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  1. Ood Bnar was first seen 14 years ago, so not so much decayed to, but grown from
  2. We have to be a whole new character, Revan + Exile have had there games, let someone else have a go. I wouldn't mind some interaction though. I personally don't mind canon as I only play K1 as LSM, Besides any KOTOR is good KOTOR! its been so long, If you had to play as a Kinrath I'd be happy.
  3. I hope its true! but I doubt it, I would like bioware to do it more than obsidian though
  4. I think at some point you have got to be a Jedi, its called Knights of the old republic, Not lords of the old republic or mercs of the old republic... I could go on, but it would be nice to mix it up a bit, maybe start as a Sith, with no Jedi background, I mean its a bit far fetched for a complete newb to destroy any force user, so some training is essential. I would like to see the story, feat gain, training etc unfold from a point of view other than that of the Jedi.
  5. Cool idea mate, Bring on the next installment! Intros are the hardest part IMO, because you find yourself trying to be original, but theres a fine line between originality and having the game not fit into the trilogy, so far it sounds good.
  6. I don't think time travel is possible or wanted in the Star Wars universe, But its a really cool idea! Like quantum leap Star Wars style... Not for me.
  7. I'd defo prefer to see K1 chars to TSL chars ( although TSL will probobly figure more in the story) I agree, But if she were to survive, I'd like her to of wasted away like lestat in interview with a vampire, and you and exile could go to the polar academy and torment her.
  8. I don't know bout opponents, but Handmaiden and Visas Mud wrestlin' and you as the Ref...
  9. I agree, People seem to forget that. I'm sure I remember an Obsidian Q+A, in which a similar discussion took place about the "true Sith", they said the true Sith were a "Geographically" different group to those mentioned in the comics? Which to me is total non-cannon BS. So we can't really predict what there gonna come up with.
  10. I would want to be a Jedi, but different. Revan, Exile, Anakin/Vader, they all messed up big time, killed there own, helped, if not personally laid waste to the galaxy, but were redeemed. What if you were the guy who did the right thing, didn't go to war, completed your training, but nobody cared, You watched the Jedi destroy themselves. You grow bitter with the way you were overlooked, how your selfless acts went unnoticed, how Revan's arrogance went unchecked. you decide to leave the order. you manage to avoid the subsequent Nihilus-Sion-Traya take over bid. INTRO While gathering supplies(having conversations to fill in the story, determine class etc) on a random spaceport you bump into Bastila, who informs you that she and an unlikely band of wannabe Jedi are attempting to follow Revan into the unknown regions to meet this so called Sith threat. Disillusioned, do you swallow your pride and help them, or do feign loyalty and follow them for your own means? I would like you to be a bit younger than Revan and the exile, but old enough to of been an experienced padawan or a young Knight during the mandalorian wars.
  11. Is there an Echo in here.... in here...in here?
  12. I haven't been here long myself, but welcome! I personally don't want to play as Revan or the exile in K3, So that kind of rules out your whole idea, but if it were the case that the Exile is the PC, it's certainly not a bad place to start, although you would need new faces and customization at the creation stage.
  13. ^^^ I agree with the belt making you smarter being a bit lame, but star wars is full of magical items especially the KOTOR era, Sith crystals and amulets giving the wearer E.S.P and inhuman powers, force imbued swords and armor, are mentioned throughout the comics. The galaxy is stylistically quite bland compared to the tales of the Jedi books of which the games are based around (although they've styled the more recent comics around the games)
  14. Agreed, I think stories need to be finished, but I don't want it to be KOTOR 2.5, it needs continuity but it also needs to stand alone. Regarding force connection, I need a lightsaber, so I'd like a Jedi/Sith character.
  15. I agree, it would be cool to have the option to go out in a single man ship, like the sith fighters from K1+TSL. It's inevitable that Revan and the exile will figure in the story, but a new charactor is needed.
  16. Sad but true! I kind of hoped K3 would of been the secret next gen release, but that turned out to be "how much can you pervert the force: untrained Dark person". > realism, as long as they actually make it i'll be happy. Don't change a thing! besides, the reason most of us spend so much time in this forum is because we love the first 2 so much, if it aint broke don't fix it.
  17. yeah, if you lose a limb you should have to buy a new cybernetic appendage, if you can't afford it you either threaten the medic, or hobble around till you can.
  18. I know its a bit late in the day to change the galaxies dress sense, but it would be cool to have some of the more grandiose robes from the tales of the jedi comics. http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/9156/exarkunga5.jpg
  19. I agree, also, regarding realism, I'd like it if you could see some weapons you carry, lightsaber on belt, rifle over shoulder etc
  20. I'm not trying to prove you wrong, it's just my take on what detail Iv'e read
  21. ^^^ This was just my idea of how the Jedi took over. ^^^ The source's stated for this article ( new essential chronology, insider, guide to charactors) don't go into detail of how they gained control of the sith, besides anybody can edit wookieepedia
  22. ^^^ Although an ancient species with some basic technology, the sith were a sub-serviant people who would be easily cohersed, the jedi were of superior intelect, and we all know, Intelligence is a far greater weopon than might.
  23. Long before the Republic rose, there lived a culture on the planet Korriban. These primitive people were called the Sith, and the Force flowed strongly through their bloodlines. Although they didn't practice the Force as the Jedi would, they were talented in their own brand of magic.(star wars.com)
  24. I agree, If you read the comics the sith origin has been explained, as you say, in the eyes of the sith empire (5000 BBY) Naga Sadow was an exile and ludo Kresh was rightfull Dark lord of the sith, so maybe the true sith are the remnents of his dynasty. or anciant spirits like in the new legacy comics
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