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  1. There is some concept art, I don't know if it is for new material or just a sketch but it is of a kel dor male with a blue saber walking from a crashed blue and white Jedi Starfighter. > http://images.wikia.com/starwars/images/b/b7/Plo_Koon_Survival.jpg
  2. Like EagerWeasel said, I prefer songs to types of music, But I'd say I'm into Rock/Metal mainly, although I have been known to listen to Motown and Funk... OW! The Moody Blues - The Rolling Stones - The Who - AC/DC - Black Sabbath - Blue Öyster Cult - David Bowie - Cream - Deep Purple - Eagles - Genesis - Heart - Jimi Hendrix - Lynyrd Skynyrd - Led Zeppelin - Rush - Danzig - Echo & the Bunnymen Guns N' Roses - !!! Iron Maiden - !!! Judas Priest - Megadeth - Metallica - Mötley Crüe- Pantera- Queensrÿche - Yngwie J. Malmsteen!!! Red Hot Chili Peppers - (Pre 90's) Van Halen - DLR Whitesnake - Saxon-
  3. O' Flower of Scotland (and the Rebellion)
  4. The Exile became a freak of nature, she Evolved to counter her weakness and she wouldn't be like any foe Revan has faced, and Revan (although much more powerful) would be like all the other force sensitives the Exile had fought.... But, Revan and K1 Rule!!!! No, Revan was a strategic genius, and a battle veteran I'm sure he'd find some way to trick her or trap her or something.
  5. The Sojourn is the listed name, where as the name Valiant was given to 2 or 3 Imperial ships, They also refer to the Sojourn as a cruiser and later as a frigate, which are different classes of ship. I think it's just a lack of ATD.
  6. I've always got kotOR installed, I probably play TSL once a year, well up to when the masters meet you on dantooine, then I un-install.
  7. Thats the key, Priorities. We spend billions on war, but organizations for Aids and Cancer rely on charity, were not Evolved enough to save ourselves.
  8. Your right, http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Naga_Sadow%27s_Tomb although he wasn't "THE" Dark Lord of the Sith at the onset of the war, he was a Sith Lord and Master of his own army, I would of thought all Sith had a Tomb built at that time.
  9. K1: All the cut scenes were cool especially the early Taris stuff, when it came out I was glued to the screen, it was fresh and new and had humor, and was stylistically awesome. TSL: Nothing new but a continuation of what K1 did, the Korriban tomb Hallucination was amazing, seeing Malak and Bastila, and the Mandalorian wars was cool.
  10. They do Clash sabers ( if only for a few seconds) during a cutscene in the clone wars game, but I don't know if thats canon.
  11. Can't wait for it to come out! It's gonna be ace...But ... hasn't this story been told by the cartoon and the graphic novels? Don't get me wrong, the more Star Wars the Better, but why not do something new? I know you can get up to a lot of adventures in a 3 year war, but we know everyones fate.
  12. Agreed! To be honest I didn't take any notice of Kreia when she was babbling on about them in TSL, then it seems that it's written in stone that there the centre of any possible sequal? back to thread, Nice story! I don't mind being a senator as long as I've got a lightsaber and I can kill people with my mind!
  13. "Happy Birthday to ya! Happy Biiirrthday to ya! Happy Birthday!" -Stevie Wonder Bring on the next 30!
  14. Wouldn't that be Awesome!!!!!!!!! I really hope it's true, although, I have been burned before
  15. I'm a Drummer, and have been since I was a wee lad, mainly because of my dad, who's been a drummer since he could hold sticks. But my real love is the guitar (although I only got my first a couple of years back) I don't make enough money to buy high end stuff, but I own a Les Paul copy, Jackson RR copy and a Kramer style thing all made by Vintage, my trusty Squire Strat, a Fender acoustic, and I've just got an OLP axis (VH style) which plays real nice. My Drum kit is a yellow 12 pc 1976 Premier concert kit (hand me down) as sweet as the day it was made. PS. Love the BC Rich Bich
  16. It probably sounded like I hate them, but a bit of slander's OK between fans, because deep down GL knows we still love him, it's when some a-hole critic say's they don't like em just because its not cool to like em, that's when I take offense, The Saga contains the 6 best films of all time, period, but like you say, there are a few questionable things. People are always over critical with themselves, and I consider the saga a part of me
  17. I agree with Ztalker, Episode II is my favorite of the PT, I can watch it from start to finish without any skipping, I like the good guys, the bad guys, the planets, the story, Everything, but I can't say that for any of the other PT films, EpI is cool but I only watch the last 12 minutes of it. Ep III is awesome, but again theres a lot of it I skip through. Ep I- anakin is born finds his way into the Jedi order, Palpatine lurks around- Kinda guessed that. EpII- only one where I didn't know what was gonna happen- Was pleasantly surprised, Origins of boba fett and his armor, anakin realizing his potential, more insight into why he could fall to the dark side, full Jedi battle, Yoda, mace, the beginning of the clone wars. Theres a beginning, a middle and an end, not just a means to an end. Ep III- Anakin makes bad choice, gets burned, dons black armor- Knew that in 1988
  18. Anakin versus Dooku, Ep.III- Pure style, Karma's a bitch Dook's. Obi Wan Versus Maul, Ep.I- goes without saying. Yoda Versus Dooku, Ep.II- Don't "BEEP" with a Jedi Master son! Luke Versus Vader, Ep.IV- cool fight, cool quotes, cool outfit's, THE best! All the No Retreat, No Surrender fights, cheesy acting but awesome fights, my first taste of the martial arts. Neo Versus agent Smith, Matrix I- Before we got bored of bullet time. Sylvar Versus Ulic Qel-Droma, Redemption #5- for a comic it had a lot of emotion, reminiscent of Vader Versus Luke in Ep. VI.
  19. 1) you don't hear Revan speak, and the actions he take's are subjective, but in K1 I got the impression that, (similer to Anakin's fall) he thought he was doing the right thing, and that sacrifices needed to be made for the greater good, he had become disillusioned with the Order and had been corrupted by the power of the Star forge. Then in TSL it seemed as though he had been groomed in a way that lead to the darkside, whether to defeat the True Sith or to aide Kreia's complete destruction of the force, who knows. Malak on the other hand, I think he wanted some dakside as soon as they found the starmap on dantooine, although I don't know if he would of taken that path alone, I know that he and Revan were both Knights but I think Revan took the lead in most things they did. 2)
  20. ^^ I completely agree, I drew similar Ideas from what we have seen so far, although, my first thought when reading # 9 was that the hooded figure was Kreia. As you say it is a while before KOTOR and squint could go get tattoos, it's just Alek is a bit close to Malak. as you said probably a red herring.
  21. Whitesnake "Still of the night"!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. I thought Malak and Revan were both Knights, and Malak begrudgingly accepted the rank of apprentice after they declared themselves Sith? Also, I know its artistic license, but Isn't Malak like 6'10 with head tattoos (dantooine/korriban Vision's)
  23. Ha ha, I did almost the same thing, I was riding my skateboard with a couple of Friends, and I foolishly tried to Ollie a grass verge, not going nearly as fast as I should have my front wheels got stuck in the grass and I flew headfirst into the middle of the road, using my front teeth to break the fall! The funny thing was, I'm lay there bleeding almost unconscious and people were just driving around me beeping there horns
  24. The Longer the Better, but of course the story should remain fast paced and exiting, I don't wanna spend the first 10 hours somewhere like Peragus
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