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  1. ^^^ I understand this, I'm trying to broaden my palette! I got a NES for Christmas (with Mario and Duck hunt!) when I was wee, but it took me another 16 years to get an XBOX with Obi-Wan, Sad I know
  2. What, Discussing K3? I think he'd be getting a bit more slack than this. regarding messing up the beloved D20 engine, I personally play only star wars games, having never played any other RPG before I can't really argue with anyone, all I know is what I want from a possible K3. People must see that it's not only veteran gamers/RPG lovers who would buy it.
  3. Star Wars: Legacy of the force Series! Just finished Sacrifice, Awesome.
  4. I'm from Nottingham, England, Robin Hood country. As far as ancestry goes, The Angles met the Saxons...........
  5. Sorry dude, It was a general reply, I made it sound like i was directing it at you.
  6. I'm having a hard time looking at it! EDIT: Sorry
  7. I'm surprised he can say anything with that respirator in his pie hole!
  8. Banana sandwich and a cup o' tea Guvna!
  9. Sorry to hear about your loss, I had a Labrador called Max, he lived to be 12 and died of old age, he was the most affectionate dog I've ever known, It was real hard to Deal with, and to top it all off he died on my 21st birthday! I've got 2 Boxer Dogs now Charlie and Chloe (brother and sister) and I spend all my time keeping them out of trouble!
  10. There all awesome, although I try not to talk to juhani she does my head in a bit, Canderous' Taris stuff is amazing, Jolee is funny as hell, the Droids are irreplaceable, Bastila thinks she knows it all but she's OK, I don't really use Mission and Zaalbar as much as I should, Carth is Paranoid. Some of the NPC's are cool to.
  11. When I say switching off lightsabers, I mean putting it away or hanging it from one's belt not, it turns off when your dead, or on the loo, I mean complete control like JK
  12. ^^ Don't you think your over exaggerating a bit? there hardly Ridiculous requests
  13. I like beating up grunts! but apart from that I agree with all your points. I would definitely like to be able to cut of limbs and watch em squirm!
  14. I'd of liked it if you could choose the name, gender, species but you can't, and by the looks of the pre vis your not in control of when your lightsaber is ignited (a la epIII game) which sucks. I want to have the choice to change weapons or be a Twilek! I love EPIII and the JK's but the above reasons are why there not as good as they could be. As the game isn't out I could be wrong, but this is what I make of current info.
  15. 05arsenal posted this link in the K3 poss' news thread earlier, still exited though! well optimistic at least.
  16. I'd like to see the PC do his/her Jedi Trials, maybe as the intro/Tutorial, starting the game as a young Knight with a lightsaber that you create while customizing your appearance. I don't really want a 4 hour "Where am I, Who am I" start.
  17. Agreed. Wiki and Wookiee are cool places to learn stuff, but if your going to call someone on it get the source material, cause unless it's word for word, it's someones take on what they read, and people tend to bridge the info with there own words which are somtimes wrong, misleading or over simplified.
  18. I grew up in the inner city, and me and my Friends were terrorized by the Black and Asian Gangs in our area, but I found my self thinking that it's ok for them to mess with me cause my (possible) Ancestors enslaved Africans or made India part of the British empire. It's called white Guilt, and it's just as bad as Racism, because it aids the divide and it's just another reason to separate people. We need to step into the now and think about a future without inherited hate.
  19. I agree on the G-Canon (By Lucas) and C-Canon (Official unless it contradicts G Canon) thing cause it allows us to have fantasy within fantasy, because if it was all G canon then Anakin is a joke, He cant jump over Obi-wan without being maimed, but his secret apprentice can juggle star destroyers The Game is Canon, but you take it with a pinch of salt> http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Canon
  20. ................... .......... /' /) ............../´ /)........../¯ // ............,/¯// ......... /...// ............/...//. ......./¯ // .........../´¯/'´ ¯/´¯ /.../ / ........./'.../... ./... /.../ // ........('(...´(... ....... ,../'. .') .........\.......... ..... ..\/..../ ..........''...\.... ..... . _.•´ ............\....... ..... ..(
  21. Your right to do so, I'm just acting a like a kid because you caught me out! Besides I should know this stuff, I read the Damn things often enough. what were we talkin about again?
  22. I own all the books he's ever been in, (sorry if that sounds a bit childish) it's just my take on what I read, My original post was to back up your previous post, the Conjectural comment on his chronological Lordship was directed at someone else, I would of left it at that, but I mention a character and out come the wookieepedians trying to make me look like I'm some EU noob. I never said he wasn't the dark lord immediately before the war, I agree with what you "stated", I just took it that, in supposedly killing Kressh and going to war he would no longer be the Dark Lord in the rest of the empires eyes, I suppose I did Write it like it was fact but its just my opinion.
  23. ^^^ Meh, It was more of a statement regarding Emperor Devon Not reading the post properly and assuming I didn't Know that Sadow was The Dark Lord. I've also Read wookieepedia and the comics and the essential Chronology Etc etc.. I Just believe that Sadow..... Bored now, you win!
  24. Me too, I have a hard time reading peoples tones, meanings and sarcasm or whatever, you know, in my head everyones like your opinion = s#!t, but I know there just giving their own view
  25. I Know, but he wasn't when he started the War ie "The onset of the War" ?! Kresh Realized Sadows deception before he left sith space, and united the other sith lords against Sadow, He defeated them then followed Jori back to the Republic and attacked them = Sadow was an exile when he attacked Koros Major.
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