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  1. Yes I do Don't get me wrong I want to like it, the old republic is my favourite era, but when I play it, I find myself skipping most of it, and then the Ending is rushed. I completely agree, I also like a variation in motifs, prefer harry potter to star trek (boo), I just don't like TSL as much as K1.
  2. Touche', Although short of uprooting Odan-Urr theres not much you can do to mess with his story. Your right there, the comics have got that bit covered. Iv'e got to disagree, TSL should be left where it is, I was quite disapointed with Obsidians Attempt, Good game but no K1
  3. I'd like to see Ossus in the game, well the ruins of. maybe there could be storylines involving Odan-Urr who still resides there in tree form, or the group of jedi survivers who hid in a cave during the planets near destruction. Coruscant, speaks for its self. Corellia, like onderon has populated moons, also corellians were enslaved to build the star forge Arkania, originally a sith world, later under the control of the republic. there was a jedi praxeum there at some point. It all depends when the game will be based, the sith (exar and Ulic, Revan and malak) pretty much layed waste to most planets in this era. maybe if the game was a prequal to kotor 1 places like ossus would be more ripe for stories
  4. Would it be possible to have the Bandon armor but with a better lower body? I think the chest plate and neckguard/coller look awesome but I just hate the skirt and size 26 shoes! maybe the jedi robe legs could be used to replace them? Thanks for any feedback!
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