reason's I love K1 so much more than TSL. EDIT: That previous post was my sarcastic attempt at humor, it would be my reaction at a third game that steered ever further from the reason I like KOTOR.
  21. Yeah, Jolee's got a beard similar to Obi-Wans too... what a rip off!! DEV: Remember those film's from a galaxy far away that we all love? ME:Yeah... DEV: Remember how they had recurring motif's, the ole good versus Evil stuff, Stories and characters akin to 1930's matinée sci-fi? ME: Yeah... DEV: Well there's non of that, but where still calling it star wars, come and buy it!! ME: NO!
  22. Bit-comet has served me well over the last couple of years, I did try U-Torrent for a while but they had hardly any seeders, but obviously it's down to what level of broadband you have got.
  23. I think our ability to predict the future and recreate the past Scientifically will advance to the point of a virtual world/reality, but physically stepping through time is Sci-fi, at least in this millennium.
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